Running planning + helping me with weights + that is pretty lucky.

It felt like it had been way too long since our last run together (ehhh…. 5 days) so when Josse showed up for ten miles yesterday morning, I was really excited. We talked about our race plans and decided to train for a half in February together and get some speed back for it which made me really excited. We probably won’t start getting too crazy with it until after Christmas but I LOVE having a race on my calendar to train for and I’m happy she is in for it with me!

10 miles @ 8:11 pace on a flat road. For this race in February we realllllllly will be needing some hills in our life.

While we were out I got this picture of Beretta from Andrew. He told me that Brooke had set her up like this. Sounds like a good Saturday morning to me.

IMG 2290

I got home to do some planks and Beretta decided to join me… 2 minute plank on elbows, 1 minute side plank on each side, 30 second plank on elbows (I was trying for another minute but didn’t make it).

IMG 2306

The kids thought they would help me out with my lunges afterwards.

IMG 2328

Another Home Depot trip but Andrew told us to just hang out in the car while he went in with the crazy crowds… hallelujah.

IMG 2308

Cafe Rio because it had been way too long since our last trip there.

IMG 2312

And then some grocery shopping because we are celebrating Thanksgiving with my family today. We are bringing two pies and two sides and Knox brought his game face to the store.

IMG 2315

Thank you to whoever created these types of shopping carts because it makes the entire experience so much more enjoyable for everyone.

IMG 2319

A couch selfie.

IMG 2325

And an afternoon snack of chips andhomemade salsa.

IMG 2329

晚餐我们吃零食在芯片/莎莎舞sorts of random things and settled on finishing up with homemade sweet potato fries. We just toss them in olive oil and bake them at 400ish degrees until they are done. Perfection. Fry sauce (ketchup and mayo) and bbq for dipping.

We are going to be turning orange with the amount of sweet potatoes we eat each day.

IMG 2331 2

We told the kids in the morning that we would stop at a play place for them to play and they made sure to remember 12 hours later:)

IMG 2333

Definitely glad we got out there because they had the time of their lives. We feel really lucky that they get along so well with each other.

IMG 2335

To finish off their night we did some popcorn and Christmas reading.

IMG 2339

Then Andrew and I started prepping for Thanksgiving dinner tonight with my family!

I see a lot of pie in my future.


Do you plan out your racing calendar far in advance or do you play it by ear?

What did you have for dinner last night?

任何有趣的感恩节计划今年……哪里哟u going?

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I had jambalaya last night but with pasta instead of rice. It was delicious!
Usually my race calendar starts to fill up as my friends start signing up for races. I usually wait for at least 2 friends to sign up and then I do. I love going to races for the social aspect including brunch afterward. #keepinitreal


Last night I had In n Out for dinner … and a chocolate shake which I haven’t had one since the beginning of the year.
No races on the calendar. It feels so intimidating to put one on. I’m not sure why. I haven’t raced in years and yet I run.
I’m having Thanksgiving at my parents house for the first time in 7 years.


Andrew is beyond jealous of your dinner last night…his favorite! And those shakes are so crazy good. You don’t have to race to love running:) I go through phases for sure when I just want to run and have zero races! Enjoy thanksgiving this year at your parents’ house!


Ahh good luck in your half! You’re gonna rock it!
I usually plan the bigger/ longer races (I have my first marathon this April…oh boy) but I usually enjoy the races I just sign up for randomly.
I like doing workouts anyway, so random races gives me motivation to keep my base strong/maintain some sort of speed year round (lately it has been super sporadic though, thanks seasonal colds!)


Next time just pick up a child in each arm and ditch the weights!! :0 Pie outlook is abundant here too!!! Yay!!

P.S. I love ThredUp. I forgot to use your code but did find the FALL40 code…….two pants (JCrew and GAP) with shipping under $30 SCORE!!!!!


We got o my Grandma’s, about an hour drive is all for us. I love any holiday family gathering. It’s so weird, because no one gets along in my husbands side, they don’t even get together, there’s like 3 people that like each other. And my side is overly excited, hugs, laughs, hates to have it end, comes up with reasons just to have a gathering. So we will all show up early on Thanksgiving, and stay late. We have “2” brand new babies in the family and I cannot wait to get my hands on them! Mine is 8 yrs old, so baby fixes are the bomb!
PS – I never made my own sweet potato fries until you started talking about them on here. I like them, just never made them. I tried them, and I totally get the craving. And it’s so easy. Need to get a potato cutter thing tho. So good. Makes it easy, I know what I’m having for lunch most days.
Wish you and all sides of your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.


I think sweet potato fries are delish. The sweet potato nachos look brilliant also. I always bake mine because it’s so much easier – poke with fork and put in. When I think about cutting a raw potato (even with a potato slicer), I can find 10 other things to do. I wonder if anyone does a combo – bake, then cut for fries and put back in?

Accomplishes the goal? Smarter, not harder? I noticed J.L. said she’s from ID – they’re BIG on potatoes….


Hey – I’ll have to try that !!! Bake, then cut and bake a little longer !


I’ve been enjoying running with friends lately too so I can imagine how awesome it was to run with Josse. For big races I like to plan them out but for smaller races I always play them by ear.


My races are not planned at all. Last one I did, I decided to register one week before. Crazy I know.

And I’ll be traveling to Texas for thanksgiving:)


Dinner last night was baked chicken and barley with lemon and kale. Hit the spot. We travel to Missouri (about a 6 hour drive) for Thanksgiving to hit up both family celebrations. It will be good to see family.


That sounds delicious! Come cook dinner for us;) Have a great time in Missouri with you family!!!


I’ve been reading your blog for years and just finally tried putting BBQ sauce on a sweet potato last week. I have been eating a sweet potato with BBQ sauce every single day since then… and I will never stop eating this wonderful combination. I’m sorry I doubted you on this!

It looks like Beretta could hold her side plank forever, she’s good!!!


The only races I currently have scheduled for next year:
-SeaWheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver!! I’m so, so excited. Have never been to Vancouver and it’s been on my bucket list for a while!
-Chicago Marathon – My first time getting guaranteed entry with a time qualification!

Dinner last night was a whole bunch of random leftovers with my mom PLUS homemade, delicious chocolate chip Nutella cookies for dessert :)


I usually know 1or 2 races that I will do, but mostly it’s random.

My husband wanted bbq and since he mentioned it last week I went along with it. I had the smoked turkey Thanksgiving sandwich. I don’t care that Thanksgiving is this week, I can eat turkey most days and smoked is so good! I filched some of his sweet potatoe fries.

My family doesn’t live close by so we always end up at my in-laws. I would like to do something different but it’s not worth arguing over and/or hurt feelings.


Last night was my BIL’s birthday dinner and we went to an amazing seafood restaurant. I had the shrimp satay with peanut sauce as an appetizer and scallops as my entree. Best dinner I had in a very long time! Thanksgiving was a month ago for us Canadians… no big plans, other than possibly getting our first snowstorm of the season today!


Plan my “tentative” race calendar pretty far in advance, then play it by ear as the races get closer.

Turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning!

你真的很幸运布鲁克和诺克斯相处well. I hope they continue they continue to enjoy each other as they get older. Siblings are such a blessing.


I usually plan out my calendar in advance, but since getting engaged, we’ve been playing it mostly by ear because we’ve been busy with wedding planning and such!
My fiancé and I are going to my parent’s for Thanksgiving and we are also doing a leftover Turkey Trot on Saturday! Should be fun!


I’m going to be having my first ever Thanksgiving this week (we don’t celebrate it where I live) and I’m so excited!
– Charmaine


Amazing fun time with family! Thanks for sharing! With all of this year’s races (except the obligatory Turkey Trot next week) in the book, I enjoyed a big ass ribeye last night and will follow up with Mexican fiesta tonight! Your homemade salsa looks yummy! I do like to plan my races in advance, but sometimes that can bite you in the butt. I registered for an April, 2017 half last May that I really really really want to do, only to find out my niece is getting married out of state the day before. UGH.


Well that sounds absolutely delicious! Yep… that is totally a downside to planning for a race early! Enjoy your week!


omg Brooke and Knox in that cart! Too cute!


I’m not stalking you…but what race in February? Just curious if there’s a half in utah. I’m an Idaho gal and finding a half in February is necessary but hard! Know of any in Utah then?


Hi J.L.,

Since you’re from ID, do you have any input for smarter not harder sweet potato fries? When I poke them for baking whole, they’re soooo hard. Do you, or those you know, bake first for the softening effect and then cut for fries and put back in? I’m thinking of you as an expert because of your geography.


Well…I’m no expert but I do find steaming them first in the microwave for a couple of minutes and then baking them with a couple minutes under the broiler makes them crispier. :) I do loooooove my sweet potatoes!


Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to try it out!


HEY!!! So Josse and I are wanting to do Dogtown 1/2 Marathon in February! I’ve done it a few times before and it is so nice to have some sunshine in February and race again. My problem with this race is that they don’t have water set up for runners… you have to bring your own cup and fill it up at their aid stations. Maybe they will change it this year but that has been my only complaint. It’s a fun race with hills and sunshine… come do it!


I used to plan my races way in advance but taking it slowly this time. There are a lot I want to do in the spring but will probably end up running two. Last night we made hamburgers for dinner. This Thanksgiving we are going to our home town and celebrating with both sides of the family!


I definitely love planning races in advance because the planning is part of the fun for me! I love the anticipation and the training schedule and crossing off my runs as I get closer and closer.. it makes race day that much more fun for me.
For Thanksgiving this year we are going to a buffet with the fam at Garden of the Gods (in Colorado Springs) which will be very different than the normal family dinner at someones house. Although part of me is sad to break tradition, the fact that no one has to do any work and we still get to enjoy an amazing meal.. is pretty great!


Hey Ashlee!! Growing up we always went to a big buffet too at a hotel in SLC and my mom loved it (and so did we all) because it meant zero cooking and zero dishes:) Enjoy and let me know how it goes!


Next time try mixing the BBQ sauce into you fry sauce, that’s what we do and it super delicious


WAIT WHAT!?!?! Okay, done and done. That sounds amazing!


I usually pick one big goal race, and then kind of wing all the other races as long as they fit in with the big schedule. With my running club there’s always a race going on so I’m usually spoilt for choice!

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