Running When Sick? + Unpopular Opinion

I have a new Friend to Friend post today. My friend Tammie shares her story of loss, grief and hopelol滚球 雷竞技 . Please check it out and share your love with her:)


Another workout deposited into the bank!

It started nice and early with a few of the girls and I really did my best to not look at my watch at all during the workout. I officially have a head cold and I knew that when my 3 mile intervals were slower than my half-marathon pace I would feel defeated so I based the entire workout off of effort rather than speed.

How do I judge whether or not I should run if I am sick? I REALLY listen to my body. The week before my ultra I was so sick I couldn’t do anything besides sit on the couch = obviously, not going to run. With strep throat during last year’s marathon training cycle = I had ZERO desire to run so I didn’t and quit a run a few miles in before I knew I had strep throat. With whatever I have right now, I am still carrying on with normal every day tasks so while I know my cold is effecting my pace and fatigue, it’s not that bad. If I felt like running was going to take me down more with this cold then I wouldn’t run but as of right now, it’s more just about adjusting my expectations for paces.

IMG 4407

Maddiewas a great example of showing how we started off each three mile interval at the mile markers. Every trail needs to have mile markers like these.

IMG 4400 2

我们做了大约2.6英里热身,然后开始了ed! The first 3 mile interval was uphill and I averaged 6:35 for that set. My breathing was heavy and I really haven’t done much uphill tempo work this training cycle so this was really good for me. It was pitch black so I had my headlamp and while it was warmer than normal I kept reminding myself how much better it felt outside vs running in Cayman’s humidity.

We stopped and used the restrooms, took a gu (turns out I do not like this flavor but I got some for free at a race ha) and grabbed some water and then started our next one.

IMG 4402

6:08 average for the downhill 3 miles. We then jogged for about a mile and started our 3rd set. These were mostly flat (a little down in the very beginning and a little up in the last mile) and I averaged a 6:18 for that 3rd set (starting with a 6:03 and ending with a 6:30;). That last mile was really rough mentally and physically I just felt done.

Average of all 9 miles = 6:20

Last year I did a similar workout (all flat though) and averaged 6:38 without a cold so I’m calling this progress!

We cooled down for a total of 15.1 miles for the day @ 7:13 average.

These shorts that I talked about inthis postare my official marathon shorts now. They maybe moved a total of a half an inch the entire workout and I stuffed so many things in those pockets without even noticing anything in them. I had my car key, two gels and myhead lamp(after the first set) all in the two pockets and I definitely didn’t even notice anything.

IMG 4413

I’m thankful for friends that will do workouts crazy early so I can get back in time for school. I did another mile with Brooke @ 9:40 (not counting the walking breaks) and I’m counting every single mile this week:)

IMG 4417

I got home and then Andrew was ready to go out for his run. Skye thought that she was supposed to go too.

IMG 4421

Steak, potatoes, peaches and carrots with dip for lunch. I needed a meal with a lot of goodness after that workout.

IMG 4426

All of the soccer games/errands/homework/kids. Days like yesterday = I fall asleep the second I hit the pillow.

IMG 4434

IMG 4431

And I bet you can guess my excitement about my NIECE’S 1ST CROSS-COUNTRY MEET. I was on cloud 9.

IMG 4454

Have a happy Wednesday. Off for a challenge run on the trails today.

IMG 4303


Just another reminder about the newlol滚球 雷竞技 !


Andrew calls this an unpopular opinion… I think that all Captain Crunch cereal is terrible and they hurt the roof of my mouth. He loves it and says I’m the only person that feels this way;). Have any unpopular opinions you can share with me today?

IMG 4425

How do you determine whether or not to run while sick?

Have any shorts that you love with a lot of pockets? Races = we carry all of the things!

Tell me about your run today!

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Girl – I am 100% with you on the Captain Crunch cereal. If you’re gonna eat peanut buttery cereal, get the Reeses Puffs!

Easy-ish 10K today for my run. I went hiking in Montana over Labor Day (31 miles in 2 days with some serious elevation gain) and my legs are still shredded. Not sure how my long run is gonna go this week!


YESSS Reeses Puffs all the way! 31 miles of hiking with all of that UP… way to go girl! I bet it was gorgeous. Hope you are having a beautiful day so far!


Unpopular Opinion: pumpkin spice everything is just yucky. Dying to try those shorts!!!!


Yes! The only place I like pumpkin spice is in a baked good – pumpkin pie or bread or muffins. Leave my coffee out of it!


I hope you love the shorts too Jennifer. The pockets are so awesome. Just send any pumpkin spice items over to me:) . I hope you get some good pumpkin pie soon Tara!

Have a beautiful day you guys!


如果I have a fever or think that running will make me feel worse, I’ll skip it.
I have a pair of shorts that aren’t for running, but they are very comfy and have tons of pockets. I wear them on the weekends when I am hanging out with my son outside. I can load the pockets with my phone, keys, his snacks, tissues, etc, and they don’t fall down. Unfortunately, I just saw that Walmart discontinued them!
My run this morning was an easy 4 miles, the last of which was fairly speedy to get home before it thunderstormed :)
I need to let Captain Crunch settle a bit in the milk before I can eat it. I agree — it’s like eating rocks!
Unpopular opinion — I respect Billie Eilish for being so young and successful, but I CANNOT STAND her music. It makes me feel so old to say this, but I just can’t listen to that. haha


Pockets are the best and BOOO to the discontinuation of them. If you find another pair let me know so I can grab some too. I just had to google how old Billie Eilish is…. SEVENTEEN!? I had no idea she was so young!

Hope your day is a beautiful one and tell your little guy hello from Skye:)


thank you so much for the Senita shorts recommendation, i now own four pairs. they fit like a glove and barely budge, i’m obsessed! ?


THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! They are the best and the price is fabulous + I love supporting this woman owned company:) . Hope your day has been great so far Elizabeth!


Totally with you on the Captain Crunch, it shreds my mouth to bits. So do some chips and pretzels, though.

My 100% unpopular opinion: I hate dogs and think they shouldn’t be pets. We are always getting barked at and chased by dogs when we go for walks or runs around here, and it’s the worst. I wish dogs had never been domesticated. Now everybody reading these comments will hate me! :D


I don’t hate you for your opinion, but it does make me sad that folks who let their dogs loose to chase and bark have given you such a bad impression of all dogs in general. :(


But chips and pretzels are worth the mouth shredding. I agree with Jen, that is SO hard that people in your area are letting their dogs run wild barking/chasing. NOBODY will hate you! This is what makes the world interesting, we all have different opinions and perspectives and stories! I hope your day is a fabulous Karen and I hope you are never chased down by a dog again!


I’m going to agree with BOTH you and Andrew on the Cap’n Crunch–it hurts my mouth, but it’s worth it sometimes. Yummy :)
My unpopular opinion: I don’t like tzatziki sauce that you get on gyros because it’s way too garlicky. My family says it’s the best part, but for me that would be the meat, not the sauce.
Sometimes I feel like running helps keep a head cold from getting too congested. Usually my “sick” rule is: above the neck and no fever=good to go; throat/chest or fever=rest. Hope you’re on the mend soon!


I will gladly take your tzatziki sauce… the more garlic in my life the better haha. That is so true! I’ve never thought about that. Running really does help my colds out a bit too. Have the best day Corey and I hope you get some Cap’n Crunch (and luck out with it not hurting your mouth) soon!


我爱队长危机但它对你不好所以我rarely eat it. I prefer the one with crunch berries. I never run in shorts, only capris in the summer. I just can’t handle any kind of inner thigh chaffing…but I am curious about these shorts you recommend. I might have to try them. Ran 4 miles this morning with some 400s thrown in to try to start building up my speed again. I have been bad about workouts this summer but felt an urge to get my legs moving this morning. As for running when sick I have definitely done it when I probably should not have. I feel like a run helps get things loosened up when I have a head cold but if its in my chest I have learned to find alternative workouts that won’t hurt my lungs.


Hey Corrinne! Let me know if you try the shorts… they offer a bunch of different lengths too! WAY to go on your run… 400s are tough but so great to get things going again with the speed. Good point… when it’s in the lungs, no thanks! Enjoy your day!


Totally agree with you about Captain Crunch cereals Janae. Not worth the sore mouth! I’d rather have oatmeal with almond milk and blueberries and a bit of almond extract- yum!


Captain crunch isn’t bad for you! Hate that mind set. All foods are good in moderation imho. Captain crunch is a great running recovery food or even a pre run fuel paired with some eggs or cheese.

No foods are bad. I’m working hard to teach my kids that from a young age and I hope they keep that mentality for life!


I wasn’t meaning that it was fattening, I meant it’s bad for your teeth. I am totally down with eating it in moderation. My teeth just feel awfully fuzzy after a bowl.


我很高兴你推荐Senita shorts-I bought three pairs and I’m obsessed with them!!! Always the first ones I reach for now—I love that they stay put but they don’t feel like they are cutting off my circulation!

I just did four miles today (rehabbing an ankle I sprained a couple weeks back running unfamiliar trails) and I was thinking when I got back to my house that I might run a few more but then I noticed that my house was dark—everyone slept through the seminary alarms, so I ended up hopping in my car and driving kids to the church! (I’m sure they all enjoyed that quality time with their sweaty mother…)

I will skip a run only if I’m actively vomiting too much to stand up (yes I’ve stopped to throw up on the side of the trail, thank you morning sickness) or if I have a fever over 101. Otherwise I pretty much always feel better running through being sick—I just pull back a little on speed/mileage.


YESS oh this makes me so happy! They are great shorts and the I’ve had shorts before that did that ‘cut the circulation off’ thing! Hahaha I’m sure they loved it this morning… early morning seminary must be so hard! Oh you just gave me flashbacks to morning sickness running. I hope your day is a fabulous one Rachael!


Love Cap’N Crunch!

Unpopular opinion: I think Friends is a terrible TV show.


Andrew fully agrees with you on both the Cap’N Crunch and Friends! Hope you are having a great day Amanda!


如果我生病,我听我的身体但是我的一般原则e is above the neck (stuffy nose) = run, if it’s below the neck (coughing) = don’t run.

Speaking of listening to my body, I’m taking today off running because I’ve been noticing some irritation in my right foot on my arch and recently my heel. I’m soooooo paranoid about PF (even though I’ve never had it, I’m just terrified of it) that I’m taking the day to stretch my calves a lot and ice.

And I’m going to have to look into those shorts because I need a good race short. While I love the Session short from Tracksmith, they sometimes chafe and the same goes for the Oiselle Rogas (even though I know both are super popular shorts for runners!) Plus I just need a new running outfit that makes me feel fast ;)

Have a great day and I hope you have a speedy recovery!


Captain Crunch is delicious! Sorry! My unpopular opinion is I really don’t like going to Target. Like it stresses me out big time to go there. I might be the only woman on the planet who feels this way. I typically don’t run if I’m sick and it’s in my chest. If my lungs aren’t top notch, I figure they’re pretty essential so I should let them rest.


如果I have a fever or if my throat feels gunky I won’t run. With me the gunky throat usually means something worse could be coming up and I stick to indoor workouts. Worse = sore throat (which I hate) and possible sinus issues.

I used to like Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries long ago, but now I stick with Puffins – basically the same thing but better ingredients and WAY less sugar.

Still no running for me- I am thinking I may have more of a piraformis nerve impingement injury than an actual hamstring issue. It is actually quite difficult for me to tell the difference. I did try to run the 5K I had signed up for on 8/24. I made it about 2 miles until the hamstring tightened up on me. I am going to a doctor Monday unless it feels better when I test it out this week. You can tell HRG mom I’m still working on my jump rope skills though, still have a ways to go ;)

And Brooke – way to go on that 9:40 mile, quite impressive!

Also – in that picture I am pretty sure Beretta looks ready to run too!


I absolutely love PB Cap’n Crunch, but 100% agree on the fact that it tears up my mouth. I would eat Reese’s PB Cereal as i feel like that is not as harsh on the mouth, but I am not a fan of chocolate cereals. You can’t beat the PB flavor in the Cap’n Crunch though.

I normally run unless I have a cough. I think running with just the head cold is awesome, as something about running makes my nose run. So if I have a stuffy nose, a run normally helps me loosen it up!

My unpopular opinion as we head in to fall is that I hate pumpkin everything (except the smell of the bath and body candles!)


Try the new peanut butter Corn Pops…. they’re AMAZING! Also, Pb Chex!,,


I’m a fan of Cap’n Crunch! Not necessarily an unpopular opinion, but I dread Fall. I love the idea of Fall (cooler temps, crisp air, crunchy leaves) but that doesn’t happen in So Cal. We usually have warm temps, Santa Ana winds and fires. I’d like to fast forward to Thanksgiving!

I don’t have a firm deciding factor to run or not if I’m sick. It just depends on the day and usually how I slept the night before. When I’m sick sleep is what my body needs more than anything.

I ran 5 miles today. Continuing to build endurance, no speed yet. It feels good to get home and not be limping.


I’m currently battling strep throat and the thought of running is a no go right now. Swallowing hurts! I agree with the listening to your body. Everyone is different. I’m on day two of antibiotics and severely sleep deprived (my 3 children all caught it too).

I loved captain crunch as a kid but I do agree it is a harsh cereal on the gums and roof of the mouth lol! Now you got me craving a bowl :).


GILLIAN… YOU AND YOUR THREE KIDS HAVE STREP THROAT. That stuff is brutal. I hope you are all able to get in some sleep and major recovery soon. Do not eat captain crunch now with your sore throat… I’m warning you;) .


I love the Senita Elevate shorts because they have built in spandex that have a pocket on each leg, but the the short part on the outside has some zipper pockets too! Also, I don’t remember the name of the tank I have from them, but it also has pockets on the sides which is awesome for races. But as I’m typing this I remember you have your racing singlet you need to wear, so that likely wouldn’t be an option for you!



love Skye in that outfit your kids are always dressed so cute! Re: captain crunch, you’re both 100% right. Captain crunch is good but also it destroys your mouth. hahah its a delicate balance ;)


Is it okay to reply to a bunch of your posts in one place?! ?

My favorite Taylor song at the moment is “Soon You’ll Get Better”.. is it possible to listen to this song without personally relating on some level and tearing up?

Good job on the training! You got this!

Sometimes I can’t believe you are the same girl I started reading so so many years ago! Seriously. Please keep on keeping it real.

So many more things to say but I’ll wrap it op by saying I totally agree with you about captain crunch ? give me Cheerios any day and I’m happy. Sometimes a giant spoonful of peanut butter is necessary too!

Target ? shopping tip: Target has some super cute FRIENDS T-shirt’s in stock! Check out the junior section or look up central perk T-shirt in Targets website! Had to share!

Okay you have a great day friend and take care of that cold!!!


Unpopular opinion: I really don’t like This is Us or A Million Little Things and while I am at it Seinfeld!! I tried to get into This is Us but I felt like no ones life is that bad and I just could not get over some big inaccuracies on the 2 shows. But really, I am a happy person and those shows just made me mad and irritated!!! Seinfeld just annoys me.
I did however like Parenthood


As long you loved Parenthood… we can still be friends;)


Cap’n Crunch: Never liked it, never will.

My oldest DD (knocking on the door of 16) is built just like me, and I have advice for you Brooke gets older: never let her wear your favorite running gear! DD has permanently borrowed my favorite sports bra … and one day when she was desperate to find running shorts bc she couldn’t find hers and was going to be late … (you see where this is going don’t you?) I told DD that she could wear my favorite shorts but that they are MINE MINE MINE. Since then I think she has stashed those shorts somewhere in her room bc the only time I see them is on her body. She gets the stink eye from me every time I see them, lol.


I WILL REMEMBER THIS! Ahhhh your shorts!!


I have a lot of unpopular opinions. For one, I hate bacon. Also, despite my teacher’s efforts, I have never been able to get into classical literature, except To Kill A Mockingbird, which I LOVE.

That is so cool about your nieces cross country meet! What time did she get? Is she in middle school or high school? My mom ran XC all four years of high school and her first meet was literally her fastest, LOL.

And Brooke running is too cute… I love hearing about moms and daughters who run together.

My run today was 5.3 miles easy after a hard workout on Monday and a 10k pace run on Tuesday. Also, I’m the girl who asked about mile repeats for a half last week, and I just realized I forgot to tell you how that turned out! I went out WAY too fast and finished in 6:39, which I guess is my PR, but I’m sure I could get it down to 6:30 since I wasn’t running all out the whole time. Considering this is my current level of fitness, what pace would you recommend for mile repeats? Sorry to keep asking you questions. I just have a lot of them, and no coach to answer them at the moment…


同时,我的规则运行时生病的很简单。如果I want to run, I run. If I want to watch TV or lay in bed all day, I watch TV or lay in bed all day. This is also my rule for running while on vacation. It’s definitely not something that gets you very far as an athlete, but it’s good for special occasions, and it always reminds me that running is supposed to be fun. Too often, we get caught up in distance or pace, which are definitely important, but it’s more important to enjoy the process.


They hurt my mouth too! So weird! I love the pb Cheerios, though! :)


YES to Captain Crunch making the roof of your mouth feel weird!!! And pears — they taste great, but they make my teeth itch. ?


Have you noticed you get sick more often when your mileage increases? It seems like if I run over 12-13 miles at a time body starts to feel like a cold is coming on the next day or so.

Unpopular opinion: I’m not a fan of the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks

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