Beck 6 Week Update + Our Top 10 Items for Babies!

Beck is 6 weeks old this Wednesday!

*I was very nervous about Andrew going back to work but it is somehow all working out (now to just add him going back to school too next month;). A lot less things get done that are on the to-do list when Andrew is gone but we are making it happen.

IMG 4748

*Beck is still very unsure about taking baths.

IMG 4689

*你听说说,人们说joy pregnancy because they are a lot easier when they are inside of you than when they are outside of you. I’m going to have to disagree with that statement… once the baby gets here I really realize how hard pregnancy is for me. The sleep deprivation is pretty cruel (and I’ve never had a colicky baby so I don’t know how hard that is) but I will take that ANY day over the nausea during pregnancy. BUT there are sometimes where I realize I have mascara all over my face from crying because sometimes newborn life is just really hard but pregnancy is still harder for me.

IMG 4494

*I forgot to mention in Beck’s last post but he had tongue-tie and once the pediatrician fixed that at his 2 week appointment, it really helped me to feel better when feeding Beck.

IMG 4387

*He already seems like he has doubled in size.

IMG 4749

*A breastfeeding story that I STILL think about and double check haha—> When I was living in California in an apartment I had a deck that was right next to my neighbor’s deck. One morning I was feeding Brooke while on the phone and Brooke started crying. Whenever I would go outside it would calm Brooke down so I went out onto my deck to try to calm her down while I was on the phone. My neighbor was on his deck and so I waved at him and he darted inside…. a few seconds later I looked down and I realized I had not snapped my bra back up or buttoned my shirt ha. It was awkward every time I saw him after that.

*Beck has made Skye seem 30 times bigger than she was before we had him. It’s crazy how a newborn can make your other ‘baby’ feel like she is basically a teenager.

IMG 4431

*这几天ck started giving us 3-4 hour stretches of sleep at night and it has felt so nice… it’s amazing how just an extra hour stretch of sleep can be so life changing.

*This picture was taken after Beck’s bath when I noticed that his hair was drying with a few curls in there. Andrew has curlyish hair so I wonder if Beck will too!

IMG 4396

*I start off my day each morning withLiquid IV(codeHUNGRYRUNNERGIRLcan get you 25% off your order and free shipping) and I really think it is helping me with my milk supply. One packet in a glass of water provides the hydration of 2-3 bottles of water and it is packed with electrolytes and vitamins. PS Passion Fruit is my favorite flavor.

Staying hydrated along with eating every few hours is really helping me to keep up with Beck’s large appetite.

IMG 4500

*I am pretty sure Beck is pretty much made of oranges. I ate SO MANY of them during pregnancy.

*I came up with a little trick… When I am feeding Beck in the middle of the night and feel like I am going to fall asleep while I am feeding him, I have some fruity gum on the nightstand that I grab. The flavor wakes me up a bit so I don’t fall asleep mid-feed.

*Knox loves to have me compare his newborn pictures to Beck to see if they look alike.

IMG 4731

*His cooing is the absolute sweetest noise ever. I need to get a recording of them so I can listen to them on repeat.

*I’m really going to miss it when he isn’t snuggled up against me for 90% of the day.

IMG 4441

I thought I would share the top 10 things we are using/loving/needing during this time with Beck.

*YI 1080 Camera– This is the camera we use as a baby monitor for Beck. The camera is AMAZING, you can change the settings on the camera to send push notifications to your phone if the baby is moving, crying, etc. It’s an amazing camera and amazing price!!

*Dream On Me Bassinet– This is the bassinet that we are using for Beck for the first few months until Beck goes in his own room/crib. It was really helpful when Beck was brand new we could have him next to the bed for easy access.

*Itszy Ritzy Pacifier – None of our kids took a pacifier this early and this one has been a game-changer for Beck and it’s the only one he will take.

*Graco Car Seat– We used the previous version of this for Skye, so we went with this car seat again. It is light, safe and comfortable.

*Baby Car Mirror– This mirror is so nice to be able to see Beck in the car, when safe of course!

*Baby Delight Go With Me Alpine Bouncer– This is an awesome portable bouncer that Beck likes to sit in. It is adjustable and collapsable, Beck loves it!

*Columbia Baby Boys’ Bunting– We love this little 1 piece bunting, it keeps Beck so warm and we have already used it a lot since he was born.

*Beco Baby Carrier– This beats the stroller anytime and it is so easy to haul Beck around in it!

*Bamboo Changing Pad Liners– These liners are amazing!! We use them on the changing table and bring them in the diaper bag wherever we might be changing Beck.

*Owlet Smart Sock 2– This brings us so much peace of mind at night when Beck is sleeping. This lets us know what his heart rate and oxygen levels at night and alarm goes off if those numbers fall out of the normal range.

*And a bonus one that I mentioned in a previous post—> I am obsessed withthese swaddle blankets. They work perfectly for swaddling and he sleeps in one every night.


Anyone else have some funny/interesting/embarrassing breastfeeding stories? Tell me I’m not the only one that has forgotten to cover up after feeding ha.

If you have any children, what are their ages right now? If you have more than one, do any of them look like each other?

Do you tend to hold babies on your right or your left side more?

-My right side feels much more natural!

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How has the aftercare been for you since the tongue tie revision? I’m finding it awful ?


OH NO! Jo, I am so sorry about that . My Pediatrician said that Beck’s was very small so there hasn’t been any aftercare but it did help with my nipple soreness!


I didn’t end of breastfeeding for a few reasons, one being afraid of flashing the painters. Our townhouse was being painted for the first week we were home from the hospital so I was worried about exposing myself to them and I didn’t want to live with the blinds down.

One other reason is my daughter was tongue tied as well. The lactation consultant pointed it out and our pediatrician confirmed it and then I had to go to a specialist. My husband couldn’t be there during the procedure – I definitely cried holding her down more than she cried. But that time she was 3 weeks old and I was set into my routine Of exclusively pumping so we didn’t try breastfeeding again.

I like the idea of the gum – I didn’t have to pump on the middle of the night after a few weeks and she ate fairly quickly, but I definitely had issues falling asleep pumping once I went back to work, the gum would have helped!

I have a whole slide show of my kids for their first year doing similar things, wearing the same outfit, but they really don’t look too much a like, especially now at 11 and 14. Some people say they do but I sware they are just being nice.


Oh I bet that was so traumatic being there for the procedure! I have definitely fallen asleep while pumping with Skye ha.. I understand! 11 and 14… how fun! I hope you guys have the best holiday season all together.


I’ve just recently discovered your blog and I wanted to let you know how much peace it has given me over the past few weeks. So much of your story resonates with mine, which includes a long running history, being a follower of Christ, and a struggle with restrictive eating. I had no idea how damaging my restrictive eating habits were until my husband and I started trying for children and I quickly realized that it was something my body wasnt able to do. With some help, my body has been able to heal and I’m now 11 weeks pregnant with our first little one! I know that all pregnancies (and babies for that matter) are different, but your blog posts really give me comfort with your advice on staying (safely) active, handling first trimester symptoms, and what to expect with a newborn! Thank you for your openness and honesty. You and your blog are very much appreciated right now. I pray that you and your family have a blessed Christmas this year!

(Also, oranges and oj are just about the only things that consistantly sound good right now!) ?


COURTNEY! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PREGNANCY! I can’t thank you enough for your sweet comment and I’m so excited about our new friendship:). You will have to keep me updated on everything. Wish I could come drop off a big box of oranges now! Thanks Courtney and I hope you are feeling well!


I just thought I’d mention – Breastfeeding has been super important to me, and in the beginning I stressed about it a lot. I ended up doing tons of reading (Kellymom is a great online source) and one of the things I’d read from multiple sources is that your own intake of water and the food you eat actually has very little to do with the nutrition in your breastmilk/how much you produce. Obviously, I don’t think that means go on a junk food binge and never drink water! But, one of the things I stressed about was doing everything “just right” and it was really reassuring to know that my body knew what to do and I didn’t have to be perfect. And my little guy is now 13 months, 26 pounds and still happily breastfeeding, so I’d say it worked out :)


THANK YOU for sharing this because I have definitely worried the same thing! It really does take off the pressure to know that, thanks for sharing and I hope you are having a great day with your 13 month old.


I forgot to cover up after nursing… and walked into church ? LOL.

Beck is so cute! Happy six weeks!


WALKED INTO CHURCH hahaha oh you gave me a good laugh:) Thanks for that Allie. Have a beautiful rest of your day!


Oh gosh – I still remember the day after my son was born, and my parents brought my daughter to the hospital to visit (realize that she is now 29 and he will be 27 next month!). So she was two at the time. She climbed up in the hospital bed, and I just could not figure out how she had grown so much in just 24 hours! She was huge! And then changing her diaper versus changing an infant diaper – mind blowing!


Oh I love that you can still remember that day so perfectly:). Haha I bet the diaper difference was crazy! Have the best day Kathy and thank you so much for sharing!


Thanks for all you and your fellow agents do as you maintain your blog! Hopefully, things will calm down a bit in 2020 and I will be able to participate more often. I should share this with you Jesus was born a child to the world, but to us-his faithful sons and daughters, he was born a Son, a Son that was given to save a world walking in darkness.


So glad I found this! I’m working on getting back into running 6 weeks postpartum after a whole bunch of medical stuff that went on this month – it’s nice to see someone who is farther along in the journey (and way faster!)

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