Tangents + A Guaranteed Way to Run Faster!

I have a new Beck update—>dota2雷竞技


这是其中一个运行在你前layer off and put it back on about 20 times throughout the run. Spring weather just keeps you guessing the whole time but it was warm enough in my garage later to do some strength. I got a new app (Openfit) and have been using that for strength because I just cannot do it on my own. I NEED somebody telling me what to do, how to do it and to cheer for me even if they can’t see me and have no idea if I’m actually working hard or laying on the ground.

IMG 0078

Nine miles with Emilee @ 8:01 average pace. She is running the Utah Valley Marathon in June and I cannot wait to see how she does. Her workouts have been incredible! PS if any of you are wanting to do the Utah Valley Marathon, 1/2 or 10k my code HRG15OFF will get you 15% off!

That sun felt so so good on my face.

IMG 0022

The girls had their dentist appointment yesterday. They see the same pediatric dentist that my sister’s kids do and my nephew that is now 18 still insists that he goes to him instead of an adult dentist because he is that good. He is so nice to the kids and the whole place is filled with prizes, video games, music etc… it’s like a big party in there (except for the X-ray chair).

IMG 0023

After school we had some intense Mancala playing…

IMG 0088

Along with a walk (run for the girls:) in the perfect weather.

IMG 0104

And those were the highlights of our day but I do have a few tangents to share!

*Brooke has started wanting to use a purse whenever we go anywhere and for some reason it just really makes me feel like she is a teenager now. Also, she told me she wants to grow her hair out longer than my niece (the one with the really long hair) so she won’t be doing her usual summer chop off her hair thing this year.

IMG 9926

*Andrew got some beyond beautiful new running shoes. They are theLaunch 8s!

Janine mentioned last week in the comments, “the brighter colored my running shoes, the faster I run. No irrefutable, scientific proof, but I still believe!” I think there is a lot of truth in that… if shoes are bright, I am guaranteed to run faster.

IMG 9929

*Another gift for Andrew that we are all enjoying… Costco tubs of M&M’s are always a good idea!

IMG 0125

*我came across this picture of the start of my 50 miler from TWO YEARS ago (time is going fast) and it got me excited for starting lines again. It made me excited for that rush of feeling confident in your training but still a little nervous because you have a new adventure up ahead. I can’t wait to get back to a starting line again.

IMG 9967

*我also came across this picture… Remember when Skye dumped the entire box of cereal into my dresser drawer?! I wonder if Beck will be doing the same types of things soon ha…

IMG 9966

*Daylight Savings has ROCKED our world. I’m not sure we are ever going to feel rested again.

Also, Andrew teases me about my eye weighted blanket (akathe sleep maskthat I can’t sleep without) and how I’ve influenced Brooke to have to use one to sleep too (hers ishereand it is so cute).

IMG 0020

*Netflix does it again and knows exactly what kind of show I need to watch… this is what I’ll be watching for the next 10 nights. It’s about couples choosing whether they spend a lot of money on their wedding or on a house mortgage.

Screen Shot 2021 03 15 at 12 41 26 PM


Just another reminder of a new blog postdota2雷竞技 about Beck/postpartum!


Do you buy running shoes based on the colors/looks ever? Do you usually wear bright running shoes or more neutral colored running shoes?

Do you carry a purse, diaper bag, wallet or something else?

What show are you currently loving?

Have anything that you can’t sleep without?

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I pick based on color for running shoes! I normally get more neutral or pink/purples, but whenever I see someone with bright shoes, I assume they are realllyyyy fast haha.

During winter I don’t carry a purse, I just carry my wallet in my jacket pocket. Brooke looks so mature with her bag!!

另外,昨天看到你的评论我,我将definitely keep you updated on my date! It makes me feel better knowing that’s how you felt with Andrew. Sometimes it feels hard to make real connections. This guy texted me that night to say he had fun and texted me first the next day, so thinking he is interested too :)


总是更多的m&m巧克力豆。总是这样。巨大的浴缸。李TERAL BATHTUB OF M&MS PLEASE.


Hi Janae! Thanks for your wishes yesterday! We are staying in an area with lots of trails so we are off to do a trail run soon.
I’ve got a Tuesday tangent for you too! Peanut m&ms are the best candy hands down. Once I looked up why they are addictive and then I found news saying that Ben Stiller actually got hypnotherapy for his peanut m&m addiction which I found hilarious but can totally relate to. In college my parents got me and my roommate both a Costco bag at the beginning of the semester one year and it lasted us like a month. So I’m super curious how long Andrew’s box will last ;).


Yes to bright colored shoes!! I agree with that reader’s comment… Brighter shoes totally make me run faster. Ha ha
I can’t believe your 50 miler was 2 years ago. Crazy! Time is going by fast. And yes, even I think Brooke is looking like a teenager sometimes.
I have a Costco trip planned for today, and now I may just come home with M&M’s. ?
Have a good Tuesday.


I started using Open Fit during the pandemic and can’t say enough about it. I usually do the long run class, walking classes and I am in the March barre challenge. Just completed my 500th class a few days ago. My daughter joins in for classes too. Love it!

I have two pairs of Christmas Brooks running shoes and the St. Patrick’s Day shoes as well. The happy colors and patterns are my jam.


We are watching Ted Lasso. So good.
Love Andrew’s new kicks.


I wish I could get all the bright colors! I need a wider shoe and the color selection is so limited in the wide widths. A lot of times I end up with men’s shoes for the fit.


I can’t fathom a situation where I wouldn’t be like, “Mortgage. Put money toward the mortgage.” I feel like that show would just infuriate me. We’re watching Ted Lasso right now, and it’s SO. GOOD. I’m getting my second vaccine today (!) and have heard that you can feel pretty rough afterwards. I took tomorrow off and think I’m going to find a good British mystery show to binge while I recover.


Hi Janae,
I will have to give that app a try. It’s been a winter of injury and I’m sooo unmotivated (and scared of getting hurt again) right now! I choose shoes based on size then color. Wearing wide shoes really limits availability and color choices, i.e. I can NEVER get any of Brooks’ fun colors :( , just the subdued ones: black, grey, sometimes dark blue, etc…
I use a purse whenever I’m going somewhere fancy…basically whenever I wear heels… which is almost never. Normally, I just carry a wallet. Loving your sunny pictures!


My son is 20 and still sees the pediatric dentist he has been going to since he was 3. The excuse is that he still has a retainer. I was sitting in the waiting area once and a woman who had recently graduated from college and had just started her first job was there for an appointment. It’s hard to let go.


Team bright shoes all the way! I have a sister who is 13 years younger than me, and every year for a good long while she used to buy me running shoes for my birthday. Having a little girl pick out your running shoes sure yields some interesting color schemes! Any little thing to add some extra joy to my runs is always a win. I am not running right now due to my pregnancy, but I am already looking forward to getting myself a new pair of bright shoes!

I cannot stand carrying a purse or bag around! I used to be really into them when I was a teenager, but now they make me feel tangled up and encumbered. Have you heard of Radian brand jeans? They are a little spendy, but they make jeans for women with HUGE man-sized pockets. I would highly recommend if you’re looking to break from the purse!


I get so mad when the color shoes I want aren’t in my size. Color definitely makes the speed :) Hey – it works for kids when they think their shoes make them run faster and jump higher!

I carry a purse and I hate it. It’s so heavy but I feel like I need everything that’s in there. How do people not carry one? Like, where is your stuff?

We just finished watching Firefly Lane so now I need a new show to watch. Sometimes scrolling through everything is overwhelming and I don’t know what to pick. Taking recommendations!


Hey there! Thanks so much for referencing my previous comment in your post – I feel a little famous now!! As you may have already guessed, I pick shoes by color first and then fit. LOVE Andrew’s new shoes – those look super fast!!
I used to carry everything I need in a little rubber pocket that stuck to the back of my phone. It ripped recently (kinda overstuffed) and I haven’t replaced it. Using a wallet again is a struggle…I forget to take it, leave it behind.
We signed up for CBS All Access to get the Superbowl and have hung onto it to catch up on all the back seasons of Blue Bloods (the channel recently changed to Paramount+).
Not so much a “thing”, but I can’t sleep without cool temps. If it’s hot and stuffy, I am jut miserable and get no sleep.
It’s fun watching your family grow up – thanks for sharing!! Have a terrific Tuesday!!


I love bright colored running shoes! I think I just might need another pair now ;)

Brooke really is starting to look mature, it is really crazy ( and a little heart breaking) how time speeds up once you have kids.

I carry a diaper bag still, it’s like a security blanket knowing I have all the things we might need with me, it will be very weird to go back to a purse.

Ginger runner out out a beautiful video about the Wonderland trail, I think you would love it!:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85yco0i0Y3I&ab_channel=TheGingerRunner


Brooke turns double digits this year, doesn’t she? She’s such a darling girl, I’ve loved watching her grow and change.

One of the strength training instructors I like said, “Even if you’re just watching from the couch, good on ya!” Ha! I loved that because I typically watch a video before actually trying it. I definitely like someone telling me what rep I’m on.

I would love to buy my shoes based on color, but I usually just end up with whatever color is in my size.

Depending on where I’m going, I carry a small cross body purse if I’m shopping or traveling, and I have my suitcase sized purse for church!

In the winter I love sleeping with an electric blanket. Ours is dual control so if I’m having a hot flash I can turn off my side and Les will still be warm! Lately my body temp has gone the other direction and I’m cold a lot so I’ve been keeping the blanket on all night.


I have to sleep with something between my knees. I sleep on my side and can’t have my knees touching. I usually use a small pillow but for Christmas last year my husband got me a special pillow designed to go between your knees when sleeping. I’m hooked and have to travel with it now.


That pillow sounds awesome and it is way more comfortable to have something between my knees too when I am on my side. I hope your day is a great one, thanks Mary!


I went to school with Sarah from Marriage or Mortgage! So fun seeing her do her thing on tv!


NO WAY!!! THAT IS SO SO COOL! It really is such a fun show:). Hope you are having a beautiful day!


I forgot if you said you are running in any of the races for the Utah Valley marathon!? Are you training for something right now?


HEY ERIKA!! I was originally planning on doing the 10k for Utah Valley Marathon but now I’m thinking maybe the half because training is going well? I change my mind every day ha. Are you training for anything right now?


so fun!! jealous. I am 26 weeks pregnant with my first so I am just running / training for labor lol!


AHHH 26 weeks! Best training plan and race ever:).


Where did you get that purple striped shirt? I love it!! So cute!!


Hey Amy! Thank you so much! I got it from Moving Comfort about 7 years ago… I wish they still had it! Hope you have a beautiful day friend and if I ever find one similar I will send the link to you.


The brighter the shoe the better. I get excited to wear a happy looking shoe.


I 10000% agree! I hope you are having a beautiful day and that you have some bright shoes to wear tomorrow on your run!


You should also watch the movie Yes Day on Netflix. So funny! Great family movie.


I do pick running shoes based off of color! And those that Andrew just got, those right there, are my favorite colors together on the planet ! 90% of the time I wear that bright neon yellow color.
I do carry a purse when we go places. But in the summer when we are just around town and walking or biking, I tend to use the Running Buddy to carry phone/money/keys. I need my hands free in the summer.
I cannot sleep without a fan. A completely quiet room will keep me up all night long. Got to have the fun noise.


I found that show SO frustrating… I’m just far too practical to every choose a wedding over a house. It made me angry


Agreed. There is NOOOOO way I could spend money like that on a wedding vs a HOUSE!!!

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