Chance to win BIG. Our Sunday. 6 things to check out.

First and most importantly today——> 2 people are going to win $150 gift cards toPRO Compressionto purchase whatever they want!!!

I am a huge fan of PRO Compression. They are my favorite recovery tool. These babies go right on my feet after I finish a long run, hard workout or race! Besides increasing your blood flow (which helps your body to recover faster), they are comfortable and they come in a bunch of different fun colors and patterns!

IMG 0948

You have two ways that you can enter to win this awesome giveaway:

-Use the codeHRG15to buy anything atPRO Compression(this code will get you 40% off and free shipping on orders over $20).

-Enter your email on the homepage for FREE. GoHERE

Good luck!!!

IMG 0946

We fed 100+ people chicken salad sandwiches, carrots and dip, chips galore and my chocolate chip cookies (that were broken into by somebody before the meal… I will find you).

FullSizeRender 2

Sundays are all about relaxing in our neck of the woods. We change into pajamas first thing after church, take naps and then wake up overly happy.

IMG 9628

My mom made one of her most requested meals for dinner last night. My sister even asks to have this chicken on her birthday every single year… It is that good. It is tangy and sweet and it is crazy simple!

Mix together Russian Dressing, a packet of Lipton onion soup mix and 1 jar of apricot jam (not the one with pineapple in it because then it will burn). Spread over chicken and bake at 350 degrees for 1.5 hours (for 8 thick chicken breasts).

IMG 0958

My sister’s baby and I are getting lots of snuggle time together.

IMG 0961

因为我们真的不知道世界上哈ve a Sunday dinner without dessert afterwards.

A slice of apple pie was a great finale to a great week. Isn’t it weird that the Boston Marathon was just one week ago? It feels like ages ago!

IMG 0964

PS another one of my favorite recovery tools. My frozen Mr. Spongebob golfball that I use to roll out my plantar when it feels tight. I haven’t ran all week but maybe that is why it is tight right now?

IMG 9634

My brother’s bday is today! Right at midnight his time (aka the very first second of his birthday) he sent out this text:

Screen Shot 2015 04 26 at 10 07 28 PM

(He is just kidding around:)

Don’t worry, none of us forgot about you… we just didn’t call you in the middle of the night to wish you happy birthday. ***Edited to add he called me at midnight my time (2 a.m. his time) so that I could wish him a happy birthday:) We take birthdays in our family very seriously.

Thanks for keeping our family constantly laughing.

Flashback to when my brother and I used to have to take selfies with a disposable camera.

20150426 221409

Six awesome running related articles/posts/videos to check out.

-Rachelle opens up about anxiety, addictions, running and eating disorders in her postHERE!我希望你能在现实生活中,因为都知道她se she is one of the most incredible people that I know and the fact that she is sharing her story in order to help others is beyond amazing.

-You probably have already seen this but I just love Meb and I love how heShares Finish Line Moment With Elite Amateur

-Did you know that the Boston Marathon race director runs the course every single year after the race? Last MondayMcGillivray Finishes 43rd Straight Boston Marathon.

Shalane Flanagan on Her Boston Marathon: ‘A Bad Day At the Office.’ I love her perspective on what happened and how to stay positive and mentally tough when your legs feel like lead during a race. PS Donuts are her post-race treat too. I really like her.

Stay Motivated With 100 Fitness Tips…. the first 13 are for running! We all need some extra motivation to workout every now and then and there are some great ones on this list that should help:)

-Loved watching this 2 minute recap of the highlights of yesterday’s 2015 London Marathon Women’s Race! Tigist Tufa wins with a time of 2:23:22!!! It’s funny how I find watching every other sport besides running extremely boring to watch on tv. I could watch running all day long.

IMG 9540


What are some of your favorite recovery tools?

Who else has plantar problems pop up every now and then?

What sports do you enjoy watching on TV?

What was the best thing that you ate this last weekend? Best part about this last weekend?

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I also use random toy balls to roll on when my muscles feel tight! I’m always testing them to see if I’ve found “the one” :) I love pro compression too so thanks for that!!


I have two tennis balls in my car and I sit on them while driving. Anyone that rides in my car laughs when I tell them what they’re for. I don’t care, they work! :) Hope your sis feels better soon.


I was just telling my husband that I can’t believe Boston was only a week ago!
Recovery tools: calf compression sleeves and foam roller
Best thing I ate: my gran made biscuits with homemade pear preserves…so good!!!


I watched the London marathon on TV yesterday, Tufa’s finish was incredible! I loved Shalane’s attitude about her race. It’d be hard to have such a positive perspective on it when that is the race you train for all year! Love her!

Favorite recovery tools – sleep, compression socks and an ice bath!


I love wearing Pro Compression socks after a hard run or race! Actually, I love wearing them all the time:) Some of my other favorite recovery tools are my trigger point foam roller and lax ball. I also recently got an R8 recovery roller which is painfully awesome in the best possible way!
Best part about this weekend was getting to see so many of my friends from HS! And I ate a delicious homemade pizza for dinner last night:)


Favorite recovery tools include the foam roller, pro compression socks (great giveaway!) and frozen yogurt.

Looks like you and your brother invented the selfie– happy birthday to him!

No PF problems, but I have pretty bad toe and calf cramps that like to sneak up on me late at night– awful! I can’t figure out why they’re happening lately.

Looking forward to reading Rachelle’s blog post :) Happy Monday Janae!


I love that you guys are so serious about the birthday wishes. Awesome. I like my foam roller a lot. Best thing I ate was birthday cake. Love to watch most sports-football and basketball are my favorites.


Bahaha Brooke’s face in that mask! And your brother sounds fun. Happy Birthday to him!


My favorite recovery tool is my foam roller. Best thing I ate all weekend was a yummy ham and pineapple pizza last night! I’ll be eating the leftovers for lunch :)


I’ve never had plantar problems, but I did get a weird muscle strain on my ankle while doing yard work yesterday. Which is a bummer because I was just getting psyched to do a little easy running this week for the first time post-Boston :( Boo on odd pains, but yeah on a nice looking yard I guess :)
Thanks for the good reading links!!


I’ve been rolling A LOT lately, which has tremendously helped my plantar fasciitis. I also use compression socks every now and again for recovery.

Definitely the best thing I ate was froyo. It always is. And I may have had it both Saturday and Sunday…

My favorite part of the weekend, though, was spending time poolside with my sis. She’s my favorite person ever, so I cherish every moment I get to spend with her. :)


Compression socks and foam rollers are my favorite recovery tools. My dog also has a toy ball that felt great for rolling my feet but he hid it after he caught me using it (puggles can be greedy).
Marathoning and track are my favorite sports to watch on TV!
Best thing I ate this week was pork tacos with guac on Friday night. You can never go wrong with tacos.


I watched my non-runner boyfriend finish the London Marathon – his first. My two favourite moments were the huge hug he gave me at mile 22, and when I overheard him tell someone after that he’ll ‘probably do another marathon’!!! YAY!


Best recovery tool = horizontal running :).

I read Rachel’s story, she is pretty much awesome. Thanks for sharing girlfriend!


Key lime pie from scratch!!


I used to have plantar fasciitis and I always used a golf ball or a frozen water bottle!
I have compartment syndrome in my calves so I love compression sleeves and the foam roller!


My favorite recovery tools are the massage stick and massage roller!! And, I actually enjoy taking ice baths believe it or not :)

I’m not a huge sports television fan! I would much rather go outside and be active!

The best thing I ate was a mahi mahi bowl at Islands (it had veggies, brown rice, and mahi mahi and it was delicious) and the best thing I did was go for a 7 mile hike! It was a pretty awesome weekend. Now it’s back to reality!

Have an amazing Monday!


Sounds like you had a great weekend.! Filled with lots of family, and good food.! Me too.! :) it was much needed.
My husband loves sports, and I always have also, so we watch lottss of sports on tv. Especially football. Even when it’s not football season.!! But besides that, I also watch running stuff.!! I love to :)


All about Pro Compression for recovery…are the best!!
I had a cobb salad at Claim Jumper after my race Saturday…it was amazing and huge with made it even more amazing in my book. Salads are my favorite post race meal (after I snack!).
I have been very lucky to not have plantar issues yet…I am hoping it stays that way!
Happy Monday!


Thanks for the Pro Compression code Janae! I just ordered 4 pairs :-) 2 will be for my boyfriend though!

My tennis ball is my fave recovery tool. It’s great to sit on at work and put pressure on my hamstrings. I use it to roll out my plantar too!

I like watching running and football but ONLY if there’s a massive spread of delicious food to go with the football. I don’t mind watching soccer either, but running is the only sport I’d choose to put on TV.

Best thing I ate: A BLT with an egg on it from Bagel World. Then I dropped my wallet in their parking lot and had to go back for it 20 minutes later! Sososo lucky it was still there

And best part of my weekend was either going for a run with my boyfriend and a friend along the ocean in Marblehead, MA on Saturday OR finally shaking a nasty little head cold I’ve had since marathon Monday!


My plantar fasciitis is always angry no matter what I do. Golf balls help big time. I find if I sit too long it gets crazy. Speaking of stretching, my favorite tool is the stretch out strap. I can really get my hamstrings and hip flexor a good with it.


I love my OPTP Pro Roller for getting out knots post run. It helps with everything from legs to hips to upper body. I also love rolling my feet on a golf ball, but have never tried a frozen one! I will definitely give that a try. Thanks for the idea!


Awe, you and your brother are so cute! I have been lucky enough to not have plantar issues. I know a few people who have and it’s really ouchie.


I like yoga sessions for recovery, but I am not good about being as regular with them as I should be! I think football (both NFL and college) is very fun to watch on TV!


I love Pro Compression socks, even before I became an ambassador :) They really are THE BEST for recovery. Such a difference when I wear them, especially after long runs and races. I love running in them too!


My foam roller is my favorite recovery tool, but I also like compression socks or tights.

I had a great long run on Saturday- might have been the best part of the weekend. Sunday dinner was pretty great, too. We had a picnic with all kinds of delicious cheese, olives, spreads, and bread. I don’t eat like that very often, so it was a treat!


我的按摩师告诉我按摩我的弓/ PFwith a golf ball yesterday and sent me home with a golf ball. Also she recommended this product called Yoga Toes which is supposed to help and I tried hers out, I really liked them and just ordered a pair. So that’s another thing you could look into? Aside from that, I love my tennis ball and my foam roller for recovery!

The best thing I ate this weekend was a slice of NY style pizza!


Ice and tennis balls play a huge part in my recovery.

I am finally being able to run a bit after trying to work through some plantar issues and rupturing my plantar.

I enjoy watching football and big races on TV.

We drove 16 hours round trip to go to my cousin’s wedding reception. It was exhausting but totally worth it! We also visited Grandma and she requested a triple berry pie a la mode, which I was more than happy to pick up for her :)


噢,我的天哪…那些石灰绿/海军袜子的到来to the website as their monthly sock in may, or did i miss my chance :( thats my fav color combo!


i had no idea dave mcgillivray ran the boston course after the race was over — pretty cool.


1st recovery tool : Sleep !
2st recovery tool … A very slow and short run the day after a hard run.


My friends think I’m absolutely crazy for watching marathons and other running events on TV. I become completely absorbed and love every second! Occasionally, I can watch a baseball game, but I’m usually doing 3 other things at the same time…I just can’t focus on other sports!

Best part about the weekend: my half marathon. I ran nearly 14 minutes faster than last year (although still not my all time PR). It is great to be feeling great about running again.


I love to watch Football on TV. Baseball is the WORST. I played softball so it might be too boring for me because I’m not on the field?? I’m not sure.

I love the fact Rachael shared her story with everyone. I think if more people came out about overcoming anxiety and eating disorders, it would be easier to acknowledge and help others.


thanks for sharing the procompression codes!!! i’m in love with those socks but they’re so expensive, so I’m gonna check the web out to get a pair of them…

To recover from races I use the Swiss brand “Compressport” Calf Guards R2, I don’t like them for racing, but I like them for recovery, when you take them off, you feel like your legs are floating!



Foam roller, ice baths, and leg elevation are some of my other favorite recovery methods.

The best thing I ate this weekend was these crazy good organic chocolate covered almonds


I have planter tightness every so often too. I keep up with icing and it feels much better.

We made a cinnamon roll french toast bake yesterday that was amazing!

Love Pro Compression!


I also love PRO Compression. They rock.

Thanks for sharing the post from Rachelle. I am also a recovering addict and our stories sound pretty similar. It’s nice to see another person using their journey and what they have learned to help inspire others. Glad you had a good weekend!


Your brother is dedicated, that is hilarious!

I’ve never tried Pro Compression before, hoping to win!


My favorite recovery tools is to just drink a lot of water. I have never enjoyed foam rolling so for me, drinking a ton of water after a race helps with any soreness (don’t know how, but it does). I have had plantar problems in the past from wearing Converse shoes too much in middle school, but now in my 20s I have more problems with my ankles. I love watching any sport on TV! Guess that happens when you grow up with a large group of boys. I love watching baseball and basketball the most. My boyfriend has gotten me into watching soccer as well. I enjoy watching football, especially when there is dip involved. The best thing I ate this weekend was my post race bagel with butter on Saturday. It was an onion bagel very toasted with butter and it tasted amazing. The best part of this weekend was my race! I ran the 11th annual Pat’s Run here in Tempe, AZ. I had a pretty good finish time and enjoyed myself quite a bit :)


I watched the Penn Relays on Saturday and found every event exciting to watch. I do watch soccer and hockey, and college women’s lacrosse, but every other sport now is just boring. I will fall asleep if other sports are on.


I LOVE watching Gymnastics on tv!!!!
I swear by the Rubz recovery ball!!!! Great for the foot!!!
I had an awesome long run Saturday and we got a hot tub!


I use a frozen bottle of water to roll out my arches and also my peroneal tendon (side of foot and lower leg)

I love winter sports on TV…skiing and ice skating

I had a delicious grilled (on the BBQ) portabello mushroom with melted mozzarella cheese on it yesterday. It probably tasted even better because i had just finished running the New Jersey Marathon and was STARVING! =) Oh yes, I ran marathon #6 yesterday on half the training I normally do thanks to runner’s knee keeping me out for 6 weeks. It was 19 min slower than my PR but I stayed strong and was rather impressed with how I navigated those last 10 miles since I had only gone up to 16 in training. We always gain something from running a marathon.


I live in Compression socks!!! Although…now that it is getting warmer out…part of me is bummed that I can’t wear them while running outside (it will mess with my tan lines and give me oddly tan thighs and white calves, duh)

I can’t believe Boston was already a week ago…I’m a little bummed out that I have to wait a Whooooole year for the next one!!!


‘ We change into pajamas first thing after church, take naps and then wake up overly happy.’

A great way to spend a day of rest! :-)


I think I need to have my family get together every Sunday for a family dinner, it always looks like such a blast with you and your family!


我提交自己的泡沫辊pos一样经常sible. My shins are acting up again so Ice should be my best recovery tool!

I had a party for my husband’s birthday on Saturday (his actual birthday is today) and got all his favorite foods, so lots of chips and salsa, jerky, peanut butter m&ms and cheese. It was yummy!


My weekend is only one day this week, so yesterday was busy busy! But, the man made his famous chili for dinner and it was amazing. Definitely the highlight of the week!

Thanks for sharing Shalane’s article. I’ve been looking for it!


I love my foam roller for my IT band and quads- it hurts so good and using a tennis ball to roll out my plantar. I need to make more of an effort to stretch and use these tools!

Best thing I ate this weekend – my hubby made pancakes for lunch yesterday because I’ve been craving them.

Best thing about the weekend – 10 mile run that felt great – negative split and I didn’t feel totally gassed at the end!

Happy Monday!


I met plantar fasciitis last year for the first time, and I have quite a few go-to tools for when it flares up, but the BEST tool by FAR, have been Oofos sandals! They make my feet happy and PF is usually better by the next day!
Best part of my weekend – new PR at the KY Derby half marathon! And the best thing I are, was a burger and a buffalo chicken burger the night before! ( my Hus and I split the 2 burgers btw…lol)


*I am really enjoying wearing compression socks after long runs (and a long run for me is over 5 miles, no judging) :) haha and foam rolling ITB!
*I love watching Baseball (its in my blood) and races. Boston is by far my fav!!
*Best thing I ate this weekend was a half a ballpark hot dog at the Detroit Tigers baseball game! It was my daughters first game :)


我爱你弟弟的幽默感!快乐的生day to him.


A friend’s mom made this DELICIOUS bread dip (to be eaten with hawaiian bread) and it’s amazing!!


How long is the code good for?


I keep a golf ball under my desk at work so I can roll out my foot whenever I feel some plantar coming on.. works like a charm!


Loved watching the London Marathon yesterday! I wish I could have actually gone into the city to watch it but I had way too much school work to get done. My friend went and said it was incredible! It was also Paula Radcliffe’s last marathon and it was so cool to watch her run this one last time!

The only sports I can watch are basketball, running, ice-skating and dancing! Everything else I pretty much find super boring or I can’t keep up with what’s happening.


Omg. I am taking that text. I’m a little nervous bc I’m actually the last time zone for our family, and my brother/sister happen to be VERY on top of texting me…. but I’m still going to try. and I’ll send it out to friends too. that is hilarious!


Im a big fan of leg drains. I know its not a tool but I swear by it.

Does wipeout count as a sport to watch? hahaha

The best thing I ate this weekend was probably the Tonight Dough (Ben & Jerry’s) I rewarded myself with after our 17 mile trail run with some killer hills. The trail run was probably the highlight of my weekend.


Today is my birthday, too!! And I just got a text from my big brother :) We started celebrating on Saturday and the celebration continues today!

My right plantar has been plaguing me lately :(


My favorite recovery tool is my stationary bike. It sounds odd, but that thing has helped me loosen out my sore muscles more than anything else. I’ve hopped on within hours of finishing a race before….and then hopped off to feel like a brand new person. It’s not like I’m biking 20mph….it’s more like a slow, easy pedal while watching some guilty pleasure tube.

For the first time ever, I’m having plantar issues and I didn’t even realize that’s what it was. Honestly, I thought I had an impending heel fracture or a tender Achilles. I didn’t realize how horrible an angry plantar could be!

My husband is a HUGE NFL fan. From September – February, his life revolves around football. Obviously, when your spouse is that much into something then it rubs off.

Best thing I ate? Biscuits and gravy from our favorite breakfast dive.
Best thing I did? I was finally able to run pain-free and with my dog who has been out two weeks because he had surgery on his paws.


Haha I love the photo of you crushing Spongebob.


The best thing I ate all weekend was my chicken burrito bowl for dinner yesterday after my George Washington Parkway Ten-Miler. It was delicious, and hit the spot!

My plantar fasciitis acts up every once in a while, but hasn’t bothered me much since I got custom orthotics.

In addition to running, I LOVE watching college football and college wrestling on TV. I also love watching our Nationals play baseball.


Your brother sounds like a fun guy. I admire how close you and your siblings are.
I went camping this weekend and the best thing I ate was a roast potato for breakfast and s’mores at night. Very minimalistic living but sometimes that’s the best


Best thing I ate all weekend? That is ALL I DID all weekend. From Thursday to Sunday evening I ate everything. In fact, it was me who snuck in and ate your cookies early. My bad.

That Brooke meme is phenomenal.


What are some of your favorite recovery tools?
**This is going to sound silly, but one of mine is a blanket. I have this heavy Martha Stewart blanket that I have had for years, it’s so incredibly soft and I don’t know what it’s made out of, but it’s heavy. After a run, shower, meal, I will lie down under it and I kid you not, my legs actually throb (in a good way) under it. I’m so glad I have it.

Who else has plantar problems pop up every now and then?
**ME! My heel was hurting this morning, actually, so I only walked. :(

What sports do you enjoy watching on TV?
* *我不真的,除非是奥运会。然后我like track & field, swimming, most of the Summer games.

What was the best thing that you ate this last weekend? Best part about this last weekend?
**We went to this fantastic japanese hibachi place for my husband’s birthday. It was super fun, my son had never seen the onion volcano and all that so we enjoyed watching him have that experience. AND my kind and generous brother picked up the tab for us (as a bday gift), so that was an awesome surprise.


Favorite recovery tools: ice bath, foam roller and a massage (need to get on the compression sock train!)
I haven’t had any plantar problems (knocking hard on wood!)
LOVE watching running on TV. LOVE it, LOVE it!! I watched the London Marathon on TV which meant I took a nap and woke up at 1:00 am PST to see the race!
It was totally worth it!
Best thing I ate was a really sweet lunch that my husband made for me on Saturday!
I hope you are having an awesome Monday!!!


I totally have the EXACT same spongebob golf ball for rolling out my foot!! Crazy! And I love Pro Compression- I’m an ambassador for them this year so I’m taking my opportunity to stock up on as many socks as possible. If this keeps up I may need a second drawer just for my socks. #runnerprobs

It’s really funny because before this year (even though I was a runner) I wouldn’t have watched running on TV. I need action like football. But this year I watched the Boston Marathon and was so inspired I had to go for a run after! How people change.


We take birthdays very seriously in my family too!! I start counting down to my birthday probably 5-6 months prior. It’s really that big of a deal. And every time we get to the 25th of a month, I count either how many months it’s been since my birthday or until my birthday. I should totally send out that text next year. Love it! haha


I use tennis balls and compression socks (Pro Compression is my favorite!). I occasionally have heel issues…..I haven’t figured out what triggers it though. I usually only enjoy watching football (college) or gymnastics on TV………….I rarely watch any football, but I will definitely watch gymnastics or cheerleading if it is on!

And the best part of my weekend was the Disney cruise we just got back from! Our honeymoon! It was amazing, and I did not even know that they have a 5K fun run on their own private island in the Bahamas! I got to run in another country! It was so incredibly hot, but I still managed 9 minute miles……………and the best thing I ate was lots of fresh pineapple and a wonderful pina colada!


Quick question: do you or anyone else knows if this works for international orders?

thank you


Thanks for the coupon code! I just ordered a new pair of light blue compression socks! :)

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