一个俄罗斯nning task I need you to accomplish + tangents!

This week’s/month’s/year’s/life’s running task that I need you to do—> Try complimenting yourself at least once during your run. It can be anything from how your last mile went, your form, your breathing, how good you are at singing while running, your calves, your arms swinging strong, sticking to your plan… just try it! The way we talk to ourselves during the run can transform everything for us!


Try it.

Screen Shot 2016 09 27 at 3 04 47 PM

(Above is an old screenshot fromOutside Magazinebut the article is no longer available online)

Let’s talk about some tangents…

*When your neighbor leaves the world’s largest blow pop, gummy worm and a candy cane on your doorstep… Now to leave some very loud toys for their kids to play with on their porch;)

IMG 1219

*I loved what Sarah said last week. Really, we just have to start without thinking about the weather/how sore we are/how tired we are/how hard it is going to be… Ignorance is bliss:). I love avoiding thinking about it all as I am getting ready for a run/workout and just pushing START (on my Peloton or my Garmin). That is my favorite part about working out early, a lot of times I am not fully awake until mile 3;)

Screen Shot 2022 01 07 at 12 26 26 PM

*They were both very happy with this situation.

IMG 9153

*My sister had a cereal bar at her daughter’s party. The teenagers LOVED it!

IMG 1157

*Brooke’s sewing is saving the day for all of us… Knox’s favorite tag (he loves rubbing it with his fingers as he falls asleep) on his favorite blanket fell off and Brooke sewed it back on.

IMG 1217

*Another comment that I totally agreed with… NO WONDER SO MANY OF US ALL HATED RUNNING BACK THEN!

Screen Shot 2022 01 07 at 4 28 07 PM

*One of my new favorite pictures.

IMG 1205

*This apricot chicken and Broccoli recipeis exceptional.

IMG 1226

*Came across this tip from my mom (that a friend printed out for me to read the night before a marathon).

IMG 1206

*When my sister and I were younger we would draw sketches of our future homes that included a tunnel underground to connect our houses. Turns out somebody stole our idea and it is up for sale now. We just need to win the lottery really quickly so that we can buy it.

Screen Shot 2022 01 09 at 12 03 53 PM


Share a tangent with me!

Did you have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal when you were a kid?

Who would you want to have the above mansions with that includes the underground tunnel?

Did you like running when you were younger? In PE?

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I would love to have connecting mansions with all 5 of my siblings! There is nothing better in the world than to share laughs and make memories with family. With them I can truly be the me I was created to be.

I fell in love with running doing the presidential fitness test in 1st grade when I won the 100 yard dash and even more in the 6th grade when I won the 600 yard dash. 40+ years of running hoping for another 40+.

Have a great day!


Can you even imagine how fun the connected mansions thing would be? I love that you can be yourself with them, that is really great. You will have another 40! Loved ready about when you fell in love with running, amazing! Have a fabulous Tuesday, LC!


You used past tense for asking if we still have a blanket or stuffed animal. I’m still using future tense over here!
I’m checking out your Hoka Speedgoat shoe recommendation! Thank you (Jaaannaaaae)!


My bad! I’m just jealous because I wish so bad that I still had mine! I am so so excited about the speedgoat! Have the best day, Molly!


I don’t remember running in PE in elementary school, but I did races with my dad, so I think we always used running shoes. But my 7 year old niece did her first 5k on New Years in Keds and I want to get her running shoes now, I don’t know how her feet weren’t killing her haha.


I have loved hearing about you and your dads running relationship… it inspires me with my kids! And kids are so resilient… running in keds would kill my feet now but I’m sure I did that all the time as a kid. Have a great day, Mariah!


I hated the idea of running for most of my life thanks to PE class. But as I was approaching 40, I wanted a new skill to prove to myself that I wasn’t old, which logically was running my first 5K.

Five years later, I am still running and have done my first half marathon. I am not fast, but I love the peace that comes with a good run outdoors, even one in the rain. I also run before I am awake enough to realize how crazy it is ?.

Love the idea of complimenting yourself on a run and that gummy worm is crazy huge!!


我很确定我是唯一的孩子在体育throughout the years that genuinely loved running. Every few months we had to run 5km to test our fitness and I absolutely loved it! I was excited for those days!


This makes me so so happy! And you guys did a 5k?! I think the most our class ever did was 2 miles! Have a wonderful day, Mikaela!


I loved running in PE! My friend and I would train for our middle school olympics by running from my house to the donut shop and walking to school. haha. We had the right idea. We always did well! :)


Oh my goodness this makes me so happy! Can I join you now on a run to the donut shop? Have a great day, Mollie!


你好!我是一个体育老师和培训(第一年)for my second marathon. I did not like running AT ALL in PE growing up and was overweight most of my life. That’s why I want to make fitness fun for my PE students, so they don’t have the same experience as me. I was curious if any readers wanted to share their favorite PE games growing up. I love to keep the classic games going!


Becky. Your students are the absolutely luckiest to have you as a teacher! I don’t remember anything special that we played and when I taught high school pe they wanted us to stick to the basic sports but I can ask this in a question one day if not a lot of people see this! Have a wonderful day and keep me updated with your training for your second marathon wahoo!


Capture the flag for sure! Dodge ball too!


Thank you!


I always loved all aspects of PE in elementary school, even running. I was faster than some of the “cool” boys too. But I don’t remember anyone making running such a big deal. It was just something we had to do. It wasn’t until 8th grade or so, when I had a couple of friends that did track and I thought it was way too hard. Ha ha…
I am on day 4 of no running because of this flu bug we’ve had in the house. I’m feeling better, but still not ready to run. I’m walking with a friy later this morning, so we’ll see how I feel. Being sick is definitely not fun! I’ve been training for a half marathon (Feb. 6), so I’m a little worried about that. But, I just want get well and stay that way.
LOVE that piy of everyone on the couch!


I LOVE that picture of the marathon reminder! Running Houston full this weekend and needed to see this. Why is tapering so hard? Thanks for always letting us be a part of your journey.


Hi Janae! That compliment thing is genius! I do yoga with Adriene and she has you give yourself an affirmation during practice too and it makes a big difference! Even if it just makes me smile it helps me relax.
I keep telling my friends we need to buy houses on the same street and everyone loves the idea but we just need to win the lottery first.
Happy Tuesday!


My youngest daughter has Fluffy. If you look Mr. Longfellow, Melissa and Doug, it’s that cat. Fluffy used to be fluffy. She got it when she was 2 and she is now 11. Fluffy is with her if she is in the house. She has a sort of crease where she hangs on my daughter’s arm. We keep expecting this to change as she gets older but it hasn’t happened! Sometimes I have to remind her Fluffy is on her arm. Fluffy looks like a dead cat. In fact one time she had it curled up on the stairs while she was at school and a repair man thought we had a dead cat. He yelled and I came running!!


Tangent: So many of my students are out with Covid. Almost 10% of our school, it’s crazy!

I had a blanket that had silk around the edges and my mom finally threw it out when I moved out; there were only bits and pieces of it left.

I would love to share a tunnel with my big sisters!

Haha, I hated running until I was almost 30. I enjoyed other sports that included running, just not running all by itself.


This is totally out in left field, but do you know where your sister got her cereal storage containers? They look amazing haha


I hated running in school, but we didn’t do a lot of just running…just lots of sports, I always bikes, swam and walked a lot, and well, baseball and hockey….running wasn’t done…true it was punishment…..


I hated running in middle school gym class (but I loved cross country). The gym had a brand new rubberized floor, and we weren’t allowed to wear our street shoes in there, so we either had to have shoes just for gym class, or go in our socks. yeah, running in socks sucks! when we did the mile it was some stupid number of like 14 laps or something around the gym and you had to partner up and your partner would count your laps then you would switch. my partner was always the flirty girls who would not keep good count and eventually I would stop when I had obviously run way more than a mile. It was fun to watch the guys though, because they would take off on the straight-away and try to slide/drift the corners, but would usually wipe out! Once a guy fell into the trash can head first!

哦,中学 .............:)

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