Friday Favorites, It’s Back & You Are Amazing!

A few things to go with the picture:

*We have a bit of weeding to do in our backyard (we bought our house in October of last year so we definitely didn’t quite realize how much yard work we had up ahead but yard work is good for kids so I’m not complaining).

*When your brother-in-law works for BYU you get all sorts of awesome free running gear.


*My skin was doing a bit better until I went to Indy because the slightest change of climate and boom—> 50 new zits.

*We got a little outdoor patio set because we want to eat dinner outside as much as possible and Skye enjoys tipping over the chairs and then laughing.

*7 miles @ 8:13 average with my neighbor at a later than normal time which felt heavenly.

Skye gets quite a lot of attention each day. I’m not worried about her not meeting her kiss quota each day.

IMG 4807

Wednesday was all about freedom in Skye’s life and today she was all about being connected to me!

IMG 4824

Cross country practice is always the highlight of their day. They sure have a lot of beads on their necklaces now!

IMG 4860

Andrew was able to make it in time to see them run too.

IMG 4870

Sweet potatoes, avocado and chicken for lunch and then Andrew picked up some salads for a date night at home once the kids went down.

IMG 4891

I have a 5k tomorrow ahhh! I might take today off or I might go for a few easy miles.. we shall see!


I have some Friday Favorites today (affiliate links included):

*I was able to meetHollie Hughesthis last weekend and she and her son, Jonah, are absolutely incredible. They set a new Guinness World Record and Hollie pushed Jonah in a Team Hoyt Chair to run a half-marathon in 1:24. They just have a light about them that is something else, you are drawn to them. PS that is alsoLindseyin the picture!

IMG 4513

*SUCH AGOOD EPISODE!Evie Serventi is a sports psychologist and shared so many incredible tips and ideas… the brain takes us to the next level so give me all of the sports psychology tips possible.

IMG 4694

*Brooke gave me this little note when I got home from my trip.

IMG 4675

*A new topthat I am loving. I usually just wear t-shirts so when I find a comfortable ‘nicer’ shirt (I love the little tie at the bottom) it makes me excited to get ready;). Also, wearingthese light colored jeansall of the time lately.. I prefer buttons in the front to zippers and these are perfect for spring (ps if you take in an old pair of jeans to Madewell then you can get $30 off your new pair).

IMG 4495

*Did anyone else absolutely love Veronica Mars with Kristen Bell when it used to be on? Did you know that they are coming back with a 4th season!? I can barely handle my excitement about this.

Screen Shot 2019 05 05 at 8 28 14 PM

*This tank! I LOVE the color of it. I have a few of these tanks because I love running in them.

IMG 4361

*THIS. I love the friendships that comes from running… It’s something else.

IMG 4826


I LOVE hearing from you guys and the amazing things you are doing! Keep sending your accomplishments to running[email protected]so we can keep cheering each other on!


Rachel! !“我最近的成就是我第一次运行marathon on Saturday, March 30, 2019. I ran the Carmel Marathon in 3:30:46 which is a Boston qualifying time for my age group! It was rainy, chilly, and windy the whole time which makes me even more proud of this accomplishment! I saw such huge success with a running coach that I’ve decided to become RRCA certified myself so that I can help others! I have the Chicago Marathon coming up in October and then hopefully Boston next year!”



Sarah! !“I was one of the lucky few to get into the London Marathon through the ballot. It was the biggest race I had ever been a part of, runner or spectator wise. Getting to the the start was an adventure with that many people going the same way. We were nicely packed into the train but we were all in an excited mood so was actually fun! The start was great as they had a DJ and would show the professionals starting which got the crowd more excited. I ended up starting about 40 minutes after the official start. The first few miles had a number of speed bumps but they had volunteers at each one shouting “HUMP!” as we crossed them and it made everyone around laugh every time. I eventually put my music on thinking the crowds were going to fade out at some point, they never did. Right after Tower Bridge I got to see my husband and family cheering me on. Apparently they got everyone around them to shout my name so I could hear them but I didn’t even realize. Things were going well until about mile 20 when I saw my last mile was far too fast. I ended up running three miles at least a minute faster than I should have and I ended up feeling incredibly ill. I walked for awhile contemplating if I should find the medics but I knew my husband and family were at mile 25 so if I could get there, I would get a little boost from seeing them and making it the last 1.2 miles. When I got to them I was holding back tears, I had so many emotions at this point. But I got a quick hug and an encouraging word and kept running, trying not to cry. By the time I saw the “800 meters to go” sign I was determined to finish strong. By the “600 meters to go” I was full on crying as I ran past Buckingham Palace and that last stretch, not just because I could stop running soon but I was actually finishing the London Marathon and it was such an amazing setting! I crossed the finish line and everyone was saying congratulations to everyone else; it was great seeing everyone excited for everyone else! I was almost bawling my eyes out when I got my medal so I ask the lady who gave it to me if I could have a hug and she was more than happy to oblige. It felt like the world’s best hug at the time! I slowly made my way to pick up my bag and find my husband and a place to sit down, where I ended up having a nice long chat with the girl sat next to us while she waited for her people to come find her. I may have convinced her to try another marathon. I didn’t end up with the time I hoped for but I still got a PR and finished the London Marathon! I have put my name in the ballot again, sign up for a half marathon in September, and looking for my next guaranteed marathon!”



Nicole! !“上周末我第一次跑全程马拉松it was so much fun! I was training for the Utah Valley full but due to miltiary obligations, I have to put that on hold until next year :( So I scrambled to find a race that I could put all my training to the test on. The Glass City Marathon was scheduled a month sooner then I was planning on but it worked out so perfectly. It was 39 and raining at the start but the sun ended up coming out towards the end. My legs never really seemed to warm up so I knew going faster wasn’t going to happen so I just went with it and stayed at a comfortable pace. I made sure to smile the entire time and just took in the fact that I was actually doing this!!! Thanks so much for sharing the tips from your past runs b/c I kept those in my head the entire time. After slowing down at the later water stations, I ended up finishing in 4:30 and felt strong the whole time!! NEVER did I think I could run a full, never! I already am excited to start training again for the Air Force Marathon in September and hopefully I can get a PR!!!”

Unnamed 1


Corrinne! !“I ran the Illinois Half Marathon at the end of April. For the past few years I’ve had the goal to run a half marathon under 2 hours. I attempted it once before but came down with bronchitis the week of my race. This year Kate a neighborhood friend told me we should do the Illinois half together and then at some point a bet formed between the girls and boys in the neighborhood. We girls who had all run multiple races thought we could beat the boys who had never done a half marathon. On race day I finally got my goal of sub 2 with 1:59:41. The last mile and half was rough but I kept looking at the sub 2 I wrote on my hand and dig deep! Unfortunately the girls did not beat the boys as it turns out Kate’s husband is naturally gifted runner and killed his first half with a 1:37 time. All 3 girls came in under 2 hours. Mark rocked his first half marathon too and I bet he does another! Shout out to my husband who ran the full marathon in 2:43!!!”

Unnamed 2

Unnamed 3


What is a show that you used to LOVE but it got cancelled?!

拉st podcast that you listened to?

Any mantras that I can use tomorrow for the pain train I am about to board tomorrow?

人埃尔se wearing gloves in May?

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I live in Lulu Swiftly Tech long sleeve tops for winter running!!!!! For summer, I like the tanks, and I really LOVE this tank by Oiselle:

I have it in almost every color :)

Right now I’m in the process of listening to the Rambling Runner’s podcast with Michelle Roos. She went from being a 3:40 marathoner to gunning for sub 3:00. I love to hear the stories of how people progressed in their running and have gone places that they didn’t think they could go!!!!

Mantras for tomorrow—for my last 5K, my mantra was just “FUN!” Remember to have FUN; having FUN will make the run feel so much better, and SMILE, SMILE, SMILE! :) You will kick that 5K’s booty!!!!!!


That tank is so ridiculously cute… I want the green right now! Oh I cannot wait to hear her story… thanks for letting me know about this episode. Oh I LOVE THAT. I will be repeating to myself FUN! Thanks so much Jen and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


“It is faster to run a 5km than get three kids ready and to bed.”

I also used to tell my XC kids that they’ll be done is less than a half hour!

My gosh Skye looks like your mom in that photo of you holding her!


Ohhhh that is perfect! I will definitely be using that (and maybe add the word easier to that sentence too hahaha)! I see that too! Thanks so much Kelly and I hope your day is a great one:)


The faster you run the faster it’s done!! You will do great! No gloves needed here in Kentucky :) have a great weekend!


Oh that is great! Thanks Kara and enjoy your non frozen fingers on your next run for me;)


Alias was my show and Saturday Down South (football) was the last podcast I listened to. It was so cold here yesterday! I almost had to pull out my to the ground length winter coat for recess duty. So crazy! Today it is better though and the sun is shining.


Oh my goodness, my sister and I watched every single episode of Alias. We love it! I hope today is warmer for you and it’s almost summer break for you wahoo! Have a great weekend Ali.


Good luck tomorrow! I know you are going to crush it.
Do you have a time goal?


Thank you so much Deb! I would LOVE to go under 20 but that first mile is intimidating me a bit so I want to not look at my watch and give my best effort! Have a beautiful day!


YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS! I know that’s your mantra but I’m reminding you of it. ;-) Also, a fast 5k is like the same length as a netflix episode. And how many times do we tell ourselves, “Oh, just one more episode–they’re not that long”??

I listened to Ali on the Run’s episode with Lindsay Hein this morning–so good!

I love Veronica Mars!!!! And the other show I’m salty about getting cancelled is Bunheads . . . that was such a cute show and I think better/more relatable than most of the other teen dramas.

Speaking of psychology in running . . . yesterday I had a HARD day at work, and then I went for a run because I’m trying to be consistent. I told myself just three miles, get some fresh air . . . mile 2 I was hurting and tired so I just thought, “Do 2 miles! It’s fine!” Well, I hit two miles and suddenly got some major spring in my step. I’ve noticed that before, where once I hit my goal I suddenly have more energy and run way better. I need to work on this because I want to feel good BEFORE I hit my goal!!! My 2nd mile 10:24 and my 3rd was 9:08 . . . clearly I had the energy. :-)


Oh I love that thought Kristin… just one episode of The Office! And those episodes go by way too fast. I never saw that show… I hope that it I can find the old episodes online somewhere!
Boom. Kelly, you just proved how strong you are and how much your mind can convince you to keep going! Way to go on continuing to GO! I’ll think about that tomorrow during the race.
PS that episode was so good! I hope you have a beautiful day:)


This years weather has been a little weird so far haha.

I just got put in charge of our school’s 5k/fun run at the end of next school year and I’m going to go pitch the idea of a cross country team too!

Have fun at you race!


It really is so so weird! Oh that is so fun Jenny and please let me know how it goes. Have a wonderful day!


Hi Janae!

I am technically not allowed to read your blog on Fridays without my husbands supervision thanks to Friday Favorites LOL!!!! I am itching to buy that Lulu tank :)

GILMORE GIRLS!!!!!! The new release just wasn’t as good.. and Parenthood! I wish it never ended.

I love to tell myself it is temporary pain for incredible joy! The race will end, no matter the distance, it is temporary but the joy that comes after- nothing beats it!!!

I wore gloves yesterday on my run :( What the heck Minnesota! We got some snow. But today it is beautiful! Crazy weather!

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!!!! You are ready!


Bahaha tell your husband I am so sorry for my bad influence on Friday… I’ll work on it, I promise;) . AHHHH you guys got snow?! I need to stop complaining haha! I completely agree with Parenthood… I wish they were on season 18 now and planned to go on for life. I love that thought Emily… so so true. I hope you have a beautiful day! Thank you!


I see your mom in Skye’s face in the picture of the two of you! Heart melting.

Gloves in May, I’ve worn them in July.


Oh I do too! That makes me so happy. July?! That is just wrong. I hope you three have the perfect weekend Erica!


Good luck tomorrow!! My new favorite is “I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful.” From what about bob. That show just makes me laugh so that phrase makes me happy :)

Also, when I gave birth today my daughter I decided to do it unmedicated and the phrase that really helped me was “I’m in control of my body.” Kinda weird, but for some reason it really helped and I was able to feel in control again. Maybe that’ll help tomorrow :)


Oh I love those both soo so much! I am going to try that one out too! Thank you so much Alicia and unmedicated birth–> YOU are my hero!


I just love how much love your kiddos have for each other! And that salad … WOW! Looks amazing!
I feel so sad when shows end! Like literally let down and heavy! I think I get too attached to the characters … that’s not unhealthy right? Ha! I loved New Gir (but didn’t care for the last season)l, I loved the spin off of Grays Anatomy with Derick’s sister, Addison, I loved the original BH 90210, Parenthood, Gilmore Girls … gosh, there are just so many!
I just finished Hilary Spires interview with Hilary an on Trail Running Women during my run and started Lindsey’s podcast w/ Hollie Hughes on my way to the gym. Hilary Spires is a new to me podcast so that’s been fun listening to a new POV and hearing new interviews. She’s based out of Canada so I get a kick out of her accent :)
I’m so sorry you had to wear gloves today! I had to wear gloves last week and then yesterday I was in a tank and shorts. This weather is way too wonky for my taste! Although I very much dislike being too hot, I prefer warmer temps. I think mid 50’s-low 60’s is my jam for running.
As for tomorrow – have fun!!!
Have a great day!


Oh thank you so much Jenny! I need to send you that salad too. I’m right there with you, my bond to the characters is a little too strong and I am experiencing that now with A Million Little Things. All of the shows you mentioned… yep, those too! I have never heard of Hilary Spires podcast. I can’t wait to check it out. I hope that you get those mid 50’s for a while during your run. Thanks, you too!


我真的喜欢一个人对我撒谎lie detector but I think it was only on for 2 seasons.

拉st podcast I listened to was Focus on the Family parent edition this morning. Teenagers are a whole new challenge :)

Breathe in strength breathe out pain is a mantra that I like to use.

No gloves here, but I definitely ran in some rain this morning.


Oh I totally remember that show… I miss that too! You are going to have to give me all of the tips because we are going to be there before we know it:) . Oh I will be using that mantra. Thank you Marissa! Have a great weekend.


Hey ya’ll, I just noticed has the AfterShokz Trekz Air on sale for $89.96 today only. TAKE5 code gives $5 off for first time customers. I believe Janae owns a pair?

I obviously don’t work there, just a PSA. I do own a pair I got on sale at Fry’s for the same price a few months ago. Not great quality for music but they are very comfortable and you can hear things around you.

No gloves here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s supposed to be in he 80’s the next few days!


That is an awesome deal! Thanks John and I love the AfterShokz!! I just use the Airpods more because they are a bit more convenient but if people aren’t as lazy as I am… go get this deal! 80’s… WOW!! Enjoy that sunshine. Have a wonderful weekend!


I am so excited because you shared about Corinne who lives near where I used to live ( I just moved to Minnesota) and I used to train with her husband Brad. Brad is an incredible Marathon runner and I am pretty sure that he will continue to qualify for Boston each time he run a marathon.
I also think you should take a rest day the day before a big race … but that is just what I would do. I always find my legs are ready to fire off the day after a rest day. Hope that the rest pays off if you take it! :)


Thanks for the shout out!
Good luck on your 5k tomorrow! Embrace the pain, it is temporary! I can’t wait to hear how you do!


A fun lil mantra I just stumbled upon: “Always More.” We always have more to give, more strength inside of us, more grit than we feel, more your body can do than your mind thinks it can, more energy to be released, more to look forward to, more to love, more than meets the eye, more to us than our appearance, all because of the love and strength of Christ which lives in each of us. I’ll link the blog post from where I learned about it! Praying for a joyful, speedy race for you tomorrow!!


I just recently discovered LimeLife skin care. It is free of toxic chemicals and is doing AMAZING things for my skin. That combined with the foundation that protects your pores from dirt and grime has made such a difference.


In the Dark, Season 2. A must-listen for all. The case is before the Supreme Court currently, so a great time to catch up.

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