Lucky shoes, Leppy & Friday favorites!

A rainy 40 minute easy run (4.78 miles) for me yesterday morning. I managed to step in a huge puddle about 5 minutes into my run so that was fun to run with soaking wet shoes;)

PS when I run in the rain, I put my phone in a ziplock!

IMG 3078

After getting the kids to school I hit up my mat for some stretching andglute workwhile Skye hung out next to me.

IMG 3099

After school Brooke and Knox had a friend over and they were all running around the house like crazy. I found Beretta curled up and hiding in my closet so that she could get in a nap while they were running around… She’s quite smart and I need to learn a few things from her.

IMG 3104

I got a little crazy with my normal sweet potato combination and added some cooked spinach and yellow peppers to the mix. Also, I’m out of bbq sauce so that was hard on me but the salsa tasted almost as good with the mix.

IMG 3111

Naps were not a part of Skye’s vocabulary yesterday so there was a lot of walking around the house and holding her while she was fussy.

But then she did take a short nap and woke up feeling much better!

IMG 3112

Fast forward many hours later and Leppy the Leprechaun came to our house. Leppy is the name the kids came up with for the leprechaun. We are going to be gone this weekend so this was a time we could celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all together.

LRG DSC03353


LRG DSC03355

And this was the first year that green milk wasn’t spilled all over the kitchen. I’m sure next year that will change with Skye;)

LRG DSC03360

I had a classy dinner. Pancakes and I got the stuff out for eggs and spinach but they never ended up being made and I snacked the rest of the night instead because that was easier.

IMG 3128

Again, she fought sleep so hard but sleep finally won.

IMG 3133

Andrew did great on his test yesterday and now he is ready for a weekend of baseball!

PS Skye is way more into celebrating Easter vs St. Patrick’s Day:

IMG 3135

I’m hoping I get some good luck on my run today…

IMG 3110


I’ve got a few Friday Favorites to share with you today!

*I have three pairs of running shorts right now that I currently rotate through… They’ve been a favorite for me for years but especially now because every other pair of shorts chafes the heck out of me. Butthese Roga’snever chafe me so I’ll just continue wearing them daily.

*We watchedLong Shoton Netflix the other night and it was SO good. It is only 40 minutes long but it is a documentary about a murder case and it is crazy interesting!

*我有一个14米莱尔本月我的日程安排。那is the longest I have gone in over a year (that I can remember)… I AM SO EXCITED!

Screen Shot 2018 03 14 at 7 15 36 PM

*I came home from my run the other morning greeted by Skye like this:

IMG 2986

*I just listened toAli’s podcast with DES LINDENand it was great. I’m a huge fan of both Ali and Des… listen to it on your long run this weekend!

*I finishedLittle Fires Everywhereand it was SOOOO GOOD. I now moved ontothis bookafter Andrew finished reading it and so far I am loving it too!

IMG 3101

*Getting my body used to taking gels again during a run so I’ll be usingthesefor my long run this week…. it’s one of my favorites!

*Our kids already have what they want to be for Halloween picked out. I love their love for holidays!

*Within the next 32 hours I will be eating a Bosa Donut. My brother and sister-in-law say they are the best donuts in Arizona and I can’t wait to go there again. A beautiful apple fritter from Bosa a few years ago:

IMG 8799

*Ashleyposted this and I sure love it:)

IMG 3103


If you want me to feature your amazingness, send in your accomplishments to[email protected]

GRACE!!! “Yesterday I achieved a 15 minute half marathon PR at the Rock N’ Roll DC Half Marathon with a time of 1:40:06!!! I was in my third year of medical school while training this winter and was honestly just going for 1:45 and wasn’t even sure I would make that. As soon as I stepped on that course I knew things were different and it was going to be an amazing day. My first mile was 7:35 and I initially thought to myself “oh crap that was way too fast.” However I figured what do I have to lose at this point? So I kept flying along and somehow managed to keep that pace the entire race. It felt absolutely amazing. Of course I woke up this morning and immediately registered for our local 10 miler next weekend. Have to ride that high!!!”

IMG 0789


Have any fun plans for this weekend?

Have any Friday Favorites? I would love to hear them!

Is anyone doing a St. Patrick’s Day race? Who has a long run this weekend?

Random question of the day—> What is something you are naturally talented at?

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We had pancakes last night too.

I should think of something fun to do for St. Patrick’s Day. Its not one I usually think much about but I also try to make it fun for the kids. Last year we built a leprechaun trap, we will see what happens this year.


Hope y’all have a blast at spring training!! One of these days I’m going to go to a Rangers spring training game! I have a flag football game tomorrow and plan on getting some MAJOR REST this weekend. I’m exhausted.

This isn’t a huge skill I can use in a ton of areas of my life, but I’m naturally talented at hula hooping. I once hula hooped for 8 hours, 3 minutes, and 12 seconds (on 8/12/03) for no real reason other than it sounded like a fun idea. It was kind of fun because I did it at a public place with a bunch of my friends gathered around. But, like I said, I don’t use that talent too often—ha!


Love that leprechaun game! Seriously so fun with little ones.
I have a Mary Kay party this weekend and my parents will be in town :)
Friday faves are on the blog today!
Thinking about doing 7-10 miles this weekend, I ran 9 last weekend and felt great, so we’ll see!
I’m pretty naturally talented at organization!


Just had to saw WOW to Grace on her PR! I really don’t understand how people run that fast! :)
Also, love her shirt. GO UVA – my dad’s alma mater!


Have a blast this weekend! It sounds like a great birthday trip! :) Safe travels and PLEASE have an extra apple fritter for me! Go Angels!

Nothing big for us this weekend except that my sweet husband brought us Boudin’s bread bowls and chowder from his business trip to San Francisco. So that’s our Friday night dinner plans—YAY!

Natural talents? Writing and using words/teaching in analogies, probably. And my overdrive need to control things has actually made me a pretty decent editor for other writers, I’ve recently learned. So there you go kids, you can discover new talents and abilities even in your 40’s! ?

Have a great weekend, Janae! And may the four leaf clovers and rainbow endings go with you on your 14 miler—best of luck!


Okay, I am jealous of your dinner tonight… the best. I will definitely eat an apple fritter for you though! How in the world do you read my blog haha… you should be my editor:) You are amazing. Thank you so much! Have an amazing weekend Michelle!


Oh, you have a super cute family, congrats! Early spring is exactly the right moment to push your limits though :P I’m also training for a half marathon with SportMemarathon trainerwhich calculates all the run details, including elevation and calories burned.


祝我的小无事忙的人好运和她26.2码Leprechaun Dash tomorrow in VA Beach, VA! I’ll follow it on Sunday with the Anthem/Shamrock Half Marathon! I’ll send in my running accomplishments afterwards. – St. Patrick’s Day festivities are always a favorite!
Love the green milk and Lucky Charms combo. I should’ve thought of that!
Happy Friday, Janae!


AHHHH GOOD LUCK!!! Let me know how they do and good luck on your half marathon, I can’t wait to read all about it Kelly! Thanks:)


I do have a 15K race tomorrow, which isn’t really St. Patrick’s day themed, but they did make the race shirts green this year! Those are fun traditions for Leppy. We did the green milk thing here one year, but no one wanted to drink it!!
I had to giggle at the size of your bag for rain protection. You will certainly be covered :)


Aaawww Leppy the Leprechaun! So cute and fun :) I miss those silly traditions. My boys are both teenagers, so it’s been a while since we’ve done much for St. Patrick’s Day.
Have a great trip to AZ! And GO ANGELS!!!
Sunday is the LA Marathon!! I’m feeling excited and ready! Plus, it looks like the weather will be perfect! Here’s hoping all goes well and I get that BQ this year :)
Have a great weekend!


I’ve seen Long Shot! It’s fascinating. I remember hearing about that case at the time.


I could not believe it!?! So crazy!


Friday Favorite: I just ate a green Krispy Kreme donut. Did not look very delicious but it still tasted awfully good.

I am doing a St. Patricks Day 5K on sunday. Its a super flat course and the weather looks decent so I am hoping I might be able to break my 25 minute goal!

I am naturally flexible. Even as I have gotten older I can still do the splits. My 3 year old thinks that is amazing.


I’ve been reading Hanson’s marathon method and I’m really intrigued by their philosophy of not running longer than 16 miles. Have you read it? What are your thoughts??


Hey Marilee!! Such a great book and I have followed their plans for a half marathon and I really enjoyed it. For me personally, I need a 20 or 22 miler in my training for a marathon just to gain a little bit of confidence mentally. I know that it works really well for MANY people to go no longer than 16 miles but I like to be on my feet a little longer all in one run leading up to the marathon. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you try it and what you think! Have a fabulous weekend!


I’ve used Hanson’s, going only up to a 16 mile long run, and had no problem finishing my marathon strong! It worked great for me! :)


I have You Are a Badass on hold at my library. I’ve heard lots of good things about it, so I’m hoping I get it soon!


Skye’s chunky cheeks are the best!!

I really want to go and see I Can Only Imagine this weekend, but I am kind of in a weird spot because our pup came down with parvo and I don’t want to make any plans because I’m praying that he’ll be home this weekend and I’ll need to pretty much care for him around the clock.

I’m hoping to squeeze a longish run in on Sunday, but again not making any solid plans yet ;)

I need to pick up some Lucky Charms for my kiddos :)

I am a naturally organized person.


Oh my gosh, that smile really lights up my heart! She is beautiful just like you. I’m on the bus as I read your post and couldn’t help but smile too. :’)


My long run this Sunday is the Los Angeles marathon!!!! I’m excited but nervous as I was sick last week (better now) but then I got a weird feeling in my foot. So first time I’ve literally “rested” the whole week before a race. My goal is to start and finish, my A goal and B goals are out the window. Nevertheless, I’m excited!

Love the green milk idea!


Christina!!! Good luck this weekend, I am so so excited for you! Please let me know how it goes! Cheering you on from Utah!




LOVE the St. Patty’s Day celebrations!! Such a good parent, teaching them to appreciate the good stuff, young!!

Thanks for posting about the Desi pod! Super looking forward to it; she’s in the City now for the NYC Half!!

Good luck on your 14-miler!! Get after it >:D! Don’t focus too much on the time; I’m sure it’ll come naturally :). Give yourself space! Those distances are always roller coasters!

Also omg I used the Nike NRC app to get the total distance/time for my run today, and while I love Nike, I was super surprised by the app.. It was TOTALLY off in its mile reports on the average speed and etc; it didn’t even make sense! Even a seconds’ worth of thought would be enough for anyone to realize the “average split” is totally off! Anyway, doing slower LRs and runs in general than my usual training (focusing on work), and your posts have been teaching me that it’s okay. So thanks :). If you’ve seen my past training (I emailed you! Subject line has “R Kay” in it..), you’ll know I stuck to 7:30-7:37 averages; that’s only since starting marathon training “seriously,” and now that I’m not..I’m getting back to the running for running mindset. Thanks for sharing all your runs; your post-HAVING-A-BABY and focusing on yourself and not stressing has been helpful for me and I’m sure everyone else :). Thanks girl.

Get after it!! :p

Best wishes, and happy St. Patty’s Day!
R Kay


I love the Rogas and Mac Rogas! I have multiple pairs and they are my go-to shorts even when I am not running. The Rogas do chafe me when running, but the Mac Rogas never do. I usually wear the Rogas when I’m out and about in the summer because I like that they are a little longer. Super comfy stuff! I would love them in every color!


I LOVE your St. Patrick’s Day traditions!!!! I’m super impressed that even with an infant, you still pulled everything together. Those are the things your kiddos will remember forever though!!!

I love the adjectives for girls. A long time ago, I remember reading something about not always commenting to your daughters about how pretty/cute they are, but to also be sure to emphasize how SMART, CREATIVE, ETC. they are. I’ve always remembered that and have tried to do that with my 2 daughters. I think as a culture/country, looks often ARE emphasized more than brains or creativity/spirit.
Enjoy that 14 miler!!!! :)


I am running a 5K on Sunday morning as part of the Georgia Marathon festivities! It’s my 5K for the month of March and I am really excited.
I just bought myself a pair of knee-length oiselle shorts, and I am excited to see how they help me run in the warmer Atlanta months that are coming up. I have hips–which means I have SERIOUS inner thighs–which means short-shorts (and loose shorts…) will ride up. I also ahve a lot of body image issues and really have a big frustration with my legs in particular. But since I feel A-OK running in tight-to-my-skin running capris, I figured knee length shorts wouldn’t be that much different.


I just finished Little Fires Everywhere and read the Badass book at Christmas! Both excellent reads…the Badass book translates well into running/work and self esteem issues that I have struggled with my entire adult life. Thanks for sharing, Maureen


I just finished a 9-miler this morning and I feel great! Apparently I don’t focus on recovery very well, because my piriformis is acting up and making my leg tingly throughout the day. I have 3 weeks till my first half marathon, so I gotta get to work!


那photo of Skye peeking into the door is hilarious and adorable!

I’m naturally talented at picking things up with my toes. Seriously, I can grab almost anything (maybe not a medicine ball!) Weird, but it comes in handy!


i loved you are a badass! lots of good tools to help shift my mindset. hope you enjoyed it too.

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