27 Weeks + Adaptations to Pregnancy

TWENTY SEVEN WEEKS. Brooke came up with her pose for the picture and she was pretty proud of it.

Let’s chat about a few things going on this week!

-36.5 miles of running last week! Some of those miles were outside and some were on the treadmill. I’m transitioning over to treadmill running more and more because of the close proximity to a restroom and because it is darker in the mornings now. Either way, I’m just happy to be getting in miles! During my first trimester I definitely didn’t think I would be able to run this far into pregnancy because of how I was feeling but here we are and I’m going to keep taking one week at a time. PS Bangs Friend FOUND my favorite maternity belt—> it ishereand it is beyond amazing! In my opinion, it is the best maternity belt because it is not a ton of material or massive but it is SO supportive!

-I started to get emails from my pregnancy app about delivery and post-baby stuff instead of the normal ones that I have gotten up until now about what is currently going on with my body… it makes me so excited that it is getting closer!

IMG 4963

-Our little girl is now almost 2 pounds and about the size of a head of cauliflower. I feel her kicking throughout the day and night often and I love it. It just makes me so happy throughout the day to be sitting somewhere with my hand on my stomach and to feel her doing gymnastics in there.

*My current fresh fruit addiction is starting to get really expensive. I CAN’T STOP!

IMG 5434

*This picture of Alysia Montano gives me so much inspiration as a pregnant runner. This is her at 8.5 months pregnant running the 800m race at the US Track and Field Championships (from a few years ago). Absolutely amazing.

IMG 5247

-I haven’t eaten a pancake in a week or so… turns out that craving has passed. I’m hoping it will come back because we have a lot of Bisquick in our cupboard right about now. I also haven’t had a Culver’s custard shake in forever either.. I am missing that craving too.

-I have started to do some prenatal yoga this week and it has felt really good. Hard but good.

-Braxton Hicks contractions are happening every now and then for me! I definitely remember these when I was pregnant with Brooke too. Some days I don’t have any and some days I feel them a few times throughout the day.

PS my brother that just had his seventh baby sent this to me and I had to laugh;)

IMG 3310


I thought I would compile a list of adaptations (for me and Andrew ha) that have occurred thus far in my pregnancy:) Let me know which ones you can relate with and your additional adjustments/adaptations that have been made during pregnancy!

*Going to bed 8 pm. When Andrew and I were dating we would stay up way late and for the first while in our marriage we would too. That came to a quick stop about 189 days ago.

*The gas station employees no longer remember me because I’m not there almost daily to pick up candy during this pregnancy.

*I am teaching the kids how to tie their own shoes because I just can’t do it anymore… and I pre-lace my running shoes if Andrew is asleep when I am leaving for a run and then I wear flip-flops the rest of the day.

*I’ve (and Andrew has) learned that my food choices change drastically by the minute. There is no telling what will sound good and Andrew has gone to pick up a few things over the last few months only to find out once he got home that it no longer sounded good.

*If I need food now, I can’t put it off like a normal human does until they can get food again… I need it now.

*No speed work! It’s kind of a weird feeling to go from speed work being a part of your weekly schedule to it not being a part of your schedule for a very long time. It’s been nice to take a step back from doing that and I’m positive I’ll be so hungry for really pushing myself when I am able to do it again. I can’t wait.

*我的重心完全。我秋天lot when I’m not pregnant but pregnancy makes me even more clumsy so I now pay attention to each and every step I make.

*One day I’ll feel completely normal with my emotions/feelings/hormones and the next day I will cry over everything while not really knowing what I am crying over. I’ve just adapted to not knowing how I will ever really feel ha.

*I have a strong obsession with pregnancy pants, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to normal jeans again. Pregnancy pants are SO comfortable. Why do we have to ever have buttons and non-stretchy materials with our pants?!

*Anything productive in my life happens at the beginning of the day. I used to get a bunch of my work, cleaning, life stuff done at night once the kids went to bed but not anymore. I run really early so that I can then work and get as much done as possible before the clock strikes afternoon and my body says no more:)

*’Pukey’ is a word that has become a part of everyone’s vocabulary in my family. Oops.

*Remember my shirt that I made that said, “I’m sorry for what I said at mile 20”? Now I need a shirt to wear each morning for Andrew that says, “I’m sorry for what I said after 8 pm last night.”

*I now just expect myself to hate something that I love after about 2 weeks of eating it… I end up eating so much of it that I can never look at it again. My relationship with Pringles will never be restored.

*I cried while watching Bachelor in Paradise. That is just not normal. Or healthy.

*不看看我的garmin当我运行。I used to stare at my pace throughout a run constantly and now I look at my distance only and could care less about my pace… as long as I’m moving, I’m happy. I also don’t think about paces anymore like I used to, I think a lot about this little girl.

*I can run but ask me to walk up and down the stairs for something that isn’t super important… yep, not going to happen.

*Every summer of Brooke’s life = I want to go swimming with her as much as possible. This summer = I did everything possible to avoid the pool. Not sure if that was because I didn’t want to have to wash our hair afterwards or if the idea of being in the sun made me want to pass out… probably a combination of both.

*I use the pregnancy card quite often to win any disagreements I am having with Andrew;)

*The kids now only wrestle Andrew… they are quite careful with me which is super sweet!

*I feel really hot most of the day so I have adapted to have cold air blowing on me as much as possible. My parents even now turn on the air conditioning when I come over… for some reason they aren’t really into air conditioners but they know it makes me happy at this point.

*Sometimes I’ll be talking to my sister on the phone and she will think I’m out on a run… nope, I just got up from the couch to go to the kitchen. Shortness of breath comes anytime I go from doing nothing to doing something and I’m used to it now:)


What are some of the biggest adaptations that you have made with your pregnancies (either now or previous pregnancies)!?

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Don’t feel bad about crying during BIP…I’m not pregnant and I did too! I thought there was something wrong with me :-)


This is so good to hear haha… I thought I was crazy!


One of my friends is also about the same amount of time along and she was just talking about her center of gravity feeling off. It’s so interesting to me.

I’ve been craving a lot of fresh fruit as well which is unfortunate for our budget LOL.


YES… I need delicious fruit to be a bit cheaper because I want to eat a bucket of it a day. I hope you are having a beautiful day today Hollie and I LOVED your running outfit so much on your IG post this morning!


Every Wed. is when I hit the next “week” marker in my pregnancy (I’m 11 weeks) and you put up a new post… Since we haven’t told anyone else about this kiddo yet, it makes me feel less lonely to read the HRG baby posts and feel like I’m having a some what baby-related “conversation” with someone other than my husband so thank you for that! This is my second baby and I ran all during the first pregnancy but I am SO MUCH SLOWER this time around. I don’t know if it’s because I am older or what, but if I’m running an 11 minute mile now what’s week 35 going to look like? Anyway, my biggest change adaptation with this pregnancy is actually something good! In general I am a heck of a lot nicer to myself about eating a guilty pleasure, taking a break from work, asking for help when I need a break from our two year old and just enjoying running (despite being slow). I need to remember this in 7 months or so…


CONGRATS ARIANNA!! I am so so so happy for you guys! Please keep me updated with how you are feeling! Okay, you are not alone… I am SO MUCH SLOWER this time compared to when I was pregnant with Brooke. I did speed up a bit once the second trimester hit but still, I am way slower. Hearing about your adaption made me so happy… I am right there with you. I allow myself so many naps and lazy times compared to the normal me! I am so happy for you!


Rolling over in bed becomes a full on workout. Forget having to get up to go pee.


BAHAHAH YES… it totally does and so does getting up off of the couch! I hope your day is a great one Jenny!


Haha some of those were so funny. Oddly, food didn’t effect me to much. Except I drank milk by the gallons!! It was smells that bothered me. I smelled something ‘off’ in an aisle and I immediately dashed to the bathroom. Smells were bad and hit hard. But I was definitely HOT. I was so glad to have gone through the winter at the end and not the summer. We had a blizzard and I went out in it to ‘cool off’ so I figured I’d shovel too. Didn’t even zip my coveralls. Well, because I couldn’t and it was too hot. I went that whole winter in a Spring Coat. I thought I was going to pass out at my baby shower. I kept fanning myself with the gift bags. I was just so hot ! And now my kid is a total hot box. She’s the kid under dressed and you get those ‘looks’. She takes her clothes off as soon as we walk in the door. Light blanket at night. No jammies. Light coat. So weird. I went back to normal after she was born though.


I adapted by staying off the internet!!
Sometimes less is more for me.


Yep, I’m definitely most productive in the mornings and am DONE for the day by dinner time. But I can’t exercise first thing in the morning like I used to be able to, so that usually happens late morning. I love hearing how pregnancy changes people!


You look so cute! Pregnancy looks good on you. :) And also, I am definitely not pregnant and I like to go to bed at 8pm and I also cried at Bachelor in Paradise. So don’t feel bad in the slightest for either of those things….haha


Oh good, I’m not alone with he crying thing haha! Thank you Allison and I hope you have an awesome day!


Saw this to help kids learn how to tie their shoes! Thought it was genius.http://abc7ny.com/family/heres-a-different-way-to-tie-your-shoes/1720028/


Okay, that little boy is brilliant! Totally showing the kids this and teaching them. Thank you so much Jess!!!


我觉得你在早期床上时间!我36周d go to bed around 8:30 each night, after sleeping on the couch for about an hour. My poor husband can’t watch any of “our” Netflix shows because I can’t stay awake and I get SO MAD when he watches without me (maybe those are the crazy pregnancy hormones). I am so hot everywhere I go. Illinois got down to a great 65 degree weather pattern but we are heading back up to the upper 80’s for the next two weeks. Guess I’ll be miserable and freezing my husband out of the house for the foreseeable future!


You are so close Megan! I am SO excited:) Glad you are getting in bed early too.. it just is needed! Hahah yep, Andrew can’t watch our shows either unless we watch them at 6 pm. Good luck over the next two weeks! Keep me updated with how you are doing!


Cold wash cloth on the belly, sleeping in a recliner, and waking up in the middle of the night to watch a show and eat an egg sandwich. I loved being pregnant


Sleeping in a recliner… I need to try that and also the egg sandwich thing. I need that! I hope you are having an awesome Tuesday Sage!


I hit 33 weeks on Friday, and man, stairs are killer. I still teach BodyPump at the gym, but I am 100% winded the second I walk up the stairs. So strange! The other main one is how off my balance is- I have almost fallen over several times. I still have energy to stay up at the end of the day to an 11pm bedtime and be ok at work the next day, but I can tell I only have another couple of weeks left before pure exhaustion sets in.


That ad your brother sent is hilarious! And I love the Alysia Montano pic, she’s incredible. Seems like you’re doing amazing – love to that little cauliflower!


Is there something Mormons believe about having lots of kids? I’ve wondered that.


My endurance has really lessened. I’m still running a bit (cut way down due to time constraints more than physical constraints), but like you said, walking up a flight of stairs is an enormous feat for me. I’m constantly out of breath and always feel like my body is working extra hard to do the simplest tasks.
I’m not crying more than usual, but I am extremely anxious. Everything worries me and I have a hard tome just relaxing unless I’m distracted by work or school.
I really haven’t had strong feelings about foods. I mean, I love to eat (I’m 32 weeks… couldn’t say that the first tri) and get REALLY HUNGRY, but it’s not a huge letdown if I can’t get something I want. Last night, we were supposed to have pizza, but plans changed and I had a chicken salad instead — and it was surprisingly ok.
If I had time, I’d be sleeping 10+ hours a night. Oh, and I also like to accomplish things earlier rather than later when I have zero energy, but that’s how I am non-pregnant, too.
I’m so glad you’re having fun with this pregnancy, Janae. You look radiant!


I love reading your pregnancy posts, although you’re giving me baby fever which my husband isn’t thrilled about hehe
When I was reading, you reminded me of being SO out of breath all the time during my pregnancy. I would literally be sitting on the couch and feel so out of breath. I told my OB and he said that sometimes if you hold your breath (seems counterintuitive right?) it actually helps the out of breath feeling go away. Something about the CO2 in your blood (I’m not that smart haha).
Thank you for sharing your pregnancy and life with us! I adore your blog.


Hubs and I still laugh about this.

The last month of my pregnancy, I kept the AC on 66. And a fan blowing on me. I was HOT. Sometimes I would wake up and be like, “I swear if he turned on that heater I am going to smother him with a pillow!” and march to the thermostat only to find out the AC is on 66 and it is like 62 in the house (it was cold outside). HA! My husband literally slept in a north face jacket for those last couple of weeks while I slept in hardly anything.

When I was in L&D at the hospital I had that thermostat on like 65 too. My husband was in a parka pretty much. And I SWEAR almost immediately after giving birth, I was like “It is cold in here, can we turn the AC up?” My husband literally said “FINALLY!!! I am tired of having frostbite!”

I am happy for you. Family is everything and being pregnant is such a blessing.


You’re exactly 10 weeks ahead of me (I’m due February 20th, also with a little girl!). I absolutely love all your updates, because it’s like a nice little reminder of what’s to come. My son is already 7, so it feels like forever ago that I did this. Amazing what you forget (& how far medicine has come! We found out the sex this time at only 14 weeks – so early!) in that time. I’m so happy for you, but it’s also a huge comfort knowing that you’re going through the same things that I’m about to. God bless.


I’m 25 weeks pregnant and exactly the same with stairs! It made me laugh to read you’re the same. I had the wrong size pyjama pants in my hand and I left the shop rather than go up a flight of stairs in the shop to change them. Even though I now have zero nightwear that fits. It’s my first baby, I wasn’t expecting this :-)


I probably won’t be having any more kids, but man I wish I had found your site back when I was still pregnant. I really could’ve used the inspiration (read: convincing) that it was possible to keep in shape while pregnant. I’ll just take the opportunity to make up for it now. If you can run all these miles each week surely I can do something!


Talk to me about this prenatal yoga you are trying. Are you doing YouTube or some other streamed video? I am just behind you at 22 weeks and would love to do some yoga, but with 2 other kids at home + a full-time job, making it to a class is just not happening!


爱你的帖子. .我知道大部分的女士们将再保险late with you!!

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