Tangents & I JUST Learned This….

Good morning! Can you believe that it is almost AUGUST? It feels like this year has gone by at a snail’s pace but then I realized we are almost in August and that just felt crazy to me.

It was a hot and humid run for us so when I saw this later on fromMeganI had to laugh because I do this way too often.. Can’t wait for those two weeks of fall running;)

IMG 7663

After my run I didBecky’s pregnancy full bodyworkout with a little buddy behind me. With each week of pregnancy I can feel more and more muscles not wanting to fire (especially when I run) and that is helping me to feel motivated to stick with some strength training each week.

IMG 7660

Knox left for two days and he requested crepes for breakfast while we played with his army set before leaving!

IMG 7653

We had another doctor’s appointment to go to and the baby is doing well! I haven’t felt the baby kick/move as much as I did with the girls’ pregnancies but we found out yesterday that is because with this one I have an anterior placenta. I was very relieved that that was the reason I don’t feel him/her as often as I was expecting.

IMG 7670

Going for Costco’s ice cream sundae after the doctor’s appointment was a great idea.

IMG 7675

Yesterday in the comments, Karin told me about a gnocchi with a 4 cheese sauce that she got at Costco and I had to copy her. You guys influence me all of the time;). All four of us loved it and we added some roasted brussel sprouts to the side for a winning meal.

IMG 7678

A few tangents to talk about this morning!

*Skye is on cloud 9 when I paint her nails (I usethis setfor the girls and it comes with stickers etc too). I have a weird obsession with always having my nails painted so I passed it down to her.

IMG 7615

*Brooke told me that when she has her owl stained glass hanging from the outside of her door that it means she is sleeping and doesn’t want to be disturbed, ha. We take our sleep very seriously over here. Also, this is a random story I forgot to tell you… My sister said that when she had my kids sleep over a few weeks ago they were driving back to her house that night and her little boys were talking about what they wanted to do in the morning. As the boys were talking about their morning plans Skye looked at them and told them to not wake her up early, ha! Let’s just hope this next baby loves sleep too.

IMG 7599

*Andrew has been finishing up his long runs and getting in the hot tub lately (he finishes around midnight). He has the temperature of the hot tub turned down a bit so it’s not crazy hot but he says it feels so good on his muscles afterwards. I can’t wait to start using this after my runs in the winter!

IMG 7387

*Another purchase that was made because of you guys (thanks Jenn!). The fruit by the foot Starburst edition. They seriously taste just like Starburst and we have been bringing them on our hikes.

IMG 7437

*Just in case you love every interview you can listen to/watch from Des Linden like I do, here is a new one:

*I love coming acrossarticles/posts about things that people are just now learning that might be pretty obvious/common knowledge to everyone else. This two were DEFINITELY news to me:

Screen Shot 2020 07 27 at 3 21 48 PM

I had never seen the arrow until now!

Screen Shot 2020 07 27 at 3 22 16 PM

Anything that you’ve recently learned that seems to be something that most other people already knew?!

What about you… has this year felt like it’s gone by slow, fast or somewhere in between?

When you watch a show/movie that isnt on tv, what app is it usually through? Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, other? <–Just for my own curiosity.

What is your absolute favorite month of the year for running?

-October because that is when the St. George marathon is and the temperatures during that time of year are just heavenly.

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Glad you like the Starburst fruit by the foot!!


You are the best! I’m hooked, thanks Jenn for sharing and have a great day.


Beginning of October is still hot here in TN but by the end of Oct it’s much nicer!
We actually watch movies on dvd. Either ones we already own or checked out from the library. Haha. Do people even do that anymore? We are probably the only people who don’t have Netflix.


Hey Mary! I am excited for you to have your end of October temperatures! We definitely still use DVDs sometimes, you are not alone. Have a great day.


Hi Janae !
Nice to see the good news about the baby !
Like you i had never seen the arrow ! Thanks for learning me that :)
This year is weird, it’s all i can say ! Fast and slow at the same time. Haha !
My favorite month of the year for running is april : not too cold, not too hot, and no hunters !
Have a nice day !


HEY INGRID!! Now we will never be able to unsee the arrow ha. I agree… fast and slow all at once. April is an amazing month of running too (do you have to worry about hunters other months of the year?!?). Thanks Ingrid, you too!


The year has been fast and slow. Slow because I haven’t done nearly as many things as I would have by now (trips, races, visiting family, etc.). But also fast, because I don’t know how it’s August. Guess we’ve filled our time with other things!

I normally watch Netflix, finally started watching the Michael Jordan series yesterday!


哦,你要让我知道你的想法J series! I totally agree with you… it’s going fast but so so slow ha. Have a beautiful day!


Hi! you may have already talked about your hot tub but I was curious about the brand and your review of it as my husband and I are about to put one in!
Can’t wait!


I AM SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! I am going to have Andrew answer this question because he knows a lot more about it (and actually uses it all of the time and I have only been in a few times because of pregnancy)! Expect a reply by the end of the day. Have a wonderful Tuesday Wendy!


Did Brooke make her stained glass owl? It is very pretty.

I just got Hulu and am loving it! So now it is about even between Netflix and Hulu. Netflix is a must b/c when I’m making dinner/taking my evening shower, I HAVE to have Gilmore Girls playing over the speakers :) Hulu has Parenthood which I am now watching through for the second time.


She did make it!! She loves crafts so much. Hulu is the best and I love your Gilmore Girls dinner/shower tradition, I will copy you on that. I will also copy you on rewatching Parenthood ha, such a good show. I hope you are having a beautiful morning friend!


Haha I love how much Ske loves her sleep! ?

I love autumn for running. So basically October because its it’s when the weather is cooler,the leaves change colour and it is the absolute sweet spot in seasons. For me there is also something nostalgic about running in fall. Also pumpkin spice lattes post run haha.

It is crazy because these past few months have felt like a life time and yet have flown by. We will all remember this year for sure . Some of us are still working from home and the days can be long lol. We have all had to make adjustments.

I hope you have a wonderful day Janae!


如果我们都可以睡和斯凯一样。Reading about your October just made me SO so excited for October. I can’t imagine how long those days must feel… you are amazing Kristine and I hope your puppy is just doing so so well. Thanks and you too!


Where did you get your “high mileage, low maintenance” tank?! I LOVE it!!! Between running, triathlon training and staying at home…my standard for my already low maintenance has hit a new low;-).

On June 15th, I remember thinking that this summer was dragging by and the next thing I know, it is the end of July!!!

Let’s hope the baby doesn’t get Andrew’s love of sleep;-). We love our sleep around here too. My middle child gets so mad when someone wakes her up. It is not usual for her to ask if she can go to bed too.

I love October running weather too. I actually love all fall/winter running months until we get snow and ice on the roads.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


HEY YOU!! Here is the tank:https://sarahmariedesignstudio.com/products/high-mileage-low-maintenance-muscle-tankand I just love it. Haha and I feel more high maintenance than ever so you are rocking it;). I totally agree with you, at the beginning of the summer it felt so slow and now it’s almost over?! I am crossing every finger that this baby gets my sleep DNA;). Your middle child and my girls would get along well. Thanks Becky and good luck on SATURDAY with your tri! I am cheering for you!


Not sure if anyone knows the brands I’m going to mention but the Roxy logo (a heart) is just the Quiksilver logo × 2. Hahahahah
I grew up coveting clothes from these brands (in retrospect a good thing my parents didn’t give in) and I only realised this like over a decade later. Lol.
Also i have a super random question. When Singapore was in lockdown except for very specific activities, I used to run loops at a canal near my house. Sometimes I would pass a person I know 3 times. since you said you do loops too, would you/ have you said Hi to someone you know more than once if you pass them more than once on the loop? Or do you kinda awkwardly look down after the first hello?


Chloe, YES I know these brands and I had no idea about that with Roxy! I will now see it every time I see the logo, thanks for sharing! How are things going in Singapore now? That is a great question… I think I would feel it out. If I could tell the person was kind of just wanting to focus on what they were doing then I probably would just say hi the first time but if I could tell they enjoyed the first interaction then I would keep saying hello. Anyone else have an opinion on this? Hope you are having a great day Chloe!


Thanks for responding Janae :) things are ok… we came out of lockdown and cases seem fairly under control at this point . Measures such as compulsory mask wearing, capacity and gathering restrictions etc. are firmly in place. We also have a nationwide checkin checkout system to track movement ha.

Singapore relies a lot on foreign manpower for the construction industry though, so there was a massive outbreak in the workers’ dormitories that accounts for our high numbers, the Govt is still dealing with that now. A bit of a depressing topic and Singapore has gotten flak for it internationally so you can google if you wanna read more, your blog is so cheerful and I know you work hard to keep things neutral and have a supportive community so I won’t say more here lol. Otherwise I think we’re doing ok. Most people are still working from home though, so that’s been a bit of a drag. Trying to just keep on keeping on and looking on the bright side!


Not to be a bummer, but the toaster thing is not true. Lol After I had read the same Buzzfeed article I tested mine. Turned the dial to 5 and it toasted for about 3 minutes.


I love that description of the seasonal attitude changes! Sometimes it’s just rough. :) My best running month is October. I am trying to pick out a virtual race in October, since all my faves are cancelled. Some years I love April, but there tends to be a lot of snow patches on trails where I live (trails = best place to run).

I had an anterior placenta with my first, and did not feel as much kicking either. Until his rib-kicking, right at the end. I actually didn’t mind it because it was my first pregnancy & once I found out why I didn’t feel the kicks, I never worried about frequency of kicks at all. As long as I felt him shift a few times a day, we were good! Happy to hear your babe is doing well.

We have Netflix and Amazon Prime with HBO, and may try Disney+ soon. We try to stick to 2 extra subscriptions at a time (or 3, if you count regular Amazon Prime), but sometimes switch things up.

Happy Tuesday!


You have to let me know which virtual race you end up doing, that is exciting. That is such a great point… now I won’t be constantly trying to count kicks etc and I can just relax. Thanks for sharing that with me and I’m sure I’ll have those rib kicks too. Thanks Katie and happy Tuesday to you too!


Oh man, this year has felt incredibly long! But like you, I can’t believe August is almost here. I wonder how the fall will feel….
今年夏天我们一直看Hulu很多。我的中心by and I are currently watching all seasons of Veronica Mars. Such a good /fun show. I never watched it when it was originally on, but really enjoying it now. Towards the end of May, we splurged and bought a “package” that includes Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon… We decided it would be worth it since movie theaters aren’t open, and it has been!
I had a thought yesterday… I am so very grateful for you and your blog, and a few podcasts as well. I don’t always comment, but I am excited to read HRG every morning. You bring positivity and light, which has been such an important thing during this strange time. So thank you ?


I wonder how the fall will feel too! Veronica Mars is SO so good. I’m glad you are enjoying it and that splurge was very worth it this year of all years! I fully support you. WOW, that means the world to me. Thank you thank you thank you. Taking a screenshot of this for when I need to reread it. Thank you friend and I hope you are having the best morning!


If you replace the ‘W’ in where, when, and what with a ‘T’ – you answer the questions (There, Then and That)

Autumn is probably my favorite season to run in – too bad it’s the shortest season ever!

We watch both Netflix and Hulu. Currently watching Rectify on Netflix and Life in Pieces on Hulu (I think you’d like that one).


Wow. I definitely did not ever see that until now… that is awesome. Seriously, we just need autumn to last a few months longer;) LIFE IN PIECES IS OUR FAVORITE. I wish that they were still making episodes. You’ll have to let me know what your favorite episodes were when you finish. Hope you have a beautiful day Erika!


Honestly, I’d take any month that’s not between November-March. If I watch something, it’s Netflix, though I have thought about trying Amazon prime, they seem to have more movie options. I don’t watch a lot in general though.


I liked stay at home more than most, so take this next statement from that perspective, but this year is going so slowly I feel like time got paused. Are we all living real life groundhogs day?


Just realized that gardening can be fun. I’ve done it for ages – since I owned my first home in 1997. But I always thought of it as a necessary chore. And when I made enough money I hired people to do it. But this year when the tornado hit we planted seeds. And with the pandemic have had plenty of time to cultivate and water. Now: Blueberries, strawberries, and flowers, not to mention the sunflower seeds pumpkins, watermelon, tomatoes, corn, and asparagus to come!

This year is going by soooooo slow. It seems like a couple of years of 24/7 mom:kid.

We watch Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+.

November is my favorite month for running (finally cool)!

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