10 Things From Sunday, Stride Efficiency and Running Plans This Week.

My third Mother’s Day was a success.

10 fun facts from yesterday:

1. We took a self-timer picture in a random field because it was Mother’s Day and I felt like that was a good idea.

IMG 1250

2. My nephew had his baby blessing so we got to go to church with my sis and her crew.

IMG 0628

3. Brooke helped me make breakfast. Eggs, cheese and avocado. Always a winning combination.

IMG 1248

4. We watched Curious George while cuddling up with Curious George.

IMG 0632

5. Turns out my niece gets pretty serious when it comes to Texas Toast.

IMG 1259

6. Mymom’s lasagna= my love language.

IMG 1262

7. My mom and Brooke secretly went shopping and picked out a MD gift for me. Pretty much made my year.

IMG 1266

8. My second love language (along with some vanilla ice cream):

IMG 1271

9. Why use utensils when you have ten little fingers to transport the chocolate into your mouth?

IMG 1273

10. Brooke hunted for pine cones in the front yard while I got to talk with my dad on the porch. Much needed ending to the day.

IMG 0660

If you are interested in stride analysis…WATCH THIS MOVIEabout it. I found it really interesting!

We can spend lots of time doing speedwork and hill work in order to get faster but working on our running efficiency is also going to really help us to get faster too!

When analyzing stride they look at your stride angle, arm angle overstride angle, trunk angle, toe lift angle and bounce!

Some of my favorite tidbits from the video:

“Overstriding is like jamming on the breaks with every stride! It slows you down and burns up your legs.”

“A toe angle of greater than 0 degrees is inefficient, it means that the runner is tensing up the muscles of the lower leg which wastes energy and tires the legs.”

“Because runners take about 1000 strides per mile, their bounce on each stride is multiplied 1000 times per mile during their race. A small bounce really adds up.”

When thinking about how many strides per mile we take it makes total sense why poor form/inefficient running causes so many different injuries and how it really slows us down!

Screen Shot 2015 05 10 at 1 50 25 PM

My running plans this week—> I have a 1/2 marathon on Saturday which I am super stoked about. Brooke will be gone with her dad this weekend so I am happy to have something fun to do while she is gone. I love to take the day off before a race and today I am going trail running:) Tuesday-Thursday will probably be treadmill runs and I am ready to take on week #3 of bootcamp!


What are your running plans this week?

What is your love language?

Did you have dessert this yesterday? What?

What parts of your running form/efficiency needs some work?

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Beautiful pictures, and oh that cake!! I had some extra fudgy and chocolate chunky gluten free brownies yesterday :)


My mileage should be back to normal this week. I finally feel recovered and I’ll be adding more trail running to prep for my next race.
I had a slice of chocolate cake with fudgy frosting!!
I’m working on hip strength and flexibility. I keep getting a sore knee because of a tight hip.


Your sisters family is beautiful! What a wonderful way to celebrate the baby and being a mother!

I’m just planning to get back onto my training plan this week. I took last week mostly off while I was recovering from the marathon, so time to get back with it. Utah Valley coming up in a few weeks!

Homemade cherry pie yesterday. My mom makes it from cherries from my grandmas tree. It was amazing!


My running plan is to run once, that’s it! My pregnant body (23 weeks) is NOT loving running but I’m trying to at least do 1x a week until I really physically can’t anymore!


Chocolate is my love language, but I just realized I didn’t have dessert yesterday! I kept putting it off because I was so full from dinner. Now I can’t wait to have dessert!! :)

Lots of PT, exercises and strength training for me this week!

Last marathon cycle toward the end my hamstring was a little tight and sore – so I want to work on strengthening those muscles.


I had ice cream with my little guy and key lime pie on Friday!! Yum!

I’m on week 1 of tapering for a half marathon I have in a few weeks. I did 12 miles Saturday but everything now is under 8-9 miles. I’ll probably run an easy 3-4 miles while my son naps

Love language… I need to read that book but I’ve heard of them. I am not totally sure. I love when people show me how they love me rather than say it.

Have a great day and good luck this weekend!

PS just found out you’re doing Seattle– me too! So excited!!


-My running plans this week are to start tapering for Rock n Roll San Diego. I can’t believe it’s in less than 3 weeks!! I can’t wait!!!
-My love language is a big slice of pumpkin bread. Omg.
-I didn’t have dessert, but I did indulge in some chips and salsa! Yum!
-I need to work on my foot striking. Sometimes my feet pound way too hard on the ground. I need to lighten it up a little bit!

I’m glad you enjoyed your Mother’s Day and got spoiled by Brooke :)


I’m easing back into running this week. My marathon was about a week ago and I (mostly) took last week off, with a whoppin’ 11 miles. So I’m going to start building my mileage up again but probably won’t do any speedwork for a couple more weeks! I’m itching to get back out there though :)

我真正的爱的语言是身体接触+单词of affirmation…but I think Oreos do the trick too.

昨天我的甜点:我试着今晚面团n and Jerry’s flavor. HAVE YOU TRIED IT? It’s amazing. Highly recommend.

I think I’m a heel striker…so pretty much all of my running form needs work.

I’m glad you had such a wonderful Mother’s Day!


I actually under stride and take too many strides per mile. It’s something I struggled with a lot since beginning to run.

First, the photo of you and Brooke in the field is adorable. I’ve never taken a great self timer photo. Second, your sister is absolutely gorgeous and glowing.

I’ve been craving cake all weekend so this post seeled the deal.


Our love languages are pretty similar ;) .


I am seeing if I can get some running back in after being injured. I did a 2 mile fun run yesterday and had to walk a bit. I don’t mind the walking intervals as long as I am not in pain.

I need to work on hips and glutes, my butt doesn’t engage when I run.

I love dark chocolate, the cake looks amazing.

I had a donut yesterday. I generally don’t love donuts but these were amazing. Soft and delicious. I had half of a French toast and half of a cinnamon bun flavor.


I went to running school last year, and the difference in my gait before and after was incredible! Seriously, check out the before and after video. I cringe.

I’m glad you had a fun mothers’ day :)


Running plans = 2-3 runs (w/ cross training on the other days)–working on going slower in prep for trying to go longer. For my form, I need to work on pushing through w/ my hips and not running so much from my lower leg. My love language is steak which I did have yesterday.


That’s exciting about your half marathon! Good luck! :)
I actually just did a post on love languages… Mine is words of affirmation… And food wise, candy! :)
I had a lot of phenomenal desserts this week, including cake with buttercream frosting and meringue! Soo good ahh I’m salivating thinking about it.


Thanks for sharing that video!

This week I have 33 miles on the schedule. Usually I run 5 days/week, but this week I am trying 4 days of longer runs (but still the same weekly mileage). Hopefully it goes alright!

Yesterday I ate pie for breakfast and ice cream for lunch. That was the main course, I technically didn’t have anything “for dessert” all day.


What an awesome mother’s day! I’m so glad it was so special with your family and Brooke!


I did my first speed workout in months this morning..it was so humid out! The rest of the week will probably be easier runs and then a longer run on Saturday. I need to be careful about overstriding. I had a gait analysis done a few months ago and there were definitely some areas that I need to work on!


The Costco chocolate cake is illegal in other countries. It’s THAT good.

So sweet of your mama/Brookers to get you a surprise. You’re a rockstar mom and I’m glad you got to feel celebrated for all you do! :)


Chocolate fudge cake like that one is definitely my love language! I totally had dessert yesterday — I was in charge of bringing it to my parents house :) I picked one of everything I wanted from the bakery including giant cupcakes, fudge iced brownies, black and white cookie and crumb cake. Just couldn’t decide what I wanted so I went with everything.


We had that exact same cake yesterday with vanilla bean ice cream; however, I added walnuts on top for my mama.

I’m hoping to maybe run twice this week. I am still coming back from a plantar rupture and at this point, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s ever going to heal!

My love language is acts of service.

I really need to work on not pounding my feet, especially my heels as I run.


Good luck at your half marathon this weekend! My running plans this week are to not do it at all ;) I ran my first half marathon yesterday! So I’m resting for the rest of this week :(


This is week 8 of my half marathon training so it will be a combination of easy 4-5 mile runs, a tempo run and long run on Saturday!
I had a white chocolate macadamia cookie that was delicious!
I really need to focus on my upper body- relaxing and standing tall/not hunching over. Its amazing what improvements in this area can do for stamina.

Glad you had such a great Mother’s Day! You’re a wonderful mom!


How sweet that your mom and sister secretly took Brooke MD shopping for you. You’re such a wonderful mom; a great example of beauty and strength.


That cake is mouth-watering! Chocolate is definitely my love language.
I’m hoping to run this week when I can since we’ll be traveling all week. I love getting to run in new places!
I think I’ve improved overstriding outside but I still need to improve on it when I run on the treadmill.


I am working on building up some more mileage and speed this week, and I’m pretty excited about it! Haven’t felt this great in a while.

Froyo is absolutely my love language, especially from Monster Yogurt or Yogurt Zone. Oh, and sugar cookies. (I also LOVE my mom’s lasagna.)

Speaking of sugar cookies, those were my dessert yesterday. :)

I have been working on my stride a lot lately, actually. I used to have horrible form, so I have been working on using my hips more and shortening my stride length. It has really helped on my road to recovery from the worst case of plantar fasciitis in the world.

So glad you had a great Mother’s Day weekend, and have a great start to the week! :)


I take Texas roast serious also. Haha.
that choclate cake looks choclatey.! I had ice cream cake over the weekend. Soo good.
Hope you had a great 3rd Mother’s Day. It was my third one too.!


I’m hoping to get my mileage back up this week after coming back from an injury. My stride is silly–I am so rotational that it looks like I’ll spin around and fly away like a helicopter. :(


-Running plans are 4 scheduled runs for my ultra training (one down this morning, check!) and 1 day of cross training, cycling perhaps :)
-I had yogurt yeti yesterday for mother’s day. delicious!
-I recently changed my arm placement, I was carrying them a bit too high which was really making my hips swivel. Seems to be working out well :)

Happy Monday!


Interesting about the stride and putting too much pressure on the lower extremities. I find myself curling my toes a lot. I had a gait analysis done 2 months ago at Mayo Clinic and what the therapist told me was that new studies show that shorter strides are better all around for runners – endurance and speed. I found that very interesting! She said same goes for walking.


I had big running plans for this week, but all of the sudden my knee started hurting this weekend…not sure why yet but I need to look into it and ice.

Yesterday involved some chocolate covered pretzels.

I hunch a lot when I run :(


The pictures of you and Brooke are the best! Good luck in your race this weekend..I have one as well! Hopefully the heat will hold off (yesterday was 90 degrees..what!) I’ve been trying to work on my running form..specifically not hell striking as much. Looking at race pictures from earlier this year compared to this past weekend I already see a HUGE improvement!


Glad you had a good MD! I will have to check out that video; it looks really interesting! I have a half this weekend that I am not at all prepared for so let’s see how that goes! :)


I will be running little 2 milers here and there to allow for some mental clarity while ensuring my ankle tendonitis is really gone. :)
And then I will wrestle all week whether to run the brooklyn half marathon on Saturday. I love the course and missed it last year due to injury. But signs are telling me my body isn’t recovered enough from my full 2 weeks ago. Struggles!
I had an amazing dessert this weekend in Manhattan with my niece. They were called chocolate chip cookie shots. A shot “glass” made from warm fresh baked cookie with melted chocolate at the bottom and the milk in the middle.


I have a half marathon in 20 days, so I’ve started my taper! Did 13 miles on Saturday and an easy 3 yesterday with my mom for Mother’s Day! Today some speed work (about 6 miles total), another 3 miles on Wednesday and then a slow 7 miles on Thursday. Some strength training and swimming sprinkled in there as well as some hiking on the weekend coming up with my girlfriends for a girls’ trip!

My love language according to the literature is human touch… but my food love language is pizza all the way!

Yes! Raspberry cheesecake!

Not sure if this counts, but my core needs work because by the end of 13 miles I notice myself slightly hunching over.


Second week back at running after a stress fracture. More short and sweet runs and lots of cross training!

Dark chocolate and coffee just speak to me.

My running form seriously needs some work…. probably the reason I got the aforementioned stress fracture! Haha


My love language is fruit, froyo, and coffee.

I have never had my running form looked at by a professional — I probably should!

Running plan for the week: continue to build base for Chicago Marathon training starting next week. (EEEEKKK :))


10 little fingers can also get chocolate on everything. But chocolate is oh so good!


My love languages are definitely actions and touch! And peanut m&ms… haha.


My love language consists of brownies, chips and salsa, and hours of Friends or Psych on DVD!

I had strawberry Nesquik as dessert, and then some mickey mouse shaped strawberry licorice from our cruise………….trying to make it last bc I don’t want to admit the cruise is over!!

和我有一个6或7米莱尔今天,明天休息,then attempt 13 on Wednesday! I have a half in a little less than a month so I need the mental confidence that I can in fact run 13 miles! I will rest Thursday, do easy runs on Friday and Saturday, then rest Sunday. We head to Nashville Sunday night, which means 3 days of running in new areas and I have to take Sunday off bc I will go crazy miles on those days.

My form seems ok, and luckily I have not had any injuries, just occasional aches, but I am not good at going downhill yet. I either want to lean back and brake, or I lean forward but fear I will trip and fall. I have fallen as an adult and slid on my knees down a driveway…………not something I ever want to repeat!!

My running form


Gifts/food are DEFINITELY my love language! And holy moly, those lasagna pics are making my mouth water.

I actually had zero dessert yesterday and am just now realizing what a travesty this is!


Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! So sweet that Brooke and your mom went shopping to get a gift for you!

My love language for real is quality time … but in food love language, it would be homemade fudgy brownies or basically any homemade chocolate dessert. ;)


Glad you had a great Mother’s Day!! I’m going to be tapering this week for my first half marathon on Sunday!

这真是太搞笑了,你爱的语言,因为我长大的finace and I are actually reading the 5 love languages book (homework from our pastor) right now. I think it’s so interesting..

I actually didn’t have dessert yesterday now that I think about it. Probably because I had 4 servings of mac and cheese and couldn’t move afterwards :)

I’d really like for someone to critique my form. I was a sprinter for most of my high school running career and distance running form is totally different, so I feel like mine could use some work!


Happy Mothers Day!!
That lasagna looks like I need to make soon!

Thank you for stride article gonna read it. On my run yesterday I was wondering what the “correct” form is suppose to be. Easy to change while running.


Happy mother’s day to one of the best ones I know! Brooke is a very lucky little girl. :)


You will appreciate this: I was in LA this past weekend visiting my best friend, and on Saturday morning we bought $30 worth of donuts/cronuts…


Starting training this week for my first 26.2! Woohoo! I took a week off after my last half and I’m antsy to get going again.

Weird handmade cards that look like they were crafted by a five year old are my love language.

Yesterday I ate all the carbs. Mexican sweet bread was my favorite though.


Looks like you had an amazing Mother’s Day! Good food, adorable little girl and a wonderful family.


Running plans — nothing too crazy. Running Portland (OR) RnR on Sunday!! I am really excited to run another RnR on a new course. Visited Portland many times but never run there.

Dessert yesterday was the Triple Chocolate Ghiradelli Brownies (box) from Costco! They are always the BEST brownies. :)


That cake looks amazing!

Random question for you: Have you ever tracked your sugar intake? I have started paying attention to mine and would love to know what a “normal” range is!


I’m hoping to keep focusing on keeping up with a strong consistent base averaging 40-45 miles a week at an easy/comfortable pace. My love language is DEFINITELY food … I mean … And my love of crispy M&Ms resurfaced and I treated myself to about half the bag : ) Glad to see you had a great Mother’s Day!


Oh, lasagna <3 <3 all time fave food. A few weeks ago I made one with homemade noodles!!! Amazing.

That video was awesome. I've been looking for one to get my form better and that is literally exactly what I was looking for and couldn't find! Now to only put it into use.. :)


That lasagna and that cake look AMAZING. Jealous. We got some of that new Artisan collection Haagen Dazs last night … Not so much fun a fan of the smoked almond flavor.

I feel like I used to have a good stride and now I’m starting to over/under pronate. I don’t know how that happened!

Looks like you had a great Mom’s Day!


I can’t wait to watch this stride video when I have a minute! I made some chocolate chip cookies over the weekend, yum! I’m in taper mode for my first full marathon this Sunday.


You and B are so dang adorable!!! Glad you had a fun Mother’s Day!!


awww yay happy mother’s day! so sweet that your mom and brooke were sneaky and got your a gift :)

my love language is words of affirmation and COOKIES, both of which my husband met this weekend!


Ha – I’m totally showing this to a few of my distance runners on the track team who wonder why I correct things like their bounce and crossing over.

I had a running assessment done last year. I had some wicked crossover action that made my legs twist back a lot when I whipped the legs back. Still working on it. I’m working on stride angle too. I notice a big difference in speed when I make sure to have a decent extension angle.


It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration!

I had a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. It was fabulous!


I love that your mom took Brooke to get you a Mother’s Day gift! So sweet!

My running plans are to take things easy. Five months of pure speed work have made me tired and my knees ache. I ran 5 hilly miles outside in the heat and humidity yesterday (at an 8:35 pace) and wanted to run 7 treadmill miles today, but daughter called when I was at mile 5 on the treadmill and I had to stop and bring her cortisone immediately at school. Going from 8.3 to 0 on the treadmill in 1 second was a bit jarring! I hope to get in 20-25 easy miles this week and two days of strength training.

We are putting our house on the market on Thursday, with the Realtor’s Open House tomorrow and the regular Open House on Sunday. I am stressing! I’ll take any workouts I can get in between cleaning, organizing, and taking care of my daughter and our pet managerie!


It sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day. What a lovely way to spend the day.

Every time you post the lasagna it makes me hungry for lasagna. It doesn’t help that I’m hungry.


They had texas toast every dinner in our dining commons in college, and I ate it a ridiculous amount. Every time I eat it it tastes just like college to me! :) So thoughtful of your mom to make sure that she took your daughter to get you something! :) Happy Mother’s day to you!


迟来的母亲节快乐!我有一个跑步机3-miler today and then a chocolate chip banana muffin (or two) for dessert :) My running plans consist of three more 2-3 mile runs, all at a slow but steady pace. We’re in the homestretch for baby now and my running at 9 months preggo is pretty pokey but I’m thankful to be running!

Good luck in your upcoming half!


Omg that cake! Amazing.

Sounds like it’ll be a great weekend! I did a little tester on the ankle this morning and I’m hoping I can start running again in a week or so. Fingers crossed!


What a fun weekend! I’m so glad that you had a great Mother’s Day! That cake looks amazing!


I know that cake!! It’s from Costco and it’s awesome. We had it for my cousin’s bridal shower and we put strawberries and blueberries on it. Oh my. HEAVEN!

Glad you had a good Mother’s Day!! You’re one of the best around! xoxo


Glad you had a good Mother’s Day! So sweet that your mom took Brooke to pick out a gift for you :) That chocolate cake, oh myyyy, it looks so good!



I’m doing some easy runs this week and a little burst of speedwork on Wednesday – I also have a half on Saturday!

Food is my love language. All kinds of food :)

I had chocolate peanut butter pretzel ice cream last night. Really good.

I know my hips/glutes need work, but I’m working on that :)


HOLY COW that lasagna looks AMAZING!


love the video! I never thought about focusing as much on my tight hips or shoulders, but this has given me a good push to switch focus while i recover from my last half. Thanks for sharing!


I am so envious of your family. So happy you had a good Mother’s Day.


Happy Mother’s Day! Do you mind sharing where you got Brooke’s outfit? She looks adorable!


Thank you for sharing the video, I found that really interesting, if slightly technical. I will watch it a few times and see how I can improve my running form, something I tend to forget about when I put on the headphones and start running…

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