The BEST Cowboy Caviar recipe, Sunday happenings and my training last week!!!

我hope your weekend was a great one. Utah decided to join the spring bandwagon again and so we spent a lot of time outside the past two days.

我MG 3989

We started off the morning getting out of our comfort zone and making waffles instead of our normal pancakes.

我MG 3978

We did a whole lot of randomness all day long and then we went over to Megan’s house for dinner. I was in charge of the Cowboy Caviar and it is my new favorite—> it’s going to go great on mysweet potato nachos, chicken, salads… pretty much everything.

我MG 3998

And anytime there is fresh corn involved in a recipe… I’m all in.

我MG 3985

Megan’sMom’s Amazing Black Bean Salsa

1 (15 oz.) can black beans drained and lightly rinsed

1 1/2 cups fresh corn kernels (3 cobs)

2 medium tomatoes, diced into 1/4 inch pieces

1 red and 1 green pepper, diced into 1/4 inch pieces

1/2 cup finely chopped red onions

1-2 fresh green serrano peppers (chopped and seedless)

1/3 cup fresh lime juice

1/3 cup virgin olive oil

1/3 cup chopped fresh cilantro

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp ground cumin

1/2 tsp ground red chile pepper

3 avocados diced

Mix in a large bowl and chill until serving time!

我MG 4001

We started off with chips and the above happiness and then had Megan’s amazing Cafe Rio salad copycat and amazing sweet potato fries.

我MG 4013

So Meg soaks her sweet potato fries for 30-60 minutes before baking them because it makes them more crispy if you start with this step. She is a smart one.

我MG 3992

HAVE YOU EVER HAD A MELONA POPSICLE? They bought them at an Asian market and wow. This flavor tasted like a starburst popsicle, it will be a summer staple for us.

我MG 4019

We also saw the cousins and how can a little dude running over to you with the biggest grin not put you in the best mood?

我MG 4045

And the kiddos practiced their b-ball skills.

我MG 4032

This was quite an excellent thing to come home to Saturday after my tempo run.

我MG 3921

格子…鲸鱼…配色方案…波士顿me… they are almost too pretty to wear;) While I wish I was going to be at Boston this year, I have some pretty amazing memories from last year and these shoes will keep reminding me of those.

TheNantucket Adrenaline GTS 16!

我MG 3946

A little more shoe talk—> I’ve been wearing myPureCadence 5sfor my speed work again. When I slipped on the PureCadences not too long ago it was like a reunion with a best friend after a little time apart (I’m weird about my shoes, I know). I’ll keep using the Launch 3s and I can’t wait to try out the GTS 16s for easy runs and long runs. I feel like my body has always responded best to the Pure line as far as speed/tempo/races go so I’m happy for our time together again. We runners are sure picky about our gear right?

Monday: 7 miles @ 8:05 average pace.

Tuesday: 3 x 2 mile repeats with .5 mile recoveries. Average pace for the repeats—> 6:22. 12 miles total with w/u and c/d.

Wednesday: 6 miles @ 8:45 average pace.

Thursday: 10 miles @ 7:53 average pace.

Friday: 5 miles @ 8:25 pace.

Saturday: 10 miles total with 6 miles @ 6:25 pace.

Sunday: OFF!!!

50 miles total for the week. This next week of training will be a little interesting because I will be out of town for part of the week. I’ll have to combine some speed work with my long run and get it done towards the beginning of the week.

我think I might have a track star on my hands… she doesn’t mind running around in circles continually as fast as she possible can. She even asked my mom to count.

我MG 4005


Three highlights from your weekend?

Who ran track in high school or college? Who uses the track often now?

What was your best run last week?

How many different shoes do you rotate through? What’s your go-to running shoe right now?

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Highlight of my weekend was getting a new car! Totally not something I was planning on! We had beautiful weather this weekend too, it was fantastic!

我usually rotate between two pairs of shoes. I’m in the market for new shoes asap too!

我have a very similar black bean salsa recipe, its so good!!


This weekend, I closed on my first house (finally!) That was definitely a highlight for me :)

Right now, I’m rotating between the pure flow 4 for long runs, pure flow 5 for short runs, and some new balance shoe for speed work. I usually only have 2 shoes in rotation but the pure flow 5’s aren’t comfortable for longer runs but are perfect for short distance!


Congratulations, how exciting!


一座房子! !WAHOOOO超级兴奋! !哦,我love hearing from other flow lovers:)


我’ve never had cowboy caviar! But your salad looks absolutely amazing.

我ran track in high school and loved the 3200 and 1600. I haven’t had too many good runs lately, but my best was my speed work yesterday.

我love the pureflows, but I think I’m going to go back to the 4’s for my next pair. I also rotate in the Saucony Kinvara and Newton Gravity.


我’m not a big shoe rotator and stick to one or two at a time, now it’s the Mizuno inspires. Highlight of the weekend was probably just nothing going wrong, given the week I had last week! And that salsa looks incredible, want some now!


Three highlights from my weekend were pool time with friends, froyo (obviously) and baseball coming back into our lives. I’m not working today and going to Opening Day!! :)

我ran track in high school, but I wasn’t a huge fan. I still use the track sometimes for speed work, but I like running on the roads better. Go-to running shoe: Saucony Kinvara.


我haven’t run on a track since high school gym class over a decade ago! There aren’t any schools with open tracks very close to me, but I wish there were because I love the idea of doing intervals on an actual track. Maybe it would bring back bad memories though, I hated running the mile in gym class! :D

My best run last week was on Saturday. It was one of those effortless runs where you feel like you’re floating and the time passes too quickly. I wanted to keep going forever!


我had an interesting tempo run on Friday : I realized when coming home after 8 miles that my husband was gone to work and I had forgotten my keys. Good thing he works 3 miles from our home but after a hard tempo, 3 miles feels like forever! And going in his fancy office all sweaty with shorts and a t-shirt on was kind of humiliating ;-) Oh well, I survived!
Soaking sweet potatoes, hey? Thanks for the tip, I will try that!


我ran the cherry blossom 10 miler yesterday in 20+ sustained winds with gusts in the 30s!! I ran way faster and stronger than I had anticipated.


我的亮点from the weekend was running the Shamrock Shuffle 8k! Wasn’t sure how I’d run it because I have my goal half next weekend, but felt strong on the first mile, so decided to race it and was really happy with the result!! Looking back at my runs from this past week, they were actually all pretty decent, but the race was my favorite of course :)


i ran this race, too! (the one in Chicago i assume?) and did the same thing…wasnt going to actually race but then just felt like pushing it. great job!


Omg I love cowboy caviar! That looks delicious!!


我rotate between the Sauconys Kinvara and the Brooks Pure Connect. The Pure Connect is my favorite race shoe so I’ll have to see what I end up choosing for races once I wear through my last pair.


Three highlights from our weekend? A GLORIOUS run, baking cupcakes with the kiddos, and lots and lots of sleep. Living the wild life over here ;) .


我went to get new shoes yesterday… I was about to get the Brooks Adrenaline, but I felt like they lacked something in the heel…. I settled for Mizuno Inspire.


我have 3 pairs I use, PureConnects, Flows and Launch. I love them all. The Connects are my shoe though, I am lost without a new model. :( No other shoe makes my arches as happy as they do!!
That looks delicious, lately I have been on a kick of adding either Peach or mango to almost all salsas I eat. I love that slight hint of sweetness.


我just got new running shoes yesterday, so that was definitely the main highlight of my weekend :) the brand is On and they are the Clouds which I had never heard of, but these shoes felt amazing when I tried them so I hope they take me far!


AHHHH YES!!! I tried those when I was pregnant with Brooke and they were amazing! I felt like I was running ON clouds literally hahaha! Keep me updated on your thoughts!


我’m currently running mostly in the Pure Flow 4s right now but I do a few shorter runs here and there in the Launch 2s.

3 highlights of my weekend was a 5k on Saturday, going to a hockey game Friday night, and going with my boyfriend to get fitted for his first pair of running shoes :) I was way too excited about that haha.


We had great weather, I had an awesome 7 miler, and we had delicious quesadillas this weekend!

我ran cross country in high school………they started it my freshman year, so me and another girl were the first 4 year runners ever from our high school!

我am currently running in 2 pairs of Brooks Ravenna. Next month I am getting another pair of runners……….Saucony Guide. Those two shoes are my favorites right now!


我need to start rotating shoes more. They’re just so darn expensive! But necessary.

3 highlights from the weekend include celebrating a friend’s birthday, trying one of those “escape the room” challenges, and making puppy chow (chex with peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar), which I haven’t made in ages. Perfect way to celebrate before a week of tapering for my half next weekend!


My go-to shoe right now is the Brooks Ravena. But I’m thinking about trying the Launch 3s.

我ran track in 8th grade, but that feels so long ago. Now I try to do track workouts once a week, usually with my run club. Racing with others is the best way to build up some speed!


我feel like Utah is always on a different schedule. When it’s nice on the east coast…it’s not as nice in Utah and this weekend we had terrible weather on the east coast. I’m glad you had nice weather though.

我rotate through 3 pairs of main shoes right now: saucony triumph, asics fuzeX and adidas boost. I have racing flats too.


Hi Hollie…which Boost shoe do you wear? I wear the Adistar Boost but have been told it’s being discontinued :-( I love this shoe and have NO idea on where to start with a replacement. I’ve tried the neutral Boost and while I love how it feels while running, it eventually ends up making my foot hurt…I’ve tried it several times & it always ends badly!


我用asic yeeeeears灵气。喜欢,因为米aybe 2005? Something like that. And I race in NB 1400s. But just recently I switched to Brooks Launch and I looooove them. I have to slide a gel heel pad under each insole just to raise the heels up a bit, but I’ll eventually wean myself off the gel pads.

Skechers is sending me a few pairs to try, so I’m looking forward to that! It was tough getting out of my shoe rut but I’m so glad I did!


我ran track and cross country in high school and I definitely preferred the track. But I haven’t used the track much since then. Sometimes I really miss it but I’m loving the more cross country kind of running lately.


My go-to shoes right now are Mizunos – the Wave Creations for long, and the Wave Riders for short. I am 200+ lbs (Athena style!), and pound pretty hard on my heels so minimalist has not worked for me. I do want to pick up a pair of Brooks Ghosts to rotate in for short distances, though, I just haven’t come across a well priced pair lately.


我rotate between 2 pairs of Nikes at the moment. I tend to stick with Nike but I change styles.

我didn’t start running until I was 40.

3 highlights: dinner with friends we haven’t seen in 6 months, spending the afternoon with my husband and dog on Sunday and realizing that running the prescribed recovery pace works for making my legs feel better (even though it feels ridiculously slow).


我love the plaid Brooks! I wear the Ghost exclusively, but tempted to get the Adrenaline’s because I like the print :)

我will be trying the soaking tip for the sweet potatoes next time I make fries; thanks for sharing!


Those shoes are pretty old! The guys at my gym would laugh at me if I wore them. That salad and sweet potato fries needs to happen this week!


我rotate two shoes right now. They are both Altra’s. The one 2.5 for speed work and intuition 3s for longer runs. Three highlights was conference!!!, baby now knowing to look for me when my husband asks “where’s mama?”, and not having to work over the weekend with the beautiful weather out!


HEY!! I know the guy that started Altra!! Seriously, he is the coolest guy. Those highlights are perfect. So glad you had a great weekend!


我love cold salads and salsas when the weather starts getting warmer. That black bean salsa looks super yummy! I would probably eat it with a spoon!

Yesterday I did a 10-mile trail race and finished top 5 for women! It was the first race I have done without tapering at all. My coach wanted me to experience a race under a lot of fatigue (it was a huge training week for me) in prep for my upcoming triathlons. My legs felt like bricks the entire run, but I did better than I thought I would. I think it helped my mental game more than anything. :)


Top three highlights from this weekend – finishing my first marathon!!, then all the carbs we ate to prep for the marathon, and then visiting Lake Como! Returning to the States tomorrow :( My go-to training shoes for long distances are the Adidas Sequence Boost, for speedwork – Brooks Launch 2 (and I use these for half-marathon intervals), and now I will need to find another use for my Nike Lunar Glides as I just ran my marathon in them! Love those Brooks though!


CYNTHIA!! Huge congrats on your first marathon. Seriously, such a ginormous accomplishment! Oh carbs… not much better than race prep carbs (and celebrating after with carbs too:)


我rotate two pairs of running shoes and really like both pairs right now! Adidas energy boosts and saucony rides. I did not run in high school and my younger self would definitely never believe that I run now! Ha!


我t was so nice here this weekend! But now it’s raining…BOO. My best run last week was my long run on Saturday. It felt like I had only been runnin 1 mile and it had been 6! Right now I run in the Mizuno Wave Riders. I use to switch up my shoes but now I just sick with the one pair throughout training cycles.


我ran track in high school and during some of college, so when I do a speed workout, I do like to get to the track. It brings back memories. :)

我’ve been having IT band issues, so my best run last week was 45 minutes with no pain! I think I’m finally on the road to recovery! :D


Goofy question. Can we get a picture of your running shoe rack/collection? I’m limited to 4-5 pairs. My oldest daughter literally tells me now I’m not allowed to get anymore, which is funny since I am the one funding her shoe collection.

我imagine rotating through 10-20 pair. Prove me wrong. (LOL)


Oh and I have 2 pair of Asics GT 2170s – one of which I need to part with but won’t. One pair of Hokas which really aren’t great for anything but recovery runs. And one pair of North Face Ultra Cardiacs which are awesome on the trail. There’s a pair of New Balance for the treadmill but they are really awful, but its treadmill running, so whatevah.


Highlight of my weekend: beat my half marathon pr by 7 minutes, and 30 minutes faster than the last time I ran this course. So yay meeeee!


AMY AMY AMY AMY AMY!!! That is quite the highlight. HUGE congrats girl. You crushed your PR and course record. Enjoy that post race high!


That salsa looks unreal!! I need to make that but I’m afraid of eating it all in one sitting ;)

Highlights from the weekend: Conference, the weather right now, and buying new workout clothes!!


Crazy question about the caviar: is the corn cooked or raw? Either would probably be good?

Highlights of my weekend included a long family walk, getting to take a rainy afternoon nap, and finally finding a good Mexican restaurant in our new city!


Hey girl! So I cooked the corn but I’m sure raw would work too!


That recipe looks AMAZING!! Totally giving it a try next week. Thanks for sharing girl! I ran track one year in high school and wasn’t a big fan (crazy because now I’m addicted). I LOVE my track workouts now though!


Awesome week of workouts/training! Speaking of training, a guy from my town is on Lap 5 RIGHT NOW of the Barkley Marathon!
我watched the documentary after you posted about it and have had all of my friends watch it! Anyways, coincidentally, I was browsing on the NLRunning group via Facebook and saw:

SO SO SO SO COOL! I can’t believe it as we’re from Newfoundland, just a tiny island in Canada!


Baked sweet potato fries are one of my fave foods to eat at home! I soak them in water too and sprinkle a little cornstarch after to help them crisp up!


My sweet potato fries NEVER end up crispy – I will have to try this!

我的亮点of the weekend was listening to my body and giving myself a break! I was supposed to do a 14 miler and my body was just not having it – I quit at 6 miles and at the time it really bummed me out but I am trying to convince myself it was for the best!


Those Brooks are awesome!!! And oh my goodness can I just come and eat all of your meals with you! That salsa looks absolutely incredible!


MMM that salsa looks like it would be good on eggs.


No highlight to my weekend. I came down with/discovered I have tendinitis in my left Achilles. Do you have any advice? What type of doctor do you see for this. It’s not really bad but I’m scared it will get worse or rupture.


Lee, my advice is to rest. Like a boss. It stinks but my experience is that you can’t really run through an achilles injury. You have to give it time. Massage your calf (you can use a baseball or golfball for this) and the achilles area to help increase blood flow. I also had good luck with acupuncture. Good luck!!


Thanks, Michelle. it’s a new issue caused by an antibiotic. I’ve rested it for a few days and have noticed a huge difference -especially this morning. I’ve been making sure to stretch it but never thought about massaging it. I will start doing that, too. how do you know when it’s safe to resume workouts? it sucks not being able to run.


我ran the 1600 and 3200 in high school, and still do a lot of my running on the track at a nearby park. I live in Brooklyn where there are not many options other than the wonky sidewalks.

我pulled tendons in my ankle, so have to take it easy. I still have a little over a week before a I can run again. It’s really frustrating because I was planning to do my first half-marathon mid-april, but have decided to wait for a full recovery. There will always be more races.

Thanks for the tip on the sweet potato fries! Looking forward to giving it a try.


Seriously, you are the only person I know outside of my family that loves those melon bars! I’m half Korean so going to the Korean market is awesome because you get a delicious treat!


My husband and I visited London and Amsterdam last week! It was amazing!!! I always soak my sweet potatoes before baking them too.. makes them so much crispier, which is always the best!!


This is oh so random, but I am obsessed with how perfectly that waffle fits in that plate.

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