Weight routine with my sister and some Monday things to discuss!

HAPPY MONDAY!!! I hope your week is off to a great start!

我把day off from running but luckily Dr. B is going to have a look at my leg to see how it is doing. I think I am overly cautious about injuries these days but I would rather take a week off from running than months off because I just kept running on something that didn’t feel quite right. My right quad started to feel weird at the end of my run on Saturday like it did right before I got a quad injury a few years ago—> the time I took 5 weeks off of running to pool run and then ran a marathon coming straight off of pool running… you can read about thathere.

My leg doesn’t let me know that the hot spot is there unless I am running. Anyways, I just want to get it taken care of so it doesn’t turn into 5 weeks of pool running. I mean, pool running is great and all but we are just now getting to the perfect running weather right about now and I do not want to miss out on that. Long story short, my sister called me to do a workout with her this morning and I happily joined her.

PS while I am talking about pool running… this is what finishing a marathon looked like after pool running only for the five weeks leading up to race day.

Back and chest for the day! She gives me the motivation I need to do weights:)

It went a little like this:

Repeat 3 times:

1) Pec fly machine for 8 reps

2) Scoot forward on bench and reposition arms up and elbows resting on the handle for 8 reps

3) Reposition arms again so that forearms are parallel to the ground 8 reps

PicMfonkdey Collage

Lat Pulldown!

12 reps x 3 (with a short 30 second break after each set of 12).

IMG 1356

Repeat 3 times:

1.) Lying down dumbbell fly for 12 reps

2.) Dumbell press for 12 reps

3.) One-arm dumbbell row for 12 reps with each arm


Cable row!

12 reps x 3 (with a short 30 second break after each set of 12).

IMG 1380

She then had me do the Jacobs Ladder for 5 minutes and my heart rate was 500 but my leg was happy.

IMG 1391

Finishing off with 15 minutes on the rowing machine.

IMG 1394

Just in case you want some form help with the rowing machine (because it is so easy to do wrong), here is a video that helps!

It was a killer workout and my arms had a hard time reaching my hair afterwards to do my hair. So I didn’t do my hair. Let me know if you try out the workout:)

I came home and Knox and I had a deep discussion over what he wants for his birthday. In September.

IMG 1407

Knox left until Wednesday and then Brooke had her friend over! But before her friend came over she started making a pile of her old things. I asked her what she was doing and she told me that it is stuff for a baby sister…. maybe Brooke knows something I don’t know or she is just really trying to give me subliminal messaging that she wants a sister.

IMG 1339

Lunch was a good mix of the usuals, bbq sauce added after the picture.

IMG 1416

More Candyland playing with her friend.

IMG 1418

A reader sent over this great idea for our trampoline. Once it is a little warmer, we are going to hang some Christmas lights up to celebrate summer night of trampoline jumping.

Screen Shot 2017 03 06 at 11 28 35 AM

And a peak into my purse right now. A bird book, a carton of chick-fil-a sauce, beads, a million toys and I am sure there are 50 things of lip gloss and gum underneath that all.


PS I just posted an awesome clip for runners onmy Facebook page… it had me laughing pretty hard!

Screen Shot 2017 03 06 at 1 24 46 PM


What was your Monday workout?!

How often have you been doing strength training/weights lately?

Highlight of your Monday?

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i love the twinklie lights on the trampoline!


I am sure there is an open bag of gummy candy in there too…that my 2 year old would be able to sniff out a mile away. Still not sure if I should be embarrassed or proud of her for doing that to you. ;)

Annabelle and Evan are always telling me what they want for their birthdays, what they want to DO for their birthdays and even what they want to EAT on their birthdays….months before their birthdays.

30 min of hiit on the stepmill today and 30min of weights. I like this workout you posted. I will definitely be trying it. Especially with those adjustments on the fly machine. I have never done that before and now I am intrigued.


Since I went skiing yesterday and ran the day before I’m a bit sore so today I just walked around the neighborhood to hit my 10,000 steps. And now I’m about to do my hip and glute strengthening exercises and then foam roll.


That sounds like a killer workout! In the best way. Definitely going to try that soon. My workout today was 15 minutes run/walk, 20 min abs, 20 min glutes, and 10 minutes stretch.


Oh my gosh, that video=hilarious! Totally going to steal the lights on the tramp idea! So fun! Just as soon as the 4 feet of snow in the yard melts and we can set it back up ;)


I love the lights on the trampoline, how fun is that?

I ran and did strength training. I felt like mixing it up, so I did this. Ran 1 mile, stretched a bit to loosen up and did 3 sets of 12: assisted pull ups, ran 1/2 mile did 3 sets 15 reps ea: leg press and chest press, ran 1/2 mile, chest press, 3 sets pec deck and rows, ran 1 mile, 3 sets: curls w/ overhead press, lat pullovers, triceps, with band: fire hydrants, monster walks, butt lifts and 3 1-minute holds of clam w/ a band. I am so ready for dinner now.


Ugh I hate your food pictures because they look so good and make me so hungry! Also you use a lot of avocado which is delicious but I’m allergic to so it’s just major food envy =[

Highlight of my Monday is it is my birthday! Which is how I convinced my bf to join me for my spin class this morning.

I’ve been doing weight training about once a week since I can’t access the gym much more than that but I do whole body while I’m there (I’m a broke grad student so I’ve just been going on a guest pass with my bf on weekends which is why my access is limited). But I realize that’s a crap excuse because I could (should!) easily do strength training with body weight at home. Can I just say I’m super jealous you have a rowing machine at your gym?! I love them!


I’m glad to see the sweet potatoes are back ;)

Also, I’m with Knox…I let people know way ahead of time what I’d like for my birthday. Better to be prepared!

Highlight of my monday – baking Dessert for Two’s small batch focaccia. You have to try it, its un-freaking-believably-good!!


I did 40 minutes on my indoor cycling bike. I watched Netflix and worked up a sweat. Win-Win. My purse is crazy clean. I hate having too much stuff in there. I carry one big enough for a small makeup bag to fit in and keep all my loose items in there. That trampoline picture is pretty cool! :) I would totally do that!


Netflix keeps us so entertained during our workouts… thank goodness for it:) Way to go on your indoor cycling bike! Teach me how to have a clean purse:) Enjoy the rest of your day Becky!


THANK YOU for posting the video for proper rowing form!!!! As a former college rower (short lived career due to injury) it makes my heart hurt watching people try to use the erg at the gym. You are doing a wonderful service for people’s backs everywhere!


Is that your sister running in flip flops on your video? WOW!

The highlight of my Monday was that I had an extremely productive day.

Since I had to take two weeks off from running due to my shin splints, I’m now lifting weights more often. It doesn’t feel as good as running, but at least is something.


How do you cook your sweet potatoes? They always look perfect!


So we just put them in the microwave most of the time… for about 9 minutes. I love the taste of them when we cook them in the oven but usually I just don’t have the patience so I use the microwave. I hope you have a great rest of your week and a delicious sweet potato soon!


I love the twinkle lights!!!!

Highlight of my Monday: getting to sneak out of work a little early

Today’s workout: 30 minute easy run…getting over a cold so took it nice and slow

Thank you for the weight workout, that’s one thing really missing from my routine…


Wow that looks like an amazing workout! Would love to try it. That trampoline is so cool! Great idea! The highlight of my monday was that I got a job offer! Woot woot. It’s only part time but its 100% remote so I could do it on top of another job. Its quite stressful to come out of a graduate program with big loans and look for a job! Just glad to have at least a tiny bit of financial security in the next few months.


You and your sister look so alike!! Lots of similarities! I LOVE seeing a weight routine! I’m all about weight lifting :) My workout today was low-key just did sprints on the treadmill. 9 sprints at 11.7-12mph only takes 20 minutes!


KILLER WORKOUT today… those sprints are intense! Come lift weights with us Carrie!


今天的锻炼也是我Monda的亮点y. I did the workout you gave to Andrew w half mile repeats and 1 mile w/u and c/d. I was outside so I turned my feet over quick as I could for half mile w half mile recovery jog. I was able to able to get one half mile to 8:53. It was awesome. Training for the Tar Heel 10 miler and needed a speed workout.
Ty for sharing it!
No weights lately, dedicated to Yoga w Adrienne though.
Have a nice night.


WAY TO GO Marylynne on your workout! I am so glad it worked out for you and I want to hear all about how Tar Heel 10 miler goes! Thanks so much and I hope you are having a great night too!


Monday workout: 7 mile run in the morning, followed by climbing in the evening. Climbing was probably not the best idea (I have to run 4 miles tomorrow) but I love it so much and I don’t want to drop it just because I’m training for a race. So I forced myself to take the elevator instead of the stairs, etc, to make up for it.


I want your lunch! And how did you run in flip flops??? I ran 5 miles on my incline trainer… through Venice, funny I don’t remember Venice having so many inclines! When I am not training for anything I do two days a week of Body Pump and three days of running plus abs. Usually one of the other days I do something active, hiking with the puppy or maybe spin or HIIT. Although yesterday was a rest day and I barely broke 5,000 steps. In my defense I was fighting a cold and somehow binge watched all of the People Vs. OJ Simpson.


Weights 2 to 3 times a week. Oh my gosh Brooke wants a little sister! ? That video had me laughing so hard!! THANK YOU! My toddler was NOT a nice boy 90% of today so that definitely brightened it!


When I was four I informed my mom she was pregnant with my little sister before she knew, and I was right. It’s entirely possible!!


I love strength-training! I tore my rotator cuff last year, so it’s taken many months to get back to it, but I am so happy now to be started again. Three pound weights are better than nothing!


Monday was my weights day so no run until Tuesday. This was a traditional free weight workout using fairly heavy weight. I usually alternate weights days with a mixture of interval type body weight workout vs free weights and today was the latter. I tweaked my back in barre class and didn’t want to be jumping around. Regardless, the workout was still killer: sumo squats, walking lunges, chest presses, side lunges, dumbell rows, wall squats and a bunch of other stuff I’ve already forgotten.


Your purse cracks me up :) Chick Fil A sauce hahaha love it!


我不得不说我爱how you can be creative with food/leftovers. I wish I had that skill!!! I waste so many leftovers. I’m trying to get better at eating them.


Ah great post! So much good stuff! Sounds like you had a great workout with your sister! I have a rower at home and use it regularly for cross training. I am always thinking about my form and that video you posted is so helpful! Like you said, it’s so easy to do it wrong.


Hello Janae, Excellent writing!
I love your food pictures. they look so delicious and healthy too because you use a good amount of avocado . Avocado offers a wide variety of health benefits. Avocado helps in keeping the eyes healthy and protecting the skin from signs of aging and UV rays. You workout pictures are awesome and motivational too.
Thank you!


For a beginner, a 15 kg dumbbell press may be a challenging weight, and may help to build strength and endurance in the upper body muscles, including the chest, shoulders, and triceps. However, for more experienced weightlifters, a 15 kg dumbbell press may not provide as much of a challenge, and they may need to increase the weight or vary the exercises to continue to see progress.


I did the workout you gave to Andrew w half mile repeats and 1 mile w/u and c/d. I was outside so I turned my feet over quick as I could for half mile w half mile recovery jog.

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