很多catch up on since we last talked:)

First, if you are seeing a huge ad that is bordering around my blog… Don’t worry, that will be gone soon!


Happy Tuesday! Thank you so much for your amazing comments yesterday and for opening up. The biggest beauty of blogging is the fact that we can share, connect and relate on so many different levels. Thanks for being my friend (<——–how’d you like that? I just go ahead and automatically assume you want to be friends with me too ha).

We’ve got some randomness to go over from the last few days:

周一早上* = 7英里在跑步机上@ 7:39 pace. I’ve got some really tired legs for some reason but I’m telling myself that tired legs during my speed workout today builds character;)

Brooke thinks it is so funny to show off her tongue trick that I can’t do.

IMG 4753

*We FaceTimed with Brooke’s Arizona cousins and they made sure to dress up in their Halloween costumes for the occasion.

Screen Shot 2016 04 10 at 7 57 53 PM


IMG 6807

*I can barely keep up with Brooke when we get to church. I end up running in high heels to stay with her on her way to her class.

Just a tad bit excited to see all of her friends.

IMG 4696

*I shared my moon walking skills onInstagrambut thought I would share something I learned from my dancer friends in Jr. High on the blog too.

*Runners Connectjust put out an interesting infographic on positive vs. negative splits. We always hear how important it is to run negative splits but I think this is proof that different things work for different people. We all rock our races in different ways and have to figure out how we race/train best! You do what you do and what your body responds best with—> Positive or negative splits:)


*And all of the sudden she grew two feet taller?! How does this happen?!?

IMG 3897 1

*We’ve become fascinated with checking each other’s reflexes…. it’s strange but really interesting.

IMG 4688

*This beautiful thinghas really been helping my feet lately. It feels like it has been a very long time since my feet have been happy but slowly and surely they are making their comeback. Way to go feet!

IMG 6783

*Egg scramble for lunch and while I was throwing in every vegetable we had I thought about if there are any veggies that don’t go well with eggs? I think cucumbers might be the only ones that I wouldn’t toss in… pretty much every cooked veggie goes perfectly with eggs in my opinion (correct me if I’m wrong:)

*Dinner was In-N-Out after my nephew’s soccer game. We used up our last gift card from the Easter egg hunt on some hamburgers and a strawberry shake.

IMG 4772

*Little girls in overalls… my favorite.

IMG 4779

*Lindseyentertained Brooke with the snapchat dog filter.

IMG 4784

*I ateMegan’sridiculously good popcorn that she makes on the stove top. I always get excited when I see her pulling out the popcorn pan because I know that good things are about to happen.

IMG 4785


Positive (first half faster than your second half) or negative splits (second half faster than your first half)? What has worked best for you in your races?

What is your go-to cereal these days?

What is the best part of your Tuesday going to be?

Anyone take dance classes growing up?

-No, but I always made my dance friends teach me things:)

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Queen of the dance classes here, I took everything, EVERYTHING. These days I can still show you….uh, nothing! *sigh


My younger sister is the dancer in our family. I took ballet classes when I was really little but I don’t think it lasted more than a couple of years. My sister is 16 and has been dancing since she was 3! I hope she sticks with it!

I always aim for negative splits but it hasn’t actually happened yet. Every time I run I tell myself to start off slowly, but forget two minutes later. Oh well. Maybe one day!


I’ve done a negative split in some of my races, but none recently! But the ones I was able to do it on were the ones I qualified for Boston in!

No cereal recently. But Cap’n Crunch and Lucky Charms sound pretty good right now! I got a solid night of sleep last night, so I’ll say that’s a great way to start out Tuesday!

My husband always tries to test my reflexes by hitting the spot in my knee…but my leg does nothing. He thinks that means I have terrible reflexes, I think it means he’s hitting the wrong spot!


Love the info on neg splits ver pos – I would’ve thought neg was more common even though I guess we know how tough it really is to do. I qualified twice for Boston and both times though I ran well I felt, they were still pos splits. That said, they were closer to being neg than the times I did not qualify! It will be interesting to see what happens next Monday for me.


Niiiiiice moon walking skillzzzz. :)

I’m trying to be better about getting negative splits. It’s always been a struggle for me in races, but I’ve been getting them in my workouts lately, so hopefully that will transfer over!

Go-to cereal now and always: Cinnamon Toast Crunch. THE BEST.


Hmm popcorn… and it’s just breakfast time here ;-) With CF, my lungs take a good 3-4 kms to warm up so a good race for me always equal negative splits. Positive splits usually mean I started too fast and crashed… not good lol As for cereals, I’m stuck on my overnight oatmeal right now : I layer cottage cheese, greek yogurt, about half a cup of oatmeal (a little milk to soak it in) and fruits in a mason jar and leave it overnight. It creates magical yumminess for the next morning ;-)


Such an interesting infographic on negative splits. I rarely run negative splits – and now I feel a bit better about it!


I think it all depends on the race. If it’s a net downhill or pretty flat race, I typically negative split without even trying!

Don’t hate me but…I don’t even know the last time I ate cereal :-X I never buy it and my BF and I don’t really like it!


It’s funny, my legs and body have been really tired this week. I think I’m going to take some to relax and get my legs back on track. There is no reason to have mentally exhausting runs all of the time.

Negative split races always having me feeling the best…but I can’t say I’ve always run them LOL.


Negative splits work best for me in the half marathon, not sure about the marathon though! My favorite cereal right now is cheerios ancient grains—so crunchy!


Best part of our Tuesday was our early morning 10 x 1/2 mile repeats. I hit the fastest every Yasso’s and it indicated I am right on track to set my PR. WooHoo!!! Let’s hope this holds through April 30th!

Best wishes on your speed work. Yes, doing speed work on tired legs does build character! I did mine this morning after doing back-to-back 25 milers this weekend.

I agree on the veggies and eggs thing. Though I actually think cucumbers of the pickle variety may be tasty?

Have a great day!


I took dance classes for two years but wasn’t very good. Lol.
Best part of my day today will be hanging with my dog while I work from my couch on this drizzly day. Working from home has perks’


I prefer negative splits – if I push myself too hard at the beginning I totally hit a wall and struggle through the rest of the race!


I am new to running. What are negative splits?


I don’t think I’ve ever successfully ran negative splits. I’m working on them or at least trying to make my splits more consistent. I’m the queen of going out too hard and paying for it dearly later on.
Yes to dance classes! I used to be at the dance studio every night, either taking or teaching classes. Ballet was my absolute favorite. I need to find an adult dance class-I miss it!


Go to cereal these days – Kashi Honey Toasted O’s … HOWEVER … When I’m at Yogurtland, I prefer to cover my froyo with sugary cereal … Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Cocoa Puffs are my fav :)


My best races have all been negative splits, but maybe that’s because I ended on a high/fast note and that’s what I remember? Timing wise, they have all been my fastest races too. I took dance until 7th grade! I wish it paid off and made me a good dancer today…


No dance class for me…I was a gymnastics chick!
I try to run evenly throughout a race. And usually it works out fairly well for me. I am not a big cereal person either. I might have some if it is the only thing around but not by choice.


That popcorn picture is making me hungry! I always make popcorn in the stove, with real butter. Yum!

I can net split in training but have yet to achieve during a race. I’m usually just trying to hold on and save enough for the push at the end. I took tap, jazz, ballet, and baton when I was little. I only remember “step-ball-change” from tap and I can still twirl a baton :)


I took dance classes up until he high and my mom told me I had to pick between dance and running. Running.

I really love life cereal with raspberries in it lately. I’m all out of it right now though so it’s on the list for my Costco run.


I took dance until I was three. I quit because I told the teacher “I am tired of getting hot and then cold over and over again” haha. I guess I haven’t changed much :)


I loved dance class. I think I might make Hope do a mom and me one this summer (for selfish reasons)

I am a negative split girl, but probably more because my legs wake up at mile 5.

I am on a cereal hiatus, because I cannot have just one bowl.


我把水龙头和芭蕾当我小的时候!我不eat a lot of cereal but as a kid I loved life cereal and cocoa pebbles


If you haven’t had Special K Vanilla Almond, you haven’t lived. I actually had to give it up a couple of years ago because I would go through a box in two days and it just wasn’t very cost effective…or nutritious. But I love me some cereal.

I was a huge dancer when I was younger. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pointe, Modern, you name it I did it. I miss those days, but other obligations started getting in the way throughout high school and college so I had to take less classes. Plus, my teachers always told me running was bad for dancers because it hinders your flexibility. As a girl who used to be able to do the splits and now struggles to get even halfway down, I can say I don’t think they were very wrong.


I don’t think I’ve ever ran a negative split in a half marathon. That’s probably my biggest weakness: the last 2-3 miles of the half and I slow way down. It’s always a good confidence booster for me though when I run negative splits during training runs!

I used to dance for 6 years growing up! I think I was the most awkward kid on stage haha. I eventually chose soccer over dance.


I took dance for about 4 years (?) (I can’t remember how many years.) I always enjoyed it though and had a blast learning the different kinds of dance! It’s quite comical now looking back on the recordings of all my recitals.
For my races, I try to run negative splits. I’m not always successful, but I try ;)


Brooke is soo cute in her overalls!!! I took dance in highschool for a year and loved it!


Hi Janae! I just rediscovered your blog after following you daily a couple of years ago. I’m so inspired by how much time you invest into sharing your daily life. :-)

Totally agree about the eggs. I’ve been throwing so many things into my scrambles recently. Mushrooms, peppers and onions, broccoli. All so amazing.

My favorite cereal right now is… cinnamon life! I always forget about cereal, but sometimes I have a bowl for dessert.


I probably wouldn’t throw cauliflower in eggs but that could be because it’s not one of my favorites unless it’s roasted.

Popcorn on the stove top is the best.

I took dance classes until a few years ago. Tap/jazz in grade school, modern dance all through school and country line dancing, hip hop, cardio strip (no removing of clothes for me), belly dancing and salsa as an adult. I also tried African dance but that was a disaster for me.


Best part of today will be working out with my PT. I have a lot of appointments today. I hope I can go to my favorite breakfast place, Stacks in downtown campbell, CA.


Seeing Brooke look so cute in her overalls makes me hope and pray Felicity will still fit in hers. I loved seeing her snap last night. Her giggle was the cutest sound.

I just had eggs with sweet potatoes and asparagus for breakfast, so I will have to agree with your theory.

That graphic about splits was super interesting. Good luck on your speed workout today. I am sure you will crush it!


I always wanted dance lessons but they were too expensive for our family. But I did do dance team in jr high! Homemade popcorn is the best!!! So happy to hear about the splits! My legs feel heavy today too and I have speed work….I will be more positive about it since I know I won’t be the only one battling tired legs!


OMG moon walking! Now that brings back memories. I used to be able to do it. I have no idea if I still can. You’ve motivated me to try!


Cooked cucumbers on eggs are actually delicious! I’m so glad i randomly tried it one time. Now cooked cucumbers are one of my favorite! Just chop it up and throw it in the pan like any other veggie. Really very good!

I’m so bad at negative splits:/


Either oatmeal square cereal or multi grain cheerios. The best!


Awesome Moonwalk – you be the boss!!

Splits – I try to keep with negative splits as that’s what my coach always recommends and it naturally seems to work that way regardless. I try to not get too excited and go out fast at the start of a race but pace myself (save myself) for the better half :)

Don’t do much cereal but my go=to is mini wheats..


I LOVE the new updates to the blog!! It seems to really match your style :)


Interesting infograph on the negative splits.
It definitely seems like a higher percentage of elite runners manage to run negative splits than more average runners, but I didn’t realize how small of a percentage of even elite runners run negative splits. Just goes to show how difficult is is to do.
I know personally some of my best races have involved positive splits. It’s hard to know what is more effective.
Nice post.


I LOVE the horizontal striped leggings on the banner. Where did you get them?


I love your blog! I was wondering about the foot roller you mentioned. I have neuroma in my foot and have been to the podiatrist and done a series of different shots for it. If I go over usually 4 or 5 miles it really starts to bother me and lately I have been noticing it bothers me just in regular every day life (not just running). Do you know if this roller would help with neuroma? Thanks!


I think I have to agree with you that cucumbers + eggs is a no go, but I think cucumbers are technically fruit so to say every veggies goes with eggs is probably true.
Go to cereal is Oh’s. I used to eat it always when I was little, it’s harder to find now so if I go to a store that has it, I stock up.
I think negative splits for me is better. It helps me to hold back in the beginning and really pay attention to my pace while I warm up so I don’t fly and die. I think if I had positive splits I may by accident have a faster race, but I will also feel worse at the end.


your right that graphic was very interesting! my coach is always talking about negative splits but i really struggle with that. you know now that you mention it i have yet to put a veggie in eggs that i didnt like. cucumbers sound gross but i dont like cucumber anyway so that would never go in :)


I am LOVING the new layout!!


You’re dead on about the eggs. Eggs + Cucumber = no way..

My go-to cereal these days is Captain Crunch. 100% obsessed after years and years of cutting sugary cereals from my life..

Dance classes = no. I’m too uncoordinated anyway. I played sports but secretly wanted to dance..


I’m awful at negative splits!!! It’s something I’ve been wanting to focus on when I decide what my next race will be. It’s interesting though, the last race I did it would have actually been impossible to do negative splits, and I’m pretty sure no one in the entire field did them. That’s very course specific, and I was glad I went out fast, because the terrain was brutal after the first mile.
I danced from 3-15 years old. :) I have giant calf muscles to prove it. But dance was not good for my self-esteem. Ballet can be brutal.


On short races, I can often do negative splits, but not on the long races. That is my goal, but I get so excited to be racing I have trouble pacing myself the first few miles and always go out too fast. Lately I haven’t been running near as often as I should (been hitting the gym instead), so even though I PR’d at my last half, the last three miles were considerably slower than the first. I completely pooped out.


I have yet to master the ability to run negative splits. The only time I have been able to do so is when the course is more uphill to begin and downhill to end (then it just makes sense, right?). I also ran a negative split during a half marathon when I was pregnant, but I wasn’t worried as much about time. I would love to be able to negative split in my upcoming half marathon three weeks from now. We’ll see. It definitely requires talent!


爆米花看起来美味!她穿上什么it? I normally put dairy free butter, paprika, salt , garlic powder and cayenne pepper on mine and it’s delicious!


So there’s hope for the positively positive split people out there! I have been training to run negative splits but I always positive split in races… maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

Your moon walk ROCKED!


OMG your walking backwards video just had me laughing so hard i fell of my chair!!! AWESOME!!!! I saw the infographic as well! Tina had it on her blog and i can’t wait to share it! It is very informative!


I just ordered an R3 – I am recovering from a stress fracture, so I am super anxious to be running, and I keep buying running things haha. Love the moon walk!
Thanks so much for sharing about your eating disorder yesterday :)


Thanks for the negative split infographic.

Whenever I negative split I perform far better whether it’s 5, 10, 21 or 42km. Still, whilst the heart is willing the flesh is week

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