It is Billy’s FIRST day of law school. I wish so badly that I was there to pack his lunch, help him walk around campus to find his classes and force him to take a first day of school picture but I guess we will just have to pretend tomorrow that it is the first day of school.

Screen Shot 2012 08 08 at 3 34 18 PM

His new school is ranked as the second most beautiful campus in the nation (by Newsweek). I think I might be able to deal with 261 days of sunshine a year. Goodbye snow, I always hated you a little bit because you and ice would make me fall 8 times a month in the winter.

I think I am getting closer to having her because I have hit the exhaustion stage hard which forced me to lay down and watch 8 episodes of The Hills yesterday followed by a 2 hour nap. As soon as I woke up dinner was ready and we had roast and green beans. The real excitement happened in the car.

DSC 3203

My sis and I went on a little road trip (3 hours total) and we made sure to bring 4 different varieties of rice krispy treats that we downed between the two of us. I am a rice krispy purist and my favorites will always be the good ol’ classic rice krispy. The puffed rice must have expanded in our stomachs because we both felt pretty sick afterwards, either that or human stomachs aren’t meant to digest 200 grams of sugar at one time.

We were kind of driving in the middle of nowhere to a super small town and we came upon a random house just hanging out in the middle of the road. Totally normal.

Photo 1 1

Intermission to play on a tractor:

Photo 2 2

I love watching kids sleep in their carseats. I am always tempted to tickle their feet when they are asleep, I am guessing that makes me a bad person.

Photo 3 1

We got home and my cousin came to visit and say goodbye. This is the cousin that I spent every summer with growing up. Either I would go to Cali and live with them or she would come stay with us. Our days consisted of the trampoline, eating Carmelo’s and making our own music videos to Lil’ Bow Wow songs. She is getting married at the beginning of September and wanted to show me her dress. It is absolutely stunning. Don’t worry, I totally asked her permission to show her dress before the wedding and she said heck yeah. She is the most easy-going bride ever.

DSC 3208

Last day to run side by side with my sister on the treadmill. If you see us at the gym please don’t be weirded out if you see us holding hands the whole time while sobbing over being separated.


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If you are in school, when day do you start? If you have kids in school, when do they start?

Do you add anything to your Rice Krispy Treats or do you try it with different cereals?

What size of town or city do you live in? Have you ever lived in a really small town?

If you are married, were you a laid back bride or bridezillaish?

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My daughter starts first grade the day after Labor Day. I really like it because you get a nice long weekend before the madness starts back up.

I haven’t had a rice krispie treat in a LONG time. I tried one made from fruity pebbles a while ago. I wasn’t a huge fan but I have never liked that cereal too much.

I live in the Washington, DC area so it is REALLY packed. I live in the subarbs of it but they are one of the most highly populated areas. I think we were voted for worst commute in the US…..However, if you drive about an hour away from it all it can get pretty country. My boyfriend is from a tiny town in VT so it was crazy to go up there and see the differences.


My kiddos start school right after Labor Day.

And I would love to add any thing and every thing to rice krispy treats, banana bread or any thing I make BUT the kids like every thing PLAIN so they are usually PLAIN. (You will see….you make things for your kids more than for your self once you have them… ;-)

Major laid back bride…in fact, I wanted to elope and hubs wanted to have a wedding so wedding it was. My mom and sister picked out most of the stuff from flowers to food….I really didn’t care. ;-)


Just finished law school in May so thankfully this is the first Fall ever that I don’t have a first day of school to look forward to!


I am a rice krispie purist as well but I do make one exception. My dining hall in college made cereal treats using cocoa puffs and they were absolutely INCREDIBLE. the marshmallow at the bottom was extra gooey and buttery and got some chocolate flavor from the puffs. amazing.

I live in Pittsburgh and its a pretty big city (our population is around 300,000) but it is made up of many small neighborhoods with thir own distinct characteristics and demographics so it doesn’t feel so big because it’s broken up. I like it that way because we have all the amenities of living in a city but your neighborhood is like your own small town. I just love it!


I am originally from Los Angeles and now live in Milwaukee, WI. I think I would die if I lived in a really small town. I love city living. In Milwaukee we are in a city but it would take no time at all to get to a more secluded, nature filled place. It’s the best of both worlds in my mind.

I think I was a more laid back bride. I had total tunnel vision but I never snapped at anyone while wedding planning. And once the big day came I was more relaxed than I thought possible, even when things didn’t go exactly right.


That is a beautiful dress and it fits her perfectly! I was a very organized bride and the only time I had a “moment” was the day before when the best man was still working on our table numbers (it was his gift to us) 15 minutes before the rehearsal. I almost had a heart attack.

I live in the 16th largest city in the US. ;-)


My mom used to make rice krispy treats with peanut butter and a chocolate topping–so delicious. I might have to call her this morning to get the recipe because baby B #2 needs them now that I think about it.

We live in Fredonia, NY which is the perfect little small town. If you ever watched Gilmore Girls it is very similar to Star’s Hollow, complete with Victorian festivals and a gazebo in the middle of town. We can walk to 6 playgrounds and the library. My husband’s law office is across the street from our house.

I was a laid back bride because all I could think about was being married. I made all of my bridesmaids run the morning of the wedding making us late for our hair appointments.

Good luck to Billy in law school! The first semester was the hardest for my husband but after that it settled down.


我妹妹结婚在9月。她哈s been pretty laid back. I’m shocked. Her stress level is rising but that has to do with the fact they they live in TN and are getting married in Ohio. They’re coming home this weekend and will literally be trying to finalize everything Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. She refuses to make another 5 1/2 hour drive before the wedding. I don’t blame her! I have a feeling she will be leaving some projects with me!


Oh my goodness GORGEOUS bride-to-be! I was pretty laid back, but I def had a few moments of bridezilla-ness!


My undergraduate is also on the list of most beautiful campuses!http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/galleries/2012/08/05/college-rankings-2012-most-beautiful-schools-photos.html#slide8

I’ll be starting grad school in 16 days in Cleveland where I live. After walking around that campus I realized how much Miami spoiled me with how beautiful it is, especially compared to an urban city school!

Good luck with your move!


I go back to start staff development next Friday and then the students will be coming on the 29th. Where did this summer go?!?

只会让水稻私家侦探nutter黄油cookies smashed into them. Turned out so good, but they have the potential to cause major stomach aches!

A week after I got engaged I moved 5 hours from home and started a new job so my mom took over the wedding planning. I like to think I was laid back because I let her have at it with the planning and basically just showed up :)


Oh Janae…my heart is aching for you right now. I am SO close to my family..and each time I had to deploy or was being sent someplace, I felt like my heart was breaking when I had to say goodbye.
Hope you are feeling great beautiful, mama…thinking of you and sending you hugs…xoxo


Try making Rice Krispie Treats with Chex… yep amazing. I am actually from a small town of 1,200! I live in NYC now so quite the change, haha, but I love and hate both of them for different reasons. :) You are the cutest preggos woman EVER.

I am planning my wedding right now and I have been pretty laid back… but I guess with two months to go, that could change. :)


AHhhh SOOOO excited for you–and yet so hard/sad to say goodbye!!!! You can do this, though <–you have SO much to look forward too :)

I was a pretty not-laid back bride. Hah.


GOREGOUS dress and bride-to-be! The wedding dresses I see pop up around your blog are alot different than what I see around where I live and I REALLY like the capped sleeves vs. strapless/halter that is so common here! Very pretty!

Have a wonderful day with your family! :)


I don’t start my LAST YEAR of law school until Monday the 27th! I hope Billy enjoys his first day of law school!!!


Happy 1st day of school, Billy!

I love that you watched The Hills. I’m still so entertained by it (although looking at vintage Heidi is so sad given what she has done to herself since).

I was a very laid-back bride. In fact, I was told at the salon that I was the calmest bride they’d ever seen!


Ah… is it too much to ask where that dress is from??


Ahh… I cant see the new HRG baby poat..!:(


Are you still having issues seeing it?


Nope, I saw it! I went to the HRG Baby tab at the top instead of clicking on the link, and it didnt show up for a while, but now it’s there :) Thanks!


I don’t have kids, but I work at a school–the first day of classes is September 4, but sports seasons started last week Monday.

I am a rice krispy treat purist as well. I used to ask for rice krispies in place of birthday cake every year when I was growing up!

I grew up in a reall small town–population was less than 2,000. I went to college in the north suburbs of Chicago, which was a huge change and took some adjusting! After graduation/getting married, we moved to a city with a population of just over 21,000. We moved for jobs last spring, and now live in a city of about 33,000. I definitely loved living in the city of 21,000 the most, though going home to visit my parents is still really fun because I know where everything is!


I am also a teacher. I start two weeks from today. :( We live in a little town in Southwest Michigan. Our state dictates that we don’t start until after Labor Day. So kiddos start Tuesday, September 4th. My oldest is going to be a freshman and youngest is in 1st grade (in my building). I actually live and work at the public school that I attended as a kid. I didn’t plan it that way but after moving around a bit, I always felt pulled back for one reason or another. Although I like to travel to other places, I love being a part of this community. Many people stay and I have friends’ children in my class each year.

I was a laid-back bride. I had a blast!


Wow ! Good luck on your big move… I live very close to Santa Clara, you will love it when you adjust. We just moved 3 years ago from Portland, OR – with 3 kids! School starts 8/22 here, early… I always cry the first day of school (when I get home), even tho my oldest curly girly is now in High School. Annnnd, then go for a nice long run!

Rest as much as you can, let that baby grow ~ Best of everything, hope I see you at any of the many races around here :)


I grew up in a small town! I live in a bigger city now … but I really do love being able to head home and enjoy the little things in my hometown. Like cheese balls at my favorite restaurant!


The current population where I live is 620 people. About half of them leave in the winter. It’s small :)


I’ve lived in a small town my whole life– about 4,000 people. And you have to drive about an hour to get to any restaurants or shopping. :-/ No crime, though !


Don’t most brides think they are laid back? My friend was a total bridezilla and always makes these comments about how easy everything was. It cracks me up.


I’m sure you will love the fantastic CA weather!


Aw! Looks like you and Billy are going to LOVE cali!!! So happy for you!

Your cousin in GORGEOUS! Beautiful dress, beautiful bride! Congrats to her!!


我已经回来2周内教学学校!讨厌的东西!The good news is that I am only parttime this yr! YAY!!! I’m full time aerobics/personal trainer and 1/2time high school teacher. I am so blessed to finally flip-flop my work schedule!
I am from a large city and love large cities. My husband is from a tiny town. It’s not even on some maps. I hate small towns and when he proposed I told him I would only say yes if he swore he would never ask me to move to his hometown. Is that terrible!??!?! Well….8 years later we are still far from that town. ha!
I hope you are feeling okay and that she comes soon!


“我希望如此,我在那里收拾lunch, help him walk around campus to find his classes and force him to take a first day of school picture but I guess we will just have to pretend tomorrow that it is the first day of school” — Bahahahaha! I can totally see you doing this :)

I was totally laid back as a bride — I’m pretty sure everyone was waiting for me to have a complete meltdown because I was being so relaxed during the whole process, but why bother? At the end of the day, all of our friends & family watched us get married, and then helped us celebrate. That’s all that mattered :)


I don’t have any children, but I think that our school starts next week here. :)
I haven’t had a rice krispy treat in years!! I do think that I could make myself sick on them. :) Um, no thinking….I definitely could. :)


M & Ms in rice krispie treats…take a page out of Nike and just do it!


They started already in Phoenix.
PB Chips. Choc Chips.
Used to live in a fairly small town (less than 100,000) but now live in a big place!
I didn’t care all that much about a wedding. Just wanted to be married already.

The Kidless Kronicles


i grew up in Santa Clara, part of the greater south bay San Jose area so it’s pretty big. Great part is we are driving distance to some amazing places, like Santa Cruz, Tahoe, Yosemite, San Francisco, etc.

We also have a ranch near the salinas area in a very small town and i love te country feeling. not too far from the big cities, but just far enough. :)

I think i was a laid back bride. my husband did most of the planning ;) though when i actually had to make a decision on flowers and such I stressed out. only bridezilla moment was when the wedding hour was around the corner and i saw that none of the groomsmen were dressed. lol. freaked out a wee bit.


I’m a teacher and the school year started today – trying to be positive but let’s face it, nothing is as good as sleeping in and doing nothing all day.

In college we made all sorts of treats, fruit loops, cinnamon toast crunch, etc, but the best ones I’ve ever had were at my 50 mile race when a volunteer made butterscotch rice krispy treats – I almost dropped out and just stayed at the aid station.

I was pretty laid back in terms of being like “chair linens? what are those? they cost extra, no thanks” and practically kissing my florist when she said “do you want me to just make you look good, for really cheap?” and never even knowing what kind of flowers I was getting, but when a groomsman dropped out four days before with no notice and for no reason, I got a tad zilla-ish.


Aww, road trips are fun and Curly is just precious in her carseat. I grew up in a small town, went to school in a small city, and now live in a heavily populated area in NJ…I miss the small town atmosphere! I too, prefer plain ole rice krispy treats. :) And I was a totally laid back bride..my mom, grams, and sister did most of it…but I was also busy finishing up undergrad and went straight grad school…we had a pre-honeymoon the 1 week off between our undergrad and grad school and got married a month later…took a 3 day weekend off from grad school, lol. Best wedding ever though (of course I’m partial, hehe). ;) I hope Billy likes his classes!


Kiddos start the 27th and I love watching kids sleep in their carseats too. You’re going to be seeing quite a bit of that in just a couple of weeks! ;)


So I totally made my boyfriend stop and let me take his picture on his first day of law school. Mind you he was 29 and none to pleased but I explained that it was a tradition in my family and he went along with it : )

I might not have mentioned that I was posting it on my blog…oops! What was the funniest was watching him try to pick out his outfit. After 6 years of wearing a suit and tie every day, he wasn’t even sure where to begin. Wishing Billy the best of luck this year and enjoy that beautiful campus!


V starts Kindergarten on the 27th. I wrote the last preschool check, and I almost cried.

I grew up on a farm. The town I grew up in was about 400 people. My graduating class was 16 including me.


I was definitely a laid back bride. So much so that 1- i left my wedding dress at home the day of the wedding (ha – my dad had to drive back and get it) and 2- i was the last person out of the entire wedding party to get hair/makeup done.. . i was too busy chatting and just relaxing!


I love Rice Krispy Treats!
I love them:
-with PB mixed in
– reeses mixed in
– M&Ms & pretzel’s mixed in

I love making them with other cereal too! So far I’ve only done cap’n crunch, but I know I’ll be doing some others soon!

I live in Houston, so it’s pretty big. I grew up in a town of about 25k (i think). And now my mom lives in a town with 2,000 people. it’s so small!


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