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My thoughts on motherhood OVERsharing.

A progression run hadn’t happened in a while, so it felt like a good idea to try one out on Saturday. It was a gorgeous morning, and I love the challenge of pushing myself a bit harder with each mile. My splits weren’t exactly a progression because it was a hilly course, but it was …dota2雷竞技

St. George Marathon Race Recap–> 2:59:14

I wanted this so bad, I could taste it. Two days after my first marathon in 2010 I went into our local running shoe store and I confidently told the employees working there that I was going to get a sub 3 marathon. As you know, there have been many failures, lessons, injuries and growing …dota2雷竞技

How do I fit treats in + my personal tips for a healthy relationship with food + OUR DAY (of course… heaven forbid I don’t share my daily journal with you;)

A rough Monday morning at our house ha. I think we were all exhausted after our California trip and getting in late so this was an accurate description of how we all felt. I tried to get a selfie with some ducks but they did not want to participate. I did about 2.5 miles on …dota2雷竞技

What I do when I see something on my body I want to change, 5 topics to talk about + Brooke needs to hold a running form clinic;)

Brooke will be holding a running form clinic (I am her first customer) next week for anyone that wants to come. I love watching her FLY when she runs… I think she might have a future with running (I just need to get her a pair of Brooks). I also really loved this picture… just …dota2雷竞技

我的约会建议任何人约会世界的国际扶轮ght now + back to this… NOT OKAY!

So, we were back to this for my run yesterday morning—> LONG SLEEVES. Our mountains got a lot of new snow which I don’t love but I’m just going to say that our summer is now going to be pushed back to July-October;) It was a really cold morning. I should have worn tights but …dota2雷竞技

Why the holidays can be really hard and what I did to help + our Sunday!

Sunday selfie before church. The kids made up all sorts of random games. The oven was full of pies/crusts/etc. so Andrew made sure we still got in our Sunday tradition by making sweet potato fries on the grill. My afternoon was very involved with making pies. Banana cream pie 4 life. Banana Cream Pie and …dota2雷竞技

Difference between my 1st marathon and 9th marathon (30 lbs), our October hangout spot and a question from Andrew!

Cornbelly’s might be one of my favorite parts about Fall. This is a yearly tradition for us so I’ll just start off today showing you a bunch of pictures from Utah’s Halloween/Fall carnival. We stopped by Megan D’s house for a few minutes and I think she won the competition for the best pumpkin anything—> …dota2雷竞技