That was a hot one and I was so happy to have survived.

8 miles @ 8:28 average and whenever there is dirt to run on, I run on it.

IMG 6518

We finished our trip by going to Sand Hallow again and renting a jet-ski!

IMG 6547

Not a lot cuter than baby feet in the sand.

IMG 6587

After the lake we spent the day driving home and doing laundry so I’ve just got a bunch of tangents for you today!

*Remember, skin moves.


*I cannot get enough of theBrooks Run Wild Collection… I feel like a cheetah in them!

IMG 6180

*How I hold my phone now when I am looking at it so I’m not bent over… I think it is going to help with myposture/neck issues!

Photo on 6 28 21 at 7 31 PM  2

*Just in case you need the best dessert ever to bring to an event this summer, bringthese s’mores bars!

*The other day I posted an IG story and it really showed off Skye’s different colored eyes!

IMG 6333

*Beck is my current inspiration for planking, he can hold them for so long.

IMG 6505

*When we were at my brother’s (the one with 7 kids) house the other night he was telling us about how it was the first time in 18 years that they weren’t buying diapers (other than for 3 months mixed somewhere there in the middle). EIGHTEEN YEARS OF DIAPERS!

IMG 6497

*He made us steak one night and then brought in some grilled pineapple. I don’t know who came up with the idea to put pineapple on a grill but they are brilliant.

IMG 6508

*My brother put up this painting that my dad painted and it makes me so happy.

IMG 6507

*Snow cones with sprinkles on top at 9:30 pm… I am a much more relaxed mom in the summer about schedules ha. During the school year this would never happen;)

IMG 6499


Have any tangents today?! Please share!

When going to a summer gathering, what is something you love to bring?

What color of eyes do you have?

What are your 4th of July plans? Anyraces?

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Add a little teriyaki to your grilled pineapple. So good!!

What I bring depends but I typically go for a dessert since I have a sweet tooth. My recent favorite is that oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe I shared with you a few weeks ago. They’ve been in rotation and I just take one out of the freezer when I want it


That is such a good idea, I can’t wait to try it. Ahhhh I still need to make those cookies, I cannot wait. THANK YOU! Happy Tuesday!


Tangent for the day is that I did strength this morning! Followed a 10 min YouTube video for core and arms. I think adding in more regular small amounts will be more doable for me than trying to spend an hour lifting weights. Maybe with consistency, eventually I can do planks as well as Beck!!

我有绿色的眼睛,但有时他们可以看铁道部e blue depending on what I’m wearing.


玛丽亚!你是着火了!我完全同意,我希望to just continue to add in small chunks and with time it will all add up. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to plank like Beck though haha. Mine do that too! I hope your day is a great one!


Your dad is so incredibly talented!! Does he only do landscapes or has he ever painted you and your siblings or his grandkids? Both your parents are quite artistic!! I can only admire… I lack ANY sort of artistic ability ha


Thanks Clare! He focuses on the landscapes and now my mom does the people:). I seriously don’t know how their artistic talent skipped a generation haha because I have NO skills too. Have a great one Clare!


I know you’ve posted about it before – but could we get an encore post about your moms artistic endeavors and stuff you dad has made or invented or painted?!


I LOVE THIS IDEA!! Texting my parents now for any pictures. Thanks Melly, have a great day!


My favorite thing to take to any gathering is some sort of dessert. The easiest and most delicious thing is candy bar pie. You need 9 oz of chocolate (I like hershey’s symphony bars without the nuts or reese cups); a tub of thawed cool whip; and a pie crust (graham cracker or oreo). Melt the chocolate then mix in the thawed cool whip. Pour into pie crust. Put in the fridge or freezer. Either is good. it takes five minutes and it’s delicious. I’m lactose intolerant and since cool whip is non-dairy, I can eat it.
I wish I were doing a race on Sunday. We can’t figure out if we’re going to visit family or staying home. I really want to race again. I’m working on my speed and I would like to test myself in a race setting.
I LOVE grilled pineapple. I love cooked pineapple. I throw pineapple chunks in stir fry. it’s soooo good.
Have a great day!


Lee, I will be making this candy bar pie. That sounds so so good! I love that you are able to eat it too. I hope you are able to get to a race soon, you’ll have to keep me updated with your plans. I agree with you on the pineapple in stir fry, it makes it so good. Thank you friend! You too!


Your dad is so talented! That is amazing!


Thank you Kim! I hope you are having a great day!


18 years of diapers!!!That’s….. I don’t know, but A LOT of diapers! And your dad is a very good painter, how impressive! And look at Beck planking! Looks like all your family members are talented, haha!

I loved yesterday’s post, about motherhood and running. You are an inspiration when it comes to achieving your goals while having young kids at home. A lot of my running happens very early in the morning as well, but when I’ve had very little sleep, I try not to feel guilty about not going for a run.

Have a good day, enjoy those summer evenings!


Hahaha seriously Beck’s planks are insane! Thank you Sanne, I look up to you so much too. You are doing amazing and everyone is happier when mom gets a run;). Thanks, I hope your day is a beautiful one too!


A tangent..we are having a heatwave! Over 100 degrees Fahrenheit close to 40 Celsius so we have both fans going and I am sitting in a tub of cold water. And spraying the dog down with water. It is too hot to run even at 5:30 am. There was no one outside yesterday in the afternoon sun. Way too hot. Think temperatures are supposed to drop a little tomorrow.

But this weekend some friends and I went for a short trail hike to escape the heat and swim in 2 lakes. We also took the dog to the water on the cooler day and J kept dumping River in the water to cool her off lol

I have 4 days off for Canada Day so we might go somewhere overnight.

Steak with pineapple sounds delicious!

Have a great day Janae!


HEY KRISTINE. That is crazy! I hope you are all doing okay! I really hope things start dropping soon for you. A hike + swim in 2 lakes = perfection. I bet River was so happy to cool off. HAPPY CANADA DAY! Enjoy your time off!!!


I absolutely love those shoes- I’m overdue for some new running shoes and since Brooks are my brand of choice I think I need to get those!!

My family is coming to visit us for Fourth of July! It’s their first time coming to North Carolina so it should be super fun. We’re headed to Myrtle Beach for a few days and my nephew will get to see the ocean for the first time- lots of firsts on this trip and I can’t wait!!


Hey Gretchen! I think you need them too, they are so cool! Let me know what you think of them. You and your family are going to have the best time. His first time to the ocean?! I love this! Enjoy every second.


Not really a tangent but I just wanted to share this. A few weeks ago on your making friends as an adult post, I said I was too nervous to join a running club and you encouraged me to do so. Well I did it! Last thursday I went to a track session. Everyone was lovely and my legs were sore for 3 days! Ha. I am going to another session this evening to try it out but I’m already 99% sure I am going to join officially! So thank you!! If it wasn’t for that post and discussion I would probably still have been putting it off!


This. Makes. My. Morning. Sarah, I am so thrilled that you had such a great time with the running club and that you are going back tonight too. Seriously, running with others makes us push ourselves so much harder (I’m always sore forever too ha). SO stoked you are going to join! Keep me updated with it all. Have a beautiful day!


Working during summer should be optional. I want to do all the things and have to squeeze in a full-time job as well.

I almost always bring fruit, I am a vegetarian and my kids live off fruit so I generally bring a rainbow tray (red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple). Also pie is my specialty so lots of pie too (apple, or any fruit really)

I have blue and my husband has green, my children all have varying shades of blue, green or one has the coolest gray eyes.

We have plans all weekend celebrating the 4th with various friends and family, hoping to swim lots and see lots of fireworks!


I totally agree! It wasn’t the main reason I became a teacher but it was definitely one of them;) A rainbow tray of fruit sounds like pure joy to me right now. I need to come over for your pie too. Gray eyes… that sounds amazing! Sounds like the perfect weekend, enjoy!


Baby feet in sand!!! The cutest for sure.
Tangents for today… We’re getting river rock delivered this morning for the backyard, yay. It’s super humid, so my run will be slow, and that is ok!
Then some house cleaning.
I love bringing desserts or a bunch of fruit to summer gatherings. Those s’mores bars may need to be made for the 4th! We’re going to my in-laws for the 4th… Pool, BBQ, fireworks, and family ?.
Your dad is very talented! I love that boat picture. What a special thing for your brother to have from your dad.
Have a great Tuesday!


Thank you so much, Wendy! I cannot wait to see pictures of your backyard, you guys have been doing so much! Humid runs = I die! You are amazing to get out there. I love the people that bring a lot of fruit the most ha. You too!



I have been trying to do the same thing with my phone. I have also had wrist issues so I bought a PopSocket to hold onto the phone without using my thumb (I use my phone to read instead of a Kindle so I hold it a lot). The PopSocket works great! You could also get the PopGrip and slide a few cards in and not have to carry a wallet.


I will have to get one of the PopSockets and PopGrip, thanks for sharing John! You always have the best ideas. Have a great day!


I love when your blog is Tuesday tangents! (Probably almost as much as Skye loves a 9:30 AM sno-cone. Yummy.)

My 4th of July: I teach my spin class in the morning. This past Sunday, I asked everyone who’s coming to wear red, white, and blue–and that’s about as ‘cutesy’ and ‘gimmicky’ as I get. My goal this week is to put together a playlist that is as much American rock & roll as I can, given tracks I already know from my choreography kits and tracks I can easily learn (and then fill in the blanks with something that sounds like a reasonable thru-line to the next song…that’s the trick to teaching spin class: putting together the playlists taps into something from my first 2 years of college and being a radio DJ and my childhood hobby of making mix tapes…HA!)

Aside from that, I think that my day is pretty calm. I might take myself and the book I have just started reading out for a burger for lunch. Because what’s more American than a burger?!?

A few of my own tangents:
**A former colleague from the last university I taught at connected with me on LinkedIn, and I am meeting up with her for coffee next week to talk about life outside of academia. THough there are parts of me that are still a bit upset with how I (alongside others in my same professional position) was treated at that university and the degradation of faculty positions and chances for professional stability over the last 8-10 years, I am so excited about using my skills and doing meaningful work, and I find so much hope that so many other people with a similar background can find professional fulfillment and still live a good life…and still honor the parts of them that identify as “teacher.” So this is becoming a mission of mine in a way–to be a contact, a resource, a sounding board, a mentor to others who are considering a similar kind of jump-ship because they believe that they deserve more.
**When I am feeling like procrastinating at work or like I need a bit of a brain-drain and a breather from a project I am working on, one of my favorite TOTALLY MINDLESS things to do is to open (which is really just the online portal for their outlet store) and look at cute inexpensive earrings and fantasize over fun jewelry that I can totally wear on all my zoom calls. I also love looking at sandals on the born shoes website (so comfortable)–not like I really go anywhere besides the grocery store and the gym these days! HA!
**I have to travel to FL for work again in a couple of weeks, and one of my high school friends–who also works in Learning & Development, just for another company–moved to the Tampa Bay area a couple of years ago with her husband and their two littles. SO, I get to have a mini HS reunion with Jenn! We are meeting up for a glass of wine one night of my trip, and I am so excited. I love that even though teenaged years were outright miserable and there are a couple of people who I have certainly forgiven for how they treated others, most of the girls I went to school with have grown up to be compassionate, smart, interesting women…and now as adults we have a friendliness amongst us. It’s great to get to know everyone beyond those weird hormonal teenaged years (I wasn’t the easiest to be around either–I was quiet, indrawn, and pretty miserable).
**Do you ever do Stitch Fix or any of those stylist services? I have done Stitch Fix for almost a year–MOSTLY as a mental hack for me to envision life outside of the store I worked at, but also because if I requested a friend of mine who is a stylist, I knew that anything I purchased would give her a commission, and I wanted to help her out. ANYHOW, I recently decided to try Trunk Club, which is Nordstrom’s version of Stitch Fix. My first box–which came a couple of weeks ago–included this one pair of jeans that fit like a glove and that I am in love with. Paying full price for jeans is a bit weird (my discount from Loft is still so close in my memories…), but these jeans are just great. The brand is called Wit & Wisdom, and they stretch in all the right ways for me. Anyway, I loved them so much I went on the Nordys website and ordered the same thing but in a lighter wash. My package should arrive today, and I AM SO EXCITED!!!
**ALSO excited because tonight I get to go to yoga. <3

我希望你回到家已经轻松despite all the laundry and that you all have such a good day out there!!!! :)


today was my son’s first day of summer camp… actually first day doing anything “structured” since with covid he hasn’t done any formal schooling yet. I was 100% more nervous than he was ?

I recently made a fruit salsa and served it with cinnamon sugar pita chips. SO GOOD.

blue eyes which I gave to both my babies ♥️

we are headed to the beach on July 4th!

enjoy your day!!


*Beck’s planks are the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while–thank you for sharing!
*I clicked on the link for the smore’s bars recipe(yum) but that Forerunner you’re wearing in one of the pics caught my eye! I had that watch and loved that big clunky thing! I wore it so long it literally fell apart on me one day running–I didn’t even notice it until I got home and the whole top part of the watch was gone. I went back and found it, but it was dead :(.

我爱糖果这就是我通常都需要herings. Sometimes I’ll take crack dip: 1 large container of sour cream, 1 pack of Ranch mix, 1 bag of real bacon bits, and 1 cup of shredded cheddar. Mix it all together and let sit in fridge for a few hours. Serve with Fritos scoops–people love it!

Dark blue eyes.

We’ve been trying to get campground reservations for the weekend but nothing is available so far. Hoping for something to open up, but if not, we will hopefully get together with my mom and maybe go see a minor league baseball game nearby.

Have a great Tuesday!


I’ve been using one of these tripod phone stands for over a year now, and I LOVE IT. It helps with “tech neck” and also helps reduce radiation to your hand and kiddos. They have a bunch of different ones online. I don’t use the Bluetooth part, but that’s an option too.

PS – Thanks for posting human pictures about dimples and skin moving! Every time I start to beat myself up about this, I think of you and try to change my thoughts. It helps. Thank you! <3


SKIN MOVES. I absolutely love this! Thank you for always keeping it real!!!


Also really good is grilled peaches – wrap a sliced peach up with a marshmallow in tin foil and grill.

Going to have to make those s’more bars!
One of my favorites to bring is fruit salsa:

We are starting the 4th (well, technically the 3rd) off with a 5k! A small town near us always has a huge celebration in the park that I’ve been going to for over 30 years and now it’s fun to take my kids and we always run into classmates that come back for it and bring their kids.


Your parents are so talented!

Are Skye’s eyes grey and brown? So unusual!


Your dads painting is just incredible!!! So so amazing.

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