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ONE YEAR and end of a chapter that is kind of breaking my heart.

Beck is one year in just a few days and I cannot believe it. Let’s go over a few of the things that he is up to these days: *He loves to growl especially when he thinks I’m hugging him for too long. *Getting Beck dressed is a workout. I have never tried to clothe …dota2雷竞技

如何受伤is Different for me now… + Weekending + Shocked

(Shorts, tank, long-sleeve, shoes) I assumed I would be freezing cold in the garage for my ride, but 2 minutes into Robin’s (I just want her to be my IRL friend) class and I was sweating like crazy. The long-sleeve top came off, the fan was turned on, and the 45-minute class made every muscle …dota2雷竞技