Tons of Tangents!

I have a few full rest days coming up later on this week. (I am going camping but I already have some posts ready for you while I am gone:) I decided to try out running yesterday. At about .5 miles in I decided I was going to just do two miles but once I got to two miles my legs felt better and with each mile they felt better and better. Sometimes I think that an easy run is really the best way to get over some soreness because for the rest of the day my legs felt almost normal again.

Emilee is out of town and I couldn’t make it to the time that the rest of the group was running so it was just me andLindsey Hein(on my AirPods:) for 8 miles.

IMG 9230 2

We made it over to the splash pad with my sister and her kids…

IMG 9246

And then came home to the popsicles we made of ice cream + Oreos:

IMG 9250

Fast forward through dinner and who knows what else (some days just blur by…), we went on a walk and then Andrew got home from work.

IMG 9258

I have a whole lot of tangents to talk about so let’s go for it!

*Skye got anew pair of pjsand she felt pretty cool about them. She kept walking over to me and pointing to them the whole night.

IMG 9214

*The Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies fromRun Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.are ridiculously good. Try them asap if you have the cookbook. PS my goal is to try every recipe in their cookbooks. I’ll let you know my absolute favorites at the end.

IMG 8920

*Have you heard about Julia ‘Hurricane’ Hawkins? 103 years old and earning gold! I want to be like her:

*I grabbed these at the grocery store on Saturday and oh my goodness they are good.

IMG 9147

*Skye fully agrees with me.

Also, two binkies > one binky.

IMG 9178

*I didn’t lay down on the ground after my half which is a major improvement for me;). I stopped and coughed for a few minutes but I stayed on both feet which hasn’t happened after racing for a while. PS the cute volunteer that was probably in jr high came over and put my medal on me while I was bent over and coughing:)

IMG 9151

*JUST WHAT I NEEDED… do these with me:

*On Sunday Brooke asked to get Skye dressed and then to set up a picnic for the two of them. She is killing it at this big sister gig.

IMG 9204

*Another week ofsuperhero muffinbaking on Sunday. Brooke has decided to join me in having rubber bands on her wrist so that she is always ready for when a ponytail is needed.

IMG 5361

*This is our coach! His name is Hawk and he has a marathon PR of 2:22:03. He just coached one of his athletes to an OTQ at Grandma’s and he is the owner ofRunner’s Corner. He is also one of my dad’s friends so that is really fun too. I love that he is at our races cheering for us. He has taken his athletes to REALLY fast times and I can’t wait to see what he does for us. His training is a lot different than anything I’ve done before and I’m sure that is going to make a big difference for me!

IMG 5317

*I am just full of videos today but this one is short…. Steph Bruce just posted her last episode of season 1. I feel like I relate with her a lot because she is a mother runner with small kids… she is great at creating connections with her fans. I really hope she makes the Olympic team.

*On Sunday I was thinking about what race medals were the hardest for me to earn. I think that my ultra and the Tucson marathon were my two hardest medals to earn during the race. I don’t know how I got to that finish line of Tucson because the last 6.7 miles of that race were an absolute death march.

IMG 9224

What race medal(s) were the absolute hardest for you to earn?

Do you think that oatmeal does or does not belong in cookies?

Last cereal that you ate? Do you eat cereal often or not a lot?

What is your run or workout today?!

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You can skip the superfoods soup in RFCFES, it’s not good. Haha. I think that’s the only recipe from both of their cookbooks I didn’t really like.
Um, your coach is SO COOL! He obviously knows what he’s doing. You seem so relaxed with his plan and not afraid to listen to your body. I love that.
Also–I tried the Huma recovery gels and I love them! Thanks for recommending those! They’re a little thick at first, but then they’re the perfect post-workout snack. I think they’re going to be a recovery game changer for me.


Hahaha good to know about the soup… I will most definitely skip that one! That is interesting that you said that because I hadn’t noticed how relaxed I was on his plan until now and you are very right! Yessssss for the Huma recovery… another piece to your puzzle for success! Have a fabulous day Mollie!


I love cereal, I have not seen those Chex yet, am going to have to look for them TODAY!


Let me know what you think… we are hooked! Have a wonderful day Erica!


Counterpoint – I LOVE that soup and make it weekly during winter…. so give it at least one try :)


Got the run fast eat slow cook books from the library, love the breakfast cookies and the superhero muffins. To save money and tweak the taste a bit we are putting half oat and half almond flour in the recipes. Almond flour is pricy!! Oat flour is so easy to make if you have a good blender or processor.
Hardest medal? I used to compete in racewalking and had to do a 40 k on a 2 k track because of the number of judges. But I also did a half last year with no clue that in a really flat farm area there would be a mountain like hill. I never bothered to look very closely since it is farm country… that was a struggle!!


I totally agree… we have been buying it at Costco but it is still pricey. I’m going to try half oat flour, thanks Carrie! Oh I bet taht mountain was unreal and 40k on a 2k track… WOW! You earned both of those medals big time. Have a wonderful day Carrie!


Yes, almond flour is so expensive! I also don’t like the taste as much when I use 2 cups of almond flour. Instead, I use 1 cup whole wheat flour and 1 cup almond flour (for when you don’t want to blend the oats).


Oh I will try whole wheat flour too… thanks Caroline! Hope you have a really great Tuesday!


Your coach sounds awesome! Oatmeal belongs in/on everything! I am going to have to get those cookbooks! I have the goal of making everything in at least one cookbook, but I haven’t found a cookbook short enough and/or like enough of the recipes.
I did 5 miles. It was my first run after my HM on Saturday. My two miles felt hard/my quads were waking up, but the rest felt so good! I wish I would have tried running yesterday because my legs already feel better!


I think you will want to do that goal with Shalane’s cookbooks! Way to go on your race this weekend and I’m so glad that your legs were happier after a few miles. Have a really great Tuesday Becky!


Just made the Superhero muffins on Sunday, apple carrot are our favs! Hardest medal by far was Boston this year. It was my first Boston, 5th marathon, and I came down with a stomach bug on Saturday and didn’t think I would make it to the start let alone the finish. My two teenage daughters flew to Boston to see me run and having them at the 24 mile mark gave me plenty of inspiration to keep moving. They were holding a sign that said My Mom’s a Badass! It’s my favorite photo ever. It was the toughest race I ever ran. Couldn’t eat and stopped at the porto potties so many times, but managed to finish. The stomach bug also meant that I could not leave the hotel on Sunday to meet you and Andrew for donuts, which is a total bummer! I now use that Boston experience to push myself whenever my brain tells my body to stop, I now know I can do hard things!


Jennifer, WOW. I cannot even imagine… the stomach bug + a marathon! You couldn’t even eat anything?!? You are so TOUGH! Huge congrats on finishing it and I love that your daughters were there. Next time… we are meeting up for donuts because you better not be sick! You absolutely can do really hard things! Have a wonderful day Jennifer.


Hey Janae!! Thanks for sharing the video on glute activation, I’m really working on that this season and always looking for more things to try!

斯凯和布鲁克最可爱的关系,我瞧ve seeing it blossom!

I love oatmeal in cookies, they are my fave. I also love that superhero muffins is a mix of almond flour and oatmeal, makes them so hearty and delicious! I almost never eat cereal though, but I eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday!

I think the hardest race medal for me to earn was my half marathon in March. The weather was surprisingly hot/humid, it had constant rolling hills after being advertised as “flat,” so I just wasn’t ready/it wasnt my day. I missed my goal by 5 minutes and was in a lot better shape than I performed that day. However, I remember feeling after the race like my wheels came off at mile 2 and I was fighting for the next 11 miles. Yet, yesterday I looked back at my splits and I was like wow, my splits were great until mile 8ish. It’s funny how our perspective changes. After getting injured right after that race and building back I just feel a lot more differently about running/that race, and have a lot more grace towards myself!! I don’t know how I finished that race but I did and we should be proud of those things:) As Gabe said->its ok to struggle, its not ok to give up.

My run today was 3 miles comfortable pace. I got it done this morning and it was so hot and humid and I was glad it was only 3 miles:) This is my first back to back run day since being injured so we’re trying it out (4 miles yesterday, 3 today) and so far so good!!!


I’ve been missing out on adding oatmeal to our superhero muffins! Oh goodness… running a half marathon in heat and humidity… I would be off of my goals by way more than 5 minutes. You are amazing! It really is so crazy how much our perspective changes on things like that and we get a little far away from the situation and realize how awesome we really are. That quote from Gabe is one of my absolute favorites. BACK TO BACK–> BOOM!


Janae, who do you guys think Skye resembles the most? I swear every day I flip flop between thinking she looks like Brooke or Knox!


I seriously feel the same way… each day it changes but I definitely see both of them in her! I hope you are having a really great day!


I loooooove oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. You’re making me crave them at 9am – which is fine because oatmeal is a breakfast food so basically those cookies can be eaten for breakfast, right? I had a combo of peanut butter and cinnamon Puffins cereal for breakfast this morning. It’s one of my favorites.

My run this morning was rough. I didn’t get enough sleep last night and then dragged my feet getting out the door. 3.5 miles of misery, but I did it. Much different than the 10 miles of joy I ran on Sunday. Hopefully tomorrow will feel better.


哈哈我希望你得到一些燕麦巧克力chip cookies soon and next time I am totally going to have them for breakfast. Running when you don’t get a lot of sleep = SO hard. Way to get out there and tomorrow’s run will feel a million times better. Hopefully you can sneak in a nap or something today! Thanks Kelli!


My youngest LOVES all of the Chex cereals right now; his newest and therefore favorite is Vanilla. I’m not sure we’ve seen PB so I’ll have to look for that one!
I love Gwen’s videos and try to do most of those glute activating exercises 2x/week. They’ve been great in my ankle recovery because they also build up all of the supporting/smaller muscles. I can sure feel when I’m slacking off!
困难的金牌……我想我的头30 k比赛。我点击a low like none other, fell during the last 5 miles hurting my knees and hands pretty good and cried in my car when the race was over out of exhaustion. It was the longest race/run I had ever done at that point. I also met my now BRF friend there so there are some good memories with that race!
Oatmeal is only good in cookies and energy bites AS LONG AS there is also chocolate chips! I eat oats every day so that basically makes me an expert in the matter. Lol!
I think the last boxed cereal I ate was Strawberry mini wheats. So good! I usually only eat it once in a blue moon and usually only at night. I’m pretty stuck in my breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack routine and boxed cereal just hasn’t made it’s way back in yet. I used to eat it daily years and years ago.
今天的训练是45分钟的旋转紧随其后strength training/resistance training/pre-hab for my ankle since I’m running trails for the next 2 days. My ankle isn’t too strong on trails just yet so I have to play it safe. Especially since I now have a half coming up in August!! Woot Woot!!
Have a great day!


Try the pb next, your youngest is going to love it! Oh wow, that 30k… you fought for that! You can do hard things! You are an expert ha, I trust your opinion! I have never tried the Strawberry mini wheats and now I’m going to have to! Have a blast the next two days on the trails and I hope your ankle stays very happy!


Your girls together = The cutest!!!
Hawk seems like the :)
I’ve struggled for more than one medal, LOL. My first marathon (MCM 1996) was a sufferfest from the half to the end, especially after barfing on Hanes Point and walking the final 10K. My first 10-miler after my 3rd baby was HARD, and I was surprised my running partner didn’t just leave me ~ha~ My BQ was hard in an entirely different way, but I sure did work for it! Funny how we enjoy putting ourselves through all of this, isn’t it?
Oatmeal in cookies, yes. But with chocolate chips, not raisins.
Cereal used to be my go-to, but it’s only occasional now. Last one was probably cinnamon Life.
I’ll probably do a 3-miler today at whatever pace feels good. Spoiler alert: it probably won’t stretch to 8 ROFL!


I agree, they sure are the cutest together. 13.1 miles of suffering at MCM… WOW. You’ve proved a few times that you can do really really really hard things. Hahah it is weird that we keep going back for more! Hahaha I’m crazy:) . I hope your 3 miles felt awesome today and that you get some more cinnamon life soon (that is my absolute favorite I think).


I need those Chex in my life! I rarely eat cereal, but when I do it’s usually Honey Nut Chex or Cheerios.

The hardest race I’ve done I didn’t even get a medal! Ha, it was a local trail race and I swear the race director asked himself how he could possibly add in more hills!

Today was an easy 3 miles. I’ve clocked about 10 miles since injuring my ankle last month, so I’m grateful for each and every mile!


Oh I love the honey nut varieties, they taste so good. Hahaha oh that trail race sounds tough… sometimes those race directors really like to test us. YAY FOR THREE MILES TODAY… so glad you are on your way back!


I LOVE Gwen and Steph – I watch their videos whenever they upload! Gotta get into more glute activation ;)

So for me, my hardest medal was probably the Rock n Roll DC marathon as it was my first full AND it was completely in the rain (cold rain at it was early March). I couldn’t move the next day!

Oatmeal totally belongs in cookies! In fact, my all-time fave cookie is an oatmeal cranberry white chocolate chip one!

Last cereal I ate was a combination of Maple Cheerios and Honeycomb! I eat cereal every single night as a late night snack!

今天我做了5英里有进步the end. :)


First marathon in a cold rain… ummm you are TOUGH! Well now I need to try those oatmeal cranberry cookies (as I am drooling reading about them). I love that you combine cereals, it’s the best way to do it. Have a wonderful day Elizabeth and glad you had a great run today!


Here is the recipe I use:
I hope you try them out! :) :) :)


Ironman medals were my hardest-especially in Coeur d’ Alene because it was so incredibly hot and humid (at the time, it had the highest drop out rate on record for IM). I don’t do heat at all so it was super extra difficult but I finished with a PR.

Oatmeal belongs in cookies, scones, muffins, and breads. Yum.

PB Chex sounds divine. I thought PB Cheerios were top notch but this may win the prize! I have to figure out how to get some of those ASAP. Yummm. I bet it would be good mixed with a crunchy granola (cereal mixer here). My last bowl of cereal, besides Sassy Molassey granola, was probably cinnamon chex or rice crispy’s mixed with muesli.

5+ mile run followed by 35km mountain bike ride.


Okay, an IRONMAN in HEAT AND HUMIDITY?! I cannot even imagine and you finished with a PR. You are so strong Kelly! Please let me know what you think of the PB Chex. I need to mix in some granola for my next round! Way to go on the brick today (is it a brick if it is mountain biking… I don’t know a lot about tri training:)!


Oooh, I love that first question! I’d say my hardest wasn’t a medal at all… it’s my belt buckle from the Best of Burden 100 miler I did back in 2013. I really want to go back and try that one again once my kid(s) are grown.
Last cereal I had was Golden Grahams, and they were delicious. That PB Life looks tasty!
Have a great day, Janae! I love following your progress!


That belt buckle… YOU FOUGHT FOR THAT. I cannot even imagine. You will get back there again. Thanks so much Stacey and I hope you are having a beautiful day so far!


I ran the Tucson Marathon last year and from mile 17 to the end was tough! I wasn’t wearing a hat or sunglasses and it was SO bright and hot! Prior to running it I had looked up recaps and that’s how I found your site! i love reading your race recaps, before my last two marathons I read the St. George recap because it was so inspiring!


I’ve been hooked on that cinnamon Chex cereal! Have you had it? My kids want cereal everyday but I try to not do it everyday! I used to eat it a lot as a nighttime snack when I was marathon training.



Also- not sure where I missed that you are on a running team, but congrats!!!

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