15 Pics from Our Day!

1. It was just the two of us (ehhh technically 3 of us;) yesterday so I did my normal ‘try to do something fun with the kids etc until I run out of energy at 4 pm and then we color/watch movies/eat until bedtime’ thing;)

2. Andrew left for the hospital really early. Once I finally gathered enough motivation, I jumped on the treadmill (picture taken a bit later… I forgot to take one in the first place). I hit 41 miles this past week for my running and I’m looking forward to a rest day today! This next week will probably be a bit lower mileage because I’m going on my annual girls trip… we mainly only run if it is to a donut shop and back;)

IMG 4567

3. Right after my run we went to the Farmer’s Market and purchased our first headbands for the baby:) Brooke is pretty proud of her new bracelet too!

IMG 4543

4. We each picked out a treat while we were there. This mango juice was heavenly. I’m just prepping for my glucose test in a few weeks with large amounts of sugar in a cup.

IMG 4546

5. After the Farmer’s Market, my mom joined us for a once a year activity…

IMG 4601

6. Yep, a pool in Utah has a puppy pool party each year right before they close the pool for the summer!

IMG 4577

7. I swear there were hundreds of dogs running around so my anxiety was high making sure we didn’t lose Beretta but both Brooke and the dog were in heaven.

IMG 4599

8. This dog could play fetch for hours without stopping.

IMG 4588

9. After multiple showers (all three of us ha) and enchilada leftover eating… This felt like complete heaven. Brooke watched Mulan for her first time ever so that was a big deal.

IMG 4610

10. We kept going with our coloring together theme…

IMG 4628

11. And then we finally left the house again (Brooke’s expression shows that she may have been experiencing cabin fever and this was her excitement about doing something ha) to go get the car washed…

IMG 4623

12. And to pick up this for me to eat in bed while I read once Brooke goes to sleep. Not sure how just one M&M got in there but it sure tasted good. This might be the first time I’ve had froyo in about 6 months! The old me used to have froyo 10 times a week… not anymore but it did sound good last night!

IMG 4631

13. When we got home we found that Beretta had somehow gotten this bowl from the counter to the ground (without breaking it?!?) and ate the tortilla chips that were in there. Brooke wasn’t too thrilled about it.

IMG 4627

14. She’s going to be a good big sister to a baby….

IMG 4521

15. Then Andrew came home and he was exhausted (nurses and others that do 12+ (he has a longer commute too) hour shifts.. you are amazing!) but we got to hang out for a bit before he does this again today!

IMG 4637


Have any Labor Day plans? I would love to hear what you are doing!

What are you having for your Sunday morning breakfast?

People with dogs… do your dogs love the water or not so much?

-If Beretta could live in the water and play fetch all day she would.

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Chocolate chip pancakes.


I should have come over for breakfast:)


Why don’t we live in the same city??


我吃燕麦广场之前the run again! I have to work on Labor Day, so I’m getting all the relaxing with the family in today and cooking ahead for the week. Slow cooker pork for nachos and rice bowls, pasta puttanesca, and tuna noodle casserole – all lightened up versions from Cooking Light, which is my cooking bible.


Omg that picture of Beretta! That is one happy dog and I can’t stop laughing at her goofy face. And a whole bowl of chips? She had a good day!
我们的狗,但我从来没有真正的水’m pretty sure Bailey would be scared. She’s kind of neurotic.
Cheerios with banana for breakfast-by far my favorite food during pregnancy.


Good morning! I’m not sure what our breakfast will be, maybe pancakes later in the day. My husband is doing his #runforTexas (8 miles) this morning (I ran mine yesterday) and I’m going to take my daughter hiking. So breakfast will be delayed.

My dogs have only been to the ocean and are ok in it- until a wave hits them and they are done!

We are hoping that the skies clear and it warms up tomorrow, because it will be our last day at the pool until next Memorial Day!


I finally got to pick my daughter up yesterday! She’s been working and camping in Washington for the past five weeks! We drove almost 800 miles yesterday but it was so worth it. So I had all 3 of my kiddos home for the first time since July. My son has been mostly away this summer fighting wildfires and leaves again today. It was so great to have them all at home even for one night. The rest of our weekend will be spent resting, getting ready for school to start for my girls and somewhere in there I have to get a long run done on the treadmill since it’s too smoky to run outside where we live in Oregon right now.
As far as breakfast, a donut sounds good. ;) That doggie pool party looks fun but I think it would make me a little nervous too! My dogs do love water. We have a kiddy pool in the backyard for them all summer. They mostly like to just stand in it or use it as an outdoor water bowl. ;)
Have a lovely weekend!


Oh I am so happy Christina that your daughter is home now and that everyone was together last night! I hope your long run on the tm was a great one and that you got your donut! I hope you have a wonderful week Christina!


Just wanted to say, that pic of Beretta (number 7) just absolutely captures the beauty and joy of a dog in a person’s life. I’m so missing having a dog.. I grew up with dogs my whole life in the South, and now I’m earning my PhD in New York City, so I can’t responsibly have a dog (room, stability [classes, conferences, meetings] etc. are kind of lacking), and I’m far from my parents, so I can’t see them often… I want one so bad :(. Thanks for sharing that pic; it’s not ‘flattering,’ I know, but, it’s everything.


I am SO SO bummed that you can’t have a dog right now… I hope that in the future things will work out so that you can. Growing up with dogs is the best! PS congrats on earning your PhD, that is incredible! Keep me updated on how you are doing! I hope you are having a beautiful day and thank you for your comment!


The look on Barretta’s face is awesome! Pure happiness :) I love doggie smiles!!!
Our dog Gizmo, a Jack Russell / dachshund, does not like water! He even hates when sprinklers come on while we’re walking through the neighborhood…hahaha. But our old dog Duke (a lab) loved water!
We’re looking forward to our neighborhood pool party on Labor Day, and just a good relaxing day :)
I’m waiting for the kiddos to wake up, then we’ll figure out breakfast. Probably waffles!

Happy restful Sunday :)


What I want to eat for breakfast is that froyo. That looks really good.


Fast Sunday=no breakfast. Enjoy that pregnancy perk for me, will ya?

Mulan is my favorite Disney princess. My kids are embarrassed when I walk around singing and acting out the songs. You’d think they would be used to my weirdness by now.

Long live fro yo.


I ate an extra pancake in your honor. I would like to see your Mulan impersonations please. Love you.


Happy long weekend!!
I was super busy setting up my new classroom allllll this week, then on Friday I drove all the way up to Canada to visit my baby niece:) nothing special for breakfast today- I am watching the baby while her mommy and daddy have a brunch date:) I am all about cereal with bananas or breakfast right now, and she’s all about oatmeal cereal.
Have a wonderful weekend:) that froyo looks amazing:)


Just curious, where did you get your black running top from in the first picture? I’m looking for some maternity running tops and that one looks perfect! Thanks – have a great long weekend!


Hey Meg! I got that top at Lululemon a few years ago! I love it because it is long and because of the high neckline. I’ll post about any maternity workout tops I find (so far I just use long, normal, stretchy ones) and if you find any great ones please let me know!


My dog, Brooks, absolutely LOVES the water. He would swim all day every day if we let him. Now I just want to come to Utah for the Puppy Paddle Pool Party. Brooks would love us for forever and ever and ever if we took him to that. I hope the rest of your weekend is equally as fun!


Janae… I got a job at a frozen yogurt place yesterday. I’m not sure if this is a dream come true or a terrible dangerous situation.


I think this is a dream come true Grant! Enjoy!!!!!


Beretta is such a cute pup!
I work 12 hour night shifts (and go to NP school on my days off). It’s nuts, but you definitely get used to it. Now, when I do an 8 hour clinical shift for school, it seems like a half day! I hope Andrew is enjoying nursing school. Does he know what he wants to do when he graduates?


You are amazing Stacey… wow! So Andrew is on a similar path to you! He will be getting his masters after he graduates which will take about a year and then NP school (while he works, just like you)! I am so happy that he has found what he loves doing so much because that will sure help him on the crazy busy days that you know really well:) I hope you are having an amazing Sunday Stacey and feeling well!


Such cute pictures! Everything looks so fun (and delicious)! Mulan is kind of the best ever. I’m super excited for the live action one that’s in the making.
Wanted pancakes, but I had banana oatmeal for breakfast–classic. (Read: I was running late.)
My dog has a love/hate relationship with water. He loves being at the ocean and will run up to the water, but then chicken out and run back. I think he’s scared of the waves.


I had a large chocolate Kodiak protein pancakes with mini dark chocolate chips and blueberries. I topped it with strawberries. I had tea to go along with it.

我们去了一个品酒,然后对他们的披萨terrace overlooking the vineyards (so pretty), and visited a nearby town that we used to go to.

Missy abhors the water and she barks at other dogs when they go in; she’s very opinionated. She once stepped into a lake by mistake, she froze and then slowly backed out.


Oh my gosh – the puppy pool party looks so fun ! We have 2 dogs, 1 loves the water, 1 hates it. When kids have water balloon fights, he will jump up and intercept the balloons. And when the sprinkler is out, he totally takes over. The kids are ok with it at first, but quickly come over to me saying “Spencer is hogging the water….he won’t let us play too”. lol We’ve even had cars pull over to watch because it’s so funny. When we water the lawn we have to shut the blinds in the house so he doesn’t see.


That puppy pool party sounds like heaven! How fun! Chris and I are in the San Francisco area for the week, so our Labor Day is probably going to be filled with a hike at a nearby mountain and relaxing outside by the pool. :)


We are relaxing this Labor Day! I plan to have of those “lay around” days — where I watch junk tv, rent movies, and read a suspenseful novel all day! Of course with a grill out for dinner.

Breakfast sammies are coming back this fall — they are a go to breakfast around here and are SO easy to prep in advance. I’ll whip up a bunch of eggs or egg whites and bake them on a sheet pan all at once, then cut them into perfect little squares. At the same time I’ll bake bacon or sausage patties — so hubby and choose how we wants his sammie. This week, I have home made biscuits or english muffins but we’ve also used those bagel thins — and omg they are SO GOOD!

Our lil Pekingese doesn’t like water. He doesn’t hate it, but doesn’t love it. He’ll even go out of his way to avoid jumping in puddles (it’s the cutest thing) on walks after it rains. He’s so crazy.


I work in the service industry so Labor day is a working day for me

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