Sunday stuff, a LEG DAY WORKOUT w/ my sister and 10 running songs I am loving!

Just the normal rest day from running and church day with the peeps. We definitely missed Brooke but I ended up hearing a little bit more at church than normal;)

His excited face about going to primary afterwards.

IMG 6869

Just the usual goodness for breakfast. Kodiak cakes has a berry flavor syrup that I love too and the thermos is from Megan D. Hot chocolate with waffles is a great idea.

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After church we got to work on a pineapple and everything else we could find in the fridge to eat!

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And then before we knew it, BROOKIE WAS HOME wahoooo!

IMG 6890

She brought home this Frozen cereal which is the current highlight of her life. If there is any product with Frozen characters, no matter what it is, Brooke will love it.

IMG 6882

We drove up north to go have dinner with Andrew’s parents—> stuffed bell peppers are delicious.

IMG 6892

The ice cream sandwiches came out next which took me back to my childhood. These were a big deal to us back in the day.

IMG 6893

Knox was busy with his boy cousins and Brooke was busy with her girl cousins.

IMG 6908

She paid a little attention to me too;)

IMG 6910

And for an extra random note today—> I came across this gem of my dad and I at a daddy-daughter date when I think I was 8. Wearing my best friends necklace (Jamyn and Jenn had the other two pieces) and going through my awkward stage like it’s my job. Sure love my dad.

IMG 6846


10 Songs for Running that I am currently listening to on repeat during my runs:

You Can’t Look Back by Taking Back Sunday(starts slow but then it gets so so good)!

Sing For The Moment by Eminem

Kamikaze by MØ

We Will Become Silhouettes by The Postal Service

No Roots by Alice Merton

Tunnels by Angels & Airwaves

Prequel by Totem City

You are the One by Shiny Toy Guns

Motorcycle Drive By by Third Eye Blind

A Faint Illusion by Tides of Man


As I have told you a million times, I don’t have a lot of motivation to lift weights. I know it will help me to be a faster and stronger runner, it’s good for my body etc etc etc but I guess I would just rather be RUNNING. Unless, my sister is doing it with me. Then I love it. I’m like a chameleon and when I have her there with me doing weights then all of the sudden I am all about the weight room. We bought a pass to her gym instead of our old one so now I can meet her to lift a few times a week. It’s fabulous. We are both starting out smallish (she has to because of her back injuries and I’m not looking to be crazy sore during hard runs but I’m looking to increase strength slowly). Here is one of the leg days that we did the other day that burned really nicely. PS I am really sorry but I do not know the proper terms for everything.

For each set, repeat three times:

Set 1:

1 minute wall squat (this hurt)

12 squats with 12 pulsing squats to end it off (with or without weights… we did without).

12 lunges on each side (i.e. right leg in front for 12 and then left leg in front for 12.. with or without weights)

Set 2:

Stability ball hamstring curls—> 12-15 reps (pictures on how to do this below)

One-Legged Deadlift with weight—> 12 each side

Plie squats (your feet are a little bit wider apart with your feet 45 degrees out to the side) till it burns (this was usually about 30-60 seconds for us)

Set 3:

Calf raises—> 25

Abductor machine—> 12

蹲墙用充血的眼睛=我们疯狂的耳朵ly to workout together:

IMG 6231

Stability ball hamstring curl! Start with your heels on the ball with your arms to your side! Contract your glutes and abs and lift your hips up! Keep your body straight from neck to knees. Bend your knees and draw the ball closer to you keeping your core tight!

IMG 6232

Your knees should point to the ceiling at the top! Roll the ball away from you again to get back to the starting point. Repeat 12-15 times!

IMG 6233

For the one-legged deadlift, hold your weight in both hands and keep the standing knee slightly bent. Go down into a deadlift by bending at the hip and extend your free leg behind you for balance!

IMG 6235

Once you are parallel to the ground, then return back to the upright position!

IMG 6236

While my sister was doing calf raises on the step I was doing the thigh abductor machine:

IMG 6240


How do you come up with your strength workouts? A class, a friend, the internet, you are just really good at coming up with them on your own?

Have a small running goal, workout goal or health goal you are working on this week? Please share!

-My running goal this week is to get rid of the self doubt… workouts are bumping up lately and it is just a waste of energy doubting myself. I am going to use that energy on the pavement and treadmill instead:)

What desserts remind you of childhood?

-Remember those little ice cream sundae cups that came with a little wooden spoon?

Would you rather strength train legs, upper body or core?

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I love that you get to lift with your sister! I enjoy lifting so it’s pretty easy for me to get motivated to do it. It’s really just finding the right time that is hard. When I go running outdoors I never really want to them go back indoors and use a gym. Luckily Adam and I are building an at home gym now, so I hope that will help make getting lifting sessions in more convenient so I have to go home after a run no matter what :)

I like lifting upper body more than legs most of the time because I hate feeling sore from squats/lunges/deadlifts during the next run!


Your runs this week looked incredible – well done on the mileage!

That workout looks amazing – I’ll have to give that a go this week :) I tend to get all my workouts from pintrest but my partner LOVES the gym so he helps me out too! I would definitely rather train upper body – my legs hurt so much from my workout that it makes running really difficult afterwards. I try to train upper twice a week, core twice a week and legs once – I figured my running counts too!

This week my goal is to just eat as well as possible. I’m forever eating biscuits at work and they really irritate my stomach so I’m desperately trying to stop. I miss them already though!

We always used to have ice pops when I was a kid – I haven’t had once for years but now I really fancy them!


Thank you so much Lauren… it feels good to be back to some hard workouts again! Let me know what you think of the leg workout! That is awesome that your partner helps you out a ton and I’m going to have to check out Pinterest for good workouts (send any great ones on over to me:) Bummer about the stomach problems from biscuits… I hope you stop missing them ASAP!


How is your dad doing? Thinking about you guys!


Thank you so much Jennifer. So, I think recovery is just taking a lot longer than we expected. While he is improving, he is just not able to do much at all and won’t be able to for still another month or so. He is bored but spending time painting and resting and that is about all he can do right now. For some reason I assumed he would keep improving quickly but it seems the improvements have slowed down a little bit.


That’s tough. I hope he continues to improve.


I’m sorry to hear that he hasn’t recovered as quickly as you had hoped. Thoughts and prayers are still w/you and your family.


I loved the Dixie cups with the wooden spoons! we used to get them in the afternoon at camp. I loved ice pops and ice cream sandwiches and chocolate eclairs too…I get my strength training in mostly with pure barre which is great because I don’t have to think about what to do and I really enjoy it!


I would strength train core over upper or lower.
I always save “strength training for runners” articles but then I never actually do the routines. Geez! I have some aversion to strength training I wish I could fix with hypnotism or something.
My small goal this week is to continue with my 10k steps and foam roll daily. And if my sore toe (toenail injury) is up for the challenge I would like to go hiking on Wednesday with my hiking group.


Taking Back Sunday and The Postal Service?? YES! Those bands take me back (ha!) to some real great music listening days :)

I try to strength train a couple of times a week. I rarely do any leg training–I guess I figure they get enough of a workout from running. But I work on my upper body and definitely my core. A stronger core helps so much not only in running but in lots of areas of life, including your posture. Some of the workouts I do are from what my coaches used to make us do in basketball when I was in high school!


I’ve been a personal trainer for about ten years now, and even though I know what to do, it’s the motivation to go and do it that I lack.:P So goofy.

LEG DAY was FOREVER my fave when I was a bodybuilder back in the day!

Side note: Abduction and adduction = great for keeping your hips flexible! It’s such a misnomer that those machines are the “chick” machines. I have male bodybuilder friends who use them to keep their hips in shape.


I do a power barbell class once a week when I am training for a race, twice when l am not. Great for motivation. I remember as a kid that I really liked pre-packaged ice cream cones (called drumsticks) with caramel stuffed in the middle!


Core is probably my least fave but most needed, so I suck it up and do it. I try to do total body workouts to keep everything balanced.


YouTube is my best friend for coming up with new strength exercises. And I always prefer to do strength training in my core and upper body because I normally have my legs too sore from running. My small running goal this week is to do it 5 times, since I barely could ran last week.

My childhood dessert was Maria crackers (A Hispanic version of Graham Crackers) with a very foamy latte. Yes, my parents allowed me to drink small amounts of caffeine being a kid.


Most of my moves are from my PT, trainer, or exercise videos.

I used to love the strawberry shortcake bars or a bomb pop. I also loved Swiss rolls. (although the latter was atrocious the last time I tasted it).


Okay, Swiss Rolls. Yes… we had those in our lunch boxes some days. I am right with you though, the one I had a few years ago tasted nothing like how I remembered it as a kid haha!


Thank you for motivating me every day to run. Now you’ll motivate me to strength train!


Thank you for your comment Maggie! Let’s keep each other motivated this year with strength training haha! Have a fabulous day today!


Don’t doubt yourself.. you are HARDCORE! If not for you, I would never have the motivation to run or the drive to get faster:)

Random question, have you ever had an achilles tendon issue? I won’t call it a full fledged injury but it definitely feels stiff/sore these days. I know you’ve had a ton of injuries but I can’t remember you ever taking about Achilles tendons!?!?


Oh thanks Mallory! Those silly doubting voices just need to peace out for good;) Achilles problems are the one thing I have struggled with. I am SO sorry that your achilles tendon is feeling sore lately. I will have to write a post about this and research it a bit and get people comments from this injury… expect it sometime next week! I’m sure the comments will have great solutions! Sorry Mallory and I hope it starts feeling back to normal again asap!


谢谢你Janae !:)


I totally remember those ice cream cups. I thought they were such a special treat as a kid because my parents would never buy them.
I love lower body workouts because I always feel so strong afterwards. I know it’s in my head, but I feel so tough once I’m done.


I’m totally the same as you, I’m awful at keeping up with strength training. The last few marathon training cycles I’ve done I’ve done classes like BodyPump or Pilates.

Running goal for this week is to hit 40 miles for the first time since April of last year! I also have my 5×400 workout tomorrow which I’m very nervous about. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve been at the track and never at altitude before!

Confetti cups and fruit snacks totally bring me back to my childhood. And push pops!

And I guess if I HAVE to strength train anything it’d be my core.


Strength workouts are the hardest for me to get motivated too. Usually I need the help of a friend or a scheduled class to get there.

I’m adding all of these songs to my playlist. I’ve needed new motivation.

Reply has some really great resources. I have loved the Erin sterns workout from that website. It definitely alters your body and I love the functional aspects. (Erin also did track in college and so she includes a lot of runner friendly exercises). Way to go getting up early! I am still gym shopping. Once I find my place though I expect to have motivation out the wazooo


THANKS for the recommendation Elizabeth! I am going to have to check that website out! Erin’s workouts sound perfect for me! Good luck finding the right gym for you… that is tough but once you find the right one it is SO SO nice!


I really like Fitness Blender’s YouTube videos and I use a couple of fitness apps.

This week my plan is to run 3x’s and strength train twice. I’m meeting 2 of my girlfriends for a run and breakfast Saturday and I am really looking forward to that!

Popsicles for days as a kid! Any kind of ice cream reminds me of my dad though, that and coffee was our thing.

I typically try and do whole body strength training but if I only have 10 min or less I go for my core.


Your run this weekend sounds like a blast… enjoy every second. I am going to have to check out Fitness Blender’s YouTube videos… thanks for telling me about them. Good luck with the strength training and running this week.. you’ve got it!


本周运行目标是运行几次this week to test out my hip flexor. This injury has taken me a while to recover from, but I’m hoping that this week I’ll be able to get back out there!

通常,我会让我的力量训练的想法the Internet/blogs or come up with my own! My favorite part to train are my legs/ core > strong legs and core = happy runs!

Those ice cream sandwiches bring me back to my childhood too! I’m craving one now ;)


I am not good at coming up with my own work outs. When it comes to the weight room, I really need a coach of some sort bossing me around.

My fitness goal for this week is to get out for a couple walks with my boys. This mama needs to start moving again.

When I think of childhood deserts my mind instantly goes to flinstone pushpops!

Which would I rather train? Legs maybe? Haha. I was a dancer for years and years and leg day comes easily to me :)


Oh PUSHPOPS… we LOVED those at my house! That is awesome that you used to dance and that it still makes leg day a bit easier for you! Enjoy your walks with your boys this week!


As I’ve gotten older (44) I’ve realized that strength workouts are the only thing that really keeps me injury free. I have worked out long enough and over the years with trainers at different times to pretty much just make up my own routine as I go. Body weight exercises are my friend: squats (all kinds: jump, pistol, sumo, etc.), lunges (also all kinds), wall sits, push-ups, planks, step-ups, the dreaded burpees-so many ways to never get bored.


Janae!!! This was such a good post. . . I mean who am I kidding they are all fabulous!
Lets chat: I would also just rather run! My friends BF is a trainer and he works at my gym and he gets after me if he sees me only run and leave the gym!! So that has motivated me to know someone otherwise I am out of there! I have grown to LOVE the TRX bands and I feel like those are good for every part of the body!
And my parents were health nuts(now I thank them for it) when we were growing up so sweet treats were really a treat when we were little but ice cream sandwiches were the bomb!!!!! Now my favorite treat is a good cupcake!!!!!


Desserts that remind me of childhood:
-Mint chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins … I would always order that flavor!
-Drumstick ice cream cones
-Those strawberry shortcake ice cream bars!

Running/health goal of the week (actually more like the year): Listen to my body!! If my knee feels off, spending a couple days in the pool is better than trying to push through the pain. If I’m exhausted and need a rest day after a few weeks of really high mileage, take the rest day!


I love ice cream sandwiches! Honestly, I can’t keep them in my house because I can’t control myself when they’re around!

I actually enjoy lifting weights and probably enjoy upper body the most, but know that core is probably the most important for me to compliment my running (since my back injury).

Love the picture of you and your dad!


I usually need a class to motivate me to strength train. But I’ll throw elliptical in for crosstraining sometimes and then I try to break up the elliptical with weights (10 min on, few weight sets, 10 min on etc). It keeps me from getting too bored.

PS You’re adorable in your akward stage ?


Kayla Itsines BBG Guides are my go to for weight training. She also has an app Sweat with Kayla. This has been such a game changer for me as it’s hard to get out of the house to workout.


I just love body pump classes for strength training! They are my favorite!!!

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