Drop & GO Running Workout for YOU + Reunion + Sunday Stuff!

Let’s chat about Sunday.

The day started off with blueberry waffles in bed because why not?

IMG 4443

Knox has perfected what we call the ‘evil eye’:)

IMG 4451

Post church lunch of carrots, grapes, leftover spaghetti and meatballs and part of Andrew’s nachos too:) Basically a 6 course meal.

IMG 4460

For dinner the amazingCandiceinvited us over for SUCH a good dinner.

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She had fruit for us, a southwestern salad and black bean enchiladas. I haven’t had enchiladas in forever and this was an amazing reminder of how good they are.

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For dessert she made a chocolate cream cheese dessert that had a graham cracker crust, a thin layer of cream cheese deliciousness, chocolate pudding and whipped cream.

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然后我们去了布鲁克。布鲁克(both kids which is so nice) does really well with the drop-offs/pick-ups. When she is leaving she is happy to go and when she is coming back she is happy to be home. It makes the transitions so easy but it might just be because she has been doing this for as long as she can remember (since she was just over 1 years old) so she just knows the routine.

For some reason Brooke told Knox before she left for the weekend that she was going to make him some Halloween cookies while she was gone. She never got around to making any Halloween cookies but she did bring him back a sugar cookie instead.

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We all missed her a lot.

IMG 4470

Thanks Knox for the picture (he has become quite the photographer).

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They were right back to their normal craziness.

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This just feels so good to have everyone home.

IMG 4474


I’ve got an awesome workout for you to try!!! For this workout you are going to be using your 10k current race pace to figure out your interval paces (below I can show you how to find your 10k pace if you haven’t raced a 10k). You are going to start out with a 1-2 mile warm-up and then start your workout!

Your first interval will be 1 mile @ 20 seconds slower than your 10k pace followed by 90 seconds at a slow jog/walk. You will then do 1 mile @ 10 seconds slower than your 10k pace followed by 90 seconds at a slow jog/walk. Next will be 1 mile @ your 10k pace followed by your 90 second recovery jog or walk. From there you will start doing your intervals faster than 10k pace and start with 1 mile @ 10 seconds faster than 10k pace. Next will be 20 seconds faster than 10k pace etc.

You choose what is best for you in terms of amounts of intervals done. You could get all the way down to 40 seconds faster than 10k pace for your intervals or you could stop at 10 seconds faster than your 10k pace.

假设你目前的10 k 52:00时间分钟。Your average pace for your 10k was then 8:22. For this workout you would start with your warm-up and then:

1 mile @ 8:42 (aka 20 seconds slower than 10k race pace) w/90 second recovery

1 mile @ 8:32 w/90 second recovery

1 mile @ 8:22 w/90 second recovery

1 mile @ 8:12 w/90 second recovery

1 mile @ 8:02 w/90 second recovery

继续下降,感觉合适的佛r your current fitness level. You never want to go 100% all out so stop when you still feel like you could do another 2 drop-downs and start your cool-down! Find that perfect spot of really challenging yourself and pushing yourself but not going so hard that you aren’t going to be able to recover well from the workout.

If you don’t have a lot of time maybe start at 10 seconds slower than 10k pace or at your 10k pace and drop 10 seconds per mile for a few of the intervals. You could also try doing this with .5 mile intervals if you want! Have fun with it and let me know how it goes for you!

Run Workout

Haven’t raced a 10k in a while and don’t know what to use for your 10k pace? Enter below a previous race (1/2 marathon, marathon, 5k, 10 miler etc), your time and push calculate. From there click on EQUIVALENT and you will see what is a close estimate to where you are at for your 10k pace.

Remember to save your racing legs for RACE DAY! Once you are done with your intervals you should feel like you should still be able to do two more intervals… don’t go all out for your speed workouts. Go all out on race day and save those legs of yours for race day, not for your workouts.

Running Tips

You can check out my last workout (along with how to know your paces) for you to tryHERE!!


What was the highlight of your weekend?

Are you training for anything right now? What distance? Time goals or completion goals?

Who has a kid or kiddo that goes back and forth with their other parent? How often?

What is your weekly mileage happy spot at right now?

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Hahah I guess Brooke is ready for the fall holidays – me too! I can’t wait to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. this year. We owned our house last year for the fall holidays but we were in renovation mode and did not decorate at all. I can’t wait to go ALL OUT this year! :)

Highlight of my weekend was picking up my cat from my mom’s after being on vacation for a week! He stuck to my side the rest of the weekend which must mean he missed me too! Non-highlight was my run on Saturday. My legs felt like cement and my mind was not into the run either. I hope to not have a run like that again anytime soon. I think it was because I didn’t sleep much the night before!


I need to work on speed……………I haven’t gotten much faster in the past few years but my endurance has always been where I focused. This weekend we got lots of rain……………the river busted its banks…………it happens at least once a year, but it is always tricky because parts of my trail get washed out because the sidewalk runs parallel to the river…………….may have to get creative on my next few runs!

我计划在秋季马拉松(做一个马拉松every other year, and halfs every year) but the scheduling wont work out for us where my husband can go with me. I did find a half in his hometown outside Nashville though, and I am super pumped to race a route I have run a lot when we visit! I may throw another half or 10k in the mix, too. I have a half in June and then can take it easy until mid August and build up mileage again for that half in November!


It looks like you had a great weekend Janae. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and that Knox has assimilated into his blog photographer role (kidding of course).

I always enjoy seeing workouts you’re doing and what works for you. Thanks for sharing!

Meh, not a lot of happiness in my weekend to be honest. Finishing a race injury free is always an accomplishment.


I know you didn’t have the race you were hoping for but I love what you said about finishing the race injury free… that is awesome! You have so much in you and I cannot wait to see you continue to have amazing races! You inspire me Hollie!


my son used to go to his dad every other weekend but he really doesn’t anymore – as he got older, his own social life sort of took over and our routine of switching like clockwork went out the window! luckily we get along enough to not care what our agreement said we just go with what he wants to do.


Love the pics and how much fun y’all have together! I want blueberry waffles now. :)

I’m currently not training for anything but trying to get back in racing shape eventually, so thank you for sharing this workout. I’m definitely going to have to try it soon! I’d eventually like to be able to get back to where I was (and then get faster) and feel strong enough to run the half at sub-6:20 pace. I’m nowhere near there right now, and it’s probably going to be a long road, but I’m sure going to try!


I’m going to be looking forward to your weekly workouts every week from now on! The first one you posted was awesome and really kickstarted my desire to run again, so I’m excited to try this one out, too!

Highlight of my weekend was definitely yesterday’s run. It was incredibly slow, but the weather more than made up for it! I shared some photos on my Instagram (@jvnorelli), as well as my blog (byjoannevirginia.com) because it was seriously too gorgeous not to document.

I’m hoping to complete a 5K here in a couple of weeks. My only goal right now is running the whole thing. I can’t believe how much running fitness I’ve lost recently, but I’m slowly and surely getting it back with every run.


Oh good Joanne!!! Let me know what you think of this run! I’ll have to check out your gorgeous run yesterday!!! You’ve got this Joanne and I can’t wait to hear about how your finish your 5k in a few weeks!


So I’m FINALLY getting back into racing after like 3 years of nasty plantar fasciitis. This weekend I did 6 miles for the first time in years (seems like such a small distance when I’ve already done multiple halts and a full marathon but coming back from this injury has been hard!). But I felt so good and like I could have run longer. I did a really good job of having a pretty nice, consistent pace.
I have a 10k at the end of May and another at the end of June. I have two questions.
1. My PT told me to ease back into running so I don’t injure again. Since I know I can already do the 10k distance, for the next month do I focus on still increasing distance little by little or do I just focus on increase speed?
2. Some friends want me to sign up for a half at the end of July. I would seriously love to do a half again (that’s the goal because they’re my absolute favorite) but I’m worried July is too soon and I don’t want to overdo it. What do you think? Do I wait and do a fall half instead?
Thanks, Coach J! ;)


HEY Alyssa!!! I am so sorry about your plantar that you have had for THREE YEARS!!! Congrats on your awesome 6 miles this weekend. I bet that felt like heaven to be out there again running! About the 1/2 marathon… I wish I had an answer for you! I would definitely listen to exactly what your body is telling you to do and what your PT says. Such a hard choice but I do know that I like to be safe rather than sorry! Please keep me updated girl and I hope you are having an amazing day!


For some reason I am not able to see the link to calculate 10K pace. Could you send to me? Or just tell me where to go? My most recent 1/2 was Saturday at 1:49:29…I used to finish in the upper 1:30s but have gotten a bit lazy…the only real speed I’ve ever really done consistently are yassos…I’d like to get back to lower 1:40s but am in my late 40’s now so I think it will take a bit more work on my part. :)


HEY CHRISTY!!! Congrats on your half marathon this last weekend! You are doing awesome! So the calculator should actually show up on this post, just below the workout (it shows up on my computer at least… maybe not on others)!! Here is the link if it isn’t, I hope you are having a great day and recover well from your race!


Thanks Christy!


That looks like a great workout! How did you make the graphic?? Looks so professional, I love it! Highlight of my weekend was a picnic in the park!

That blueberry waffle is like seriously perfect. Waffle perfection, girl.


My highlight of the eeekemd was running my first half marathon!! It was amazing!!?




AHHH AUDREY!!! Huge huge huge congrats girl! Your first half… amazing!! Enjoy the recovery and celebrate your accomplishment!!


That looks like a fun workout to try! I am training for my first 50K. Completing it would be the obvious goal, but I also want to be as close to 4 hours as possible, which may or may not work out for me since I live and train at like 100 ft. of elevation and the race takes place at over 7,000 ft. Ha. I think my happy place for weekly mileage is probably close to 60. I’ve been doing more than that for 50K training, but just in general, I feel like 60 works well for me.


My boyfriend has 2 daughters who he sees on Wednesday evenings and takes them to school on Thursday mornings. He also gets them every other weekend from friday eve to sunday eve.

I’m always amazed at how unphased the girls seem with the schedule. It’s like no big deal for the most part. Sometimes though when they have to be home by 7pm on Sunday it can be hard because we’ve gotta rush Sunday dinner and whatever fun stuff we were doing.

I’m just about walking without limping after 5 weeks. Gonna give myself one more week before i try to run. I’m VERY stiff still and frankly scared. I just can’t bear the thought of being injured again. So I’ll be walking a lot this week.


The highlight of my weekend was ordering a buttermilk waffle with berries on top for lunch on Saturday. I hadn’t had a waffle in a long time and it was delicious.


heck yes for blueberry waffles! I was just gifted some huckleberry sauce and I have grand dreams of huckleberry topping on waffles and whipping up some huckleberry hand pies. YUM


Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Those blueberry waffles sound amazing. So nice to have everyone home with you!



Highlight of the weekend was yesterday. We had beautiful weather and I started out the day with a run, followed by a stroller walk with my baby (and he stayed in the stroller the whole time – mom win!!!), some shopping, and a BBQ dinner with family.

Not training for any races, just trying to increase my mileage and work on my speed. Although I am finding my body is struggling to adjust to longer distances. So that is something I am working on as well.


Great family pics. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.
The highlight of my weekend was a CPR class I took on Sunday. I volunteer with kids so we have to renew our CPR license every 2 years and it’s always such poignant reminder of how important this skill is.
Oh and meeting a new friend at church on Saturday. You know sometimes you meet someone and you just know you’re going to be friends right away.


This workout looks great! I’m currently running a 10k at around 58:00 minutes (I was so excited to be under 60 minutes!). But I really want to be pushing myself to around 52/53 minutes. Looking forward to trying this out and seeing how I do at my next 10k race in May! I seem to do much better when it’s broken down into different parts than when I just think to my self “uh, run faster, duh”. Thanks for the plan!


That is awesome Juliette! Hopefully this workout can help you get closer to your goal… you are rocking it!! Please keep me updated with how training is going and how you do in May!


Those enchiladas and the salad look SO good! Is there a specific recipe that she used? Now I have a craving!


I just asked her! I’ll let you know when she replies! Thanks Emily!


HEY YOU!!! She just sent me the recipe! Here it is:

Black Bean Enchiladas

1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 cup chopped onion (I use white onion)
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 cup frozen whole kernel corn
3/4 cup salsa (I use whatever I have at the moment; I prefer less chunky salsa)
1 (15 oz) can black beans, drained and rinsed
2 cups shredded Monterey Jack cheese
10 corn tortillas (6 inch)
1 (10 oz) can red enchilada sauce
Optional toppings: olives, sour cream, cilantro, avocado

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Spray 11×7 inch baking dish with cooking spray. In a 10-inch skillet, heat oil over medium heat. Add onion and cumin; cook and stir 4 to 5 minutes or until onion is tender. Sire in corn, salsa, beans and one cup of cheese. Remove from heat.

Wrap tortillas in a damp paper towel and microwave for 30-60 seconds to soften. Place 1/4 cup bean mixture along center of each tortilla. Roll up tightly and place seam sides down in baking dish. Spoon any remaining bean mixture on top of enchiladas. Pour enchilada sauce over enchiladas, spreading to coat all tortillas. Sprinkle with remaining one cup cheese.

Bake 25-30 minutes or until cheese is melted and sauce is bubbly around edges. Garnish with toppings.

For the salad: Drive to the store; pick out a prepackaged southwestern salad mix. Combine ingredients just before company arrives. Serve. (I had planned to make a homemade southwestern salad similar to the one I bought, but when I was asked Thursday night to speak in church on Sunday, I decided to simplify.)


Aw, thank you so much!!! And please pass along my thanks! :) Love the salad recipe–just my style!!!


We went on an trip to Duluth, MN this weekend. Plan to have a blog up about it sometime by the end of the week! :)
Currently training for a marathon. For now it’s a completion goal. My next one will be a time goal most likely!
I don’t have any kiddos but I have nieces that live with their father and visit their mother every weekend.


All of our kids go back and forth between our house and their other parent’s houses, and Callum always gets left behind. :( Which is why we made another one. :)


I’m so glad you made another one! That is exactly what my sister did too… so now she has two little ones that are always together when the big kids leave. I hope you are feeling well Suzy and having a beautiful day!


I love Brooke’s attitude. She’s happy when she’s leaving and she’s also happy when she’s coming back. Seeing the positive side in everything is what we all should do.


我想和你甜蜜的妈妈-谢谢你I made her date bars for Sunday family dinner and they were delicious! A big hit! Have a great day ~ :D


Currently training for the Utah Valley 10K which I am running with my 9 year old son. We are aiming for under 50 minutes–yesterday he did 4 miles in 32:49 so I’m hopeful! Whether we make our time goal or not, I am super excited to run with him and introduce him to the world of racing! That dessert looks amazing!!!


That salad looks delicious! :)


My weekend highlights were a run and lots of walks in the sunshine and spending time with my father in law, who is visiting from Wisconsin – a truly wonderful weekend!


That workoht looks super fun! I’ll add it to the to-do list :)

I’m currently training for my first marathon (just signed up!!) and I can’t wait to see what I’m made of, haha!


LOVE Knox’s “evil eye”! :D


Highlight of my weekend: going to a new fitness class, followed by a manicure and then takeout sushi!! Literally the best day :)


I REALLY REALLY like that you include a pace calculator along with your workouts — that is *so* helpful!


Gonna have to try this work-out! Chicago marathon is my goal marathon this year. Would love to BQ. I only need a 4:10 which I think I am capable of. It just takes time to build strength and speed soooo??? Chicago is so far off though and I would like to do some summer half-marathons. The first would be July 17th. I was wondering how you felt about the idea of following a 10 week half marathon program, run the half and then pick up from there and follow a 12 week program for the Chicago marathon? I am currently running 21 miles right now and building a base. My latest times and distances are posted athttp://running2run.com/base-training-and-late-night-runs/to give you an idea of how I am doing. My route is super hilly too!!


Thanks for the new twist on my tempo run—gave the “Drop & GO” a shot this morning!


What gray paint do you have on your walls?

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