Tuesday Tangents!

(leggings,long sleeve,coat,shoes)

Yep, I’m ready to be done running on snow. Seven miles @ 8:50 pace with some hills in the first half.

I miss our trails so much and will savor them so much this summer.

I jumped on the bike for a 20-minute class to finish my workout with a high cadence. This was also mainly done to heat up after freezing to death out on my run.

And 10 minutes of upper body weights with Skye;)

Book club was held last night… We read ‘Woman on Fire,’ which was so good.

I love the restaurants that this group chooses. Sol Agave for the win. I’ll be back for my birthday. The butter cake was unreal.

Let’s get to the tangents:

*Andrew has been so consistent on the Peloton, and it is paying off. He hit a new PR on this class, starting at 10:30 pm. I cannot understand how he does this at night.

*It’s so cold here now that we don’t have to make room to put things in a fridge. So just out in the garage works fine.

*On Saturday, we saw the BYU women’s cross-country team out on their run, which was inspiring.

*My brother, that is a doctor, sent this to me because he liked it a lot and because I’ve been struggling with this (I think… I get blood work done on Thursday with this)! It’s long, but the information is SO important.

*Did you know that sitting near something that radiates heat (radiates… not blowing hot air) helps with the production of vitamin d? So you can find me here every day now.

*On Saturday, during our challenging hill climb, right when I wanted to quit, an older man drove by and yelled out, ‘awesome job’! It’s amazing how much that simple thing helped during my workout.

*A friend running in the elite field at Boston this year reminded me of a little tip she taught me years ago. 3 x a week, she finishes up a run and then hops on one leg (fast) for one minute and then the other for one minute. She talked about how it helps her body to end with a quick cadence on tired legs.

I’m going to do this this training cycle… it burns.

*Runners know where every porta potty exists in their running areas. PS please note, Kodi is also in shorts, haha (I was too)…. 21° F.

*Even though there were cousins everywhere, Beck wanted to hang with my dad. They are best friends.

*I posted this on my IG story, but I have to share it here too. Andrew came out from the UPS store to the car in the best mood. The woman working there noticed the street we lived on when she was working on our package, and she said, “I know that street, there is a house on that street with the best Halloween decorations.” She was talking about our house and he was so proud.

*Skye requests raspberries filled blueberries often.


Have a tangent for me today??

People in a book club–> What’s your book this month?

What about you… do you know exactly where all the restrooms and drinking fountains are in your area?

What was the last restaurant you ate at?

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Tangent for me- this morning I did a greatest showman ride on peloton and now I have all the music stuck in my head.

Last restaurant I ate at was a cute breakfast spot near me on Sunday, their egg sandwich and lattes are so good. If anyone is in Baltimore, go to Doobys for breakfast!


I have done that ride (GREAT JOB) and the music was stuck in my head for like a week haha… good luck. Ummm that brunch spot sounds perfect. I need! Have a beautiful day!


I’m amazed at Andrew’s output during that 40 minute class, WOW! Good for him for crushing that PR! We once had a UPS guy knock on our door just to ask what color exterior paint we used and what kind of porch lights we’d recently installed on our front porch because he thought it looked so good. My husband was high on that complement for about a week. :) That picture of Beck and your dad is too cute! Here’s hoping the warmth and light of spring come sooner rather than later for y’all! Happy Tuesday, Janae!


他认真翻我的输出!这样一个了不起的biker. Oh I love that the UPS guy asked that… what a great complement! Now I want to see your porch:). Thank you Emily, crossing my fingers it comes soon!


Hopefully you are getting your ferritin levels checked too? Mine tanked when I started doing marathons. My teen daughter who runs has the same isdue on lower mileage but she is still growing. I now have ours checked every 3 months. We eat really well, lots of iron sources, so I never dreamed this would be an issue. High mileage takes a lot out of us.


Yes, I am planning on having that checked too. That is SO smart that you guys stay on top of that and I totally agree, we don’t realize how much high mileage does to us. Hope you all have a beautiful day, Angie!


I recently read Woman on Fire!! Loved the art trading/history and the shoe design company store line.
I am so bad with my in-person book club. Apparently, our meeting is tomorrow and I just saw what the book is.
还书的消息,我们满足度假的人supposedly being adapted to film. I can’t wait for that one!


我们需要一起做一个读书俱乐部,因为我们阅读so many of the same books. AHHH that is so exciting, can’t wait to watch. Thanks for telling me and I hope you have the best day, Molly!


I know exactly where all of the water fountains and restrooms are because there are none!!!! hahaha…….. I run among corn fields, horses, chickens, pigs, goats, and ducks. I have to hold it so I generally go first thing in the morning before drinking anything. As a funny side note, I always have to take a right out of my driveway when I run because the pig farm is to the left and I can’t hold my breath and run up a hill at the same time. Pig farms STINK.
We’re supposed to get snow/wintry mix tomorrow. I won’t be running outside. I’m not brave enough to run on snow. I’m too scared I’ll slip and fall. I don’t know how you and your friends do it.
have a good Tuesday!


NONE… oh no! Do you bring your own water? Hahaha I can’t imagine that smell… always take the right. I would love to come on a run with you, sounds gorgeous. Ugggg we are just ready to be done running on it. Have a great treadmill run and I hope it melts soon. Thanks Lee!


Andrew is amazing! I don’t understand how people can do workouts like that so late at night either!
Hopping on 1 foot at a time after a run, hmmm… I may need to try that too.
Yep, I totally know where all of the drinking fountains and restrooms are, or the 7-11’s that let you use their restroom, in our area. Ha ha.
I love my book club too. I think I’ve shared with you how we do ours. There are 8 of us, and at the start of our new rotation, we each choose a book, read it, write our comments in the book, then at the end of each month, we pass that book on and get a book from the next person. So at the end of 8 months, we’ve all read the same 8 books, just in a different order. It’s been really fun. We started this during the night of the pandemic when no one was going anywhere. The book I chose this time was The Personal Librarian. It was really good!
I know I say this often, but Skye has the best facial expressions!
Have a good day Janae!


Me neither… it has to just be in his DNA! I cannot imagine! 7-11s are always a great stop along the run too… we have a gas station that is so nice to let us always grab some water. I seriously love the way you do book club. I want to read The Personal Librarian, thank you. Hahah she really does, I love that you notice. Thanks Wendy, you too!


That’s such a cool way to do a book club!


Hi Janae! I’m have to add that book to my list! We’ve been reading infinite country but it’s just ok. You bet I know where all the drinking fountains and bathrooms are.. I also know where all the blackberry bushes are for the summer. Congrats to Andrew on the PR!! My husband also enjoys late night workouts and I have no idea how people do that.
Have an awesome day!


Tell me you grab blackerries for fuel along the way on your runs… that is so fun! Our husbands would get along well:). Still so happy your kitty is okay. Thanks Amy, you too!


I suspect that Andrew will bring up that UPS situation a few times between now and Halloween! It’s so cool someone acknowledged his Halloween decorations!! Woohoo!

Our book club read The House in the Cerulean Sea. It is so quirky and so sweet.

You have such a wide variety of restaurants where you live! How fortunate….and butter cake?! yummm


Bahaha… it has already come up so many times especially in considering next year’s plan already;). I want to check out that book. Thanks for sharing, Kelly. Come out to eat with me. And I must find a good recipe for some butter cake! Happy Tuesday, Kelly!


I like the idea of jumping on one leg for a minute after a run. I did a strength workout for 15 min before my run today to help warm me up before hitting the cold.

This month we are reading “The Maid” by Nita Prose.

I get so anxious running in new places, not knowing where the bathrooms are!

The last restaurant I ate at was a local Mexican place that I usually love but I’m pretty sure my food had gluten in it and I probably won’t eat there again = not worth it.


Bummer about the food having gluten in it! Yep, I do not like not knowing where the bathrooms are either. Let me know what you think of ‘The Maid’! SO smart to get warm before heading out and activating all of your muscles! Have a beautiful day, Marissa!


yes, of course I know where all the public washrooms and um, trees are on most of my routes…..not sure on the fountains, but definitley places to refill that hydration pack
book right now? rereading ..Liz Robbins A Race Like No Other….


Woman on Fire is amazing, can’t wait for the movie. I was invited to the Woman on Fire book launch party! It was an incredible night, here’s a link to a blog post I wrote about it:


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