Silentish Saturday!

First (and most importantly), HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing dad. I can’t wait to see him today and celebrate! He is the best.

Yesterday was cold.

IMG 0500

5 miles @ 8:38 average and smiles from Skye when I walked in the room after my run.

IMG 0481

Hand warmers saved my fingers!

IMG 0465

2nd workout of the day= an intense game of ‘keep the ballon from touching the ground’ with Brooke.

IMG 0525

Lunch… I topped a sweet potato with tortilla soup (minus the broth).

IMG 0513

Made a present for Knox.

IMG 0511

Left to get a bunch of errands done. I was so tempted to kickstart Skye’s running career with these.

IMG 0533

Took Brooke to a play place for a bit to let her run around while Skye napped in her carseat.

IMG 0547

These two could watch dog videos all day long.

IMG 0541

I left Andrew with the girls for a few hours!

IMG 0559

I was sent these next two photos while I was gone…

They sure are creative!

IMG 0566

I think Skye was mad I left.

IMG 0568

The girls took me out for my birthday!Candice, Megan D, Jess &Meg!

IMG 0574

My favorite burger from Black Sheep Cafe and their sweet potato fries are heaven!

IMG 0562

And then we went next door for Rockwell Ice Cream. I think my love for sprinkles comes from Brooke.

IMG 0565

They also brought me new treats to try!! They know me well!!!

IMG 0567

Brooke figured out if she just sleeps in her dog sleeping bag on her bed she still gets the comfort of the bed but gets to skip making her bed each morning, ha.

IMG 0463

Time for my long run (it feels good to say that:)!!


What are three things that you are doing today?

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Love the sleeping bag use!

3 things for me:
Long Run (12 miles)
Grocery Store (stocking up for the week)
Dinner out (to celebrate Valentine’s Day!)


GO TONYA on your long run! Enjoy your celebration tonight and eat some delicious food!


I just love your little family! Happy Birthday to your dad!
My three things: clean, laundry, clean :(


HEY MONICA!!! So good to hear from you:) Thank you and good luck on your cleaning day… you are giving me some motivation to clean haha!


We have some errands to run, a birthday party to go to, and I am going to sneak in a run somwhere.

Yesterday was SO cold! I think this whole next week is supposed to be colder but I might be wrong about that.


Sounds like a busy day Jenny! Hopefully your run is in the sunshine today and I’m crossing my fingers that the weather man is wrong!


I really look forward to your posts, however the amount of ads on the page are becoming a real.problem


Are you on mobile or a computer? I click on the posts usually through Twitter (I use the app Tweetbot in an iPhone) and I’m not getting that many ads. Usually one pops up at the bottom at the beginning that’s easy to close, and then maybe 1 or 2 during the post that I don’t even notice that much.


Barbara, I am so so sorry about this! I haven’t made any changes in a long time but I would love to know how you view the blog so I can look into it! On your phone? Desktop? Thanks and have a beautiful day!


Happy Birthday to your dad!! ?
I’m heading out for a 6 mile pace run with some hills! Then it will be getting stuff done around the house day.
Happy weekend!!


Thank you Wendy! That sounds like an AWESOME run! Way to go get those hills:) Enjoy your weekend too!


Happy Birthday to your dad! Haha I think Brooke may be onto something there:) Ooo those m&m’s look good, do they taste good?
Enjoy your long run, I’m going to head out for a long walk since the sun is finally shining after a super cold & rainy week!


Thank you so much Jasmine! Oh I hope your long walk felt amazing… enjoy that sunshine! The m&m’s are delicious! Not my favorite variety but I love trying all of the different ones:) I hope your Saturday is a great one!


Happy birthday to your dad!
Three things: 6 mile run, clean my car (snow and salt remnants have made it quite a mess!), and a trip to Trader Joe’s!
I hope your run goes well! I drafted my HM plan after the Hal Higdon Intermediate 2, which is more speed focused and less distance focused. It feels kind of weird that my long run is only 6 miles but I’m seeing how this plan works out!


Thank you so much Rhiannon! Sounds like an awesome day… now I want to go to Trader Joe’s asap! Thank you so much and I am excited to see how Hal Higdon Intermediate 2 plan works for you! Please keep me updated and I have a feeling you are going to rock your race. Enjoy your Saturday and let me know if you try anything new and delicious from TJ’s!


Omg those baby sneakers are so cute!!


1. Driving 8.5 hours to Muncie, Indiana with my husband to run the Viking Trail Half tomorrow!!!!! (It’s my 9th half but I have never done a trail event like this, and I’m freaking out so much that I will get lost forever on the trail.)

2. No bears are going to eat me right?

3.玩“我可以开车多久没有每天g to stop and pee yet drinking water since I’m running tomorrow” game.


AHHHHH GOOD LUCK JESS!! I am so excited for you guys. Please let me know how it goes! You are going to fall in love with trail halves I have a feeling:) Avoid those bears hahaha and good luck with the game… I always fail and have to stop a million times each road trip!


I am a long time reader, love your blog but have never commented before. I thought your family might enjoy a video of our beloved chocolate lab, Goose, ‘singing’. He has since passed away so this video has become even more special to us.

I was just a few weeks into learning to play guitar when Goose decided to join me. He was always a pretty quiet dog until he found his voice through singing at 11 years old. Neither of us hit many correct notes so it is a bit painful but we also find it hilarious. Hope you enjoy!


Oh Rachel! I am so so sorry about the loss of your dog! This breaks my heart! I loved the video and watched it with brooke! Goose was such a good singer!


Three things I’m doing today. One getting some things taken care of for my Dads celebration of life that is next week, getting my haircut and picking up two puppies tonight that we are fostering.


You are fostering TWO PUPPIES … that is awesome Courtney! Wow! Enjoy your haircut and I hope you get everything done that you need.


Happy Birthday to HRG Dad! Such a great photo of you two!


哦非常感谢米歇尔!他读的参考ts so he will love this:) I hope you have a fabulous Saturday!


Brooke is a smart girl!

5 miles @ 5 with my hunny
Driving out of town to see our Grandma
Putting my house back together after it gets painted today!


HAVE FUN!!! OH a freshly painted house… that is awesome! Thanks Marissa and enjoy that time with your grandma!


Happy birthday to your Dad! I hope it’s an awesome day for him. I am bringing Valentine treats to my mom and step-dad today ( a little late, but that’s ok), doing laundry and maybe a little shopping later.


That sounds perfect Kimberly… I’m a big fan of spreading out holidays for the entire week so you aren’t late at all:) Enjoy!


Three things I’m doing:

1. Homework.
2. Memorize lines for rehearsal. (acting major)
3.Run outdoors




Wish you could come see my show, Janae! It’d be a nice way to reward yourself post-run :)


Last night was per.fect.ion. thanks for being born and for being such and amazing friend and person who I look up to so much!


Thank you and happy almost anniversary to us!


I need to know how those M&Ms are!!!???? I love their special edition flavors, especially candy corn and the Christmas ones!


Happy birthday to your dad! What dress are you wearing in that picture? It and you are gorgeous!

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