Did you do this, gRUNpy and does it COUNT when you split up your long run?

Just a normal running scene…belly bandkeeping me running happy, Brooke reading to me her book because she woke up earlier than ever for school (no school on the weekend is rough for her), 12 fans on me and who knows what is happening with my hair;) I did 5 miles on the treadmill and then it was time to get the kids ready to go for the day. It was life changing once Brooke started getting herself dressed in the mornings for school… I just have her clothes out and she gets ready herself.

Pancakes and bacon for breakfast…


And then I took Brooke to school after that!

IMG 8120

I came home, felt good and wanted to get in a few more miles. Andrew and Knox joined me on their bikes before Knox left with his mom until Wednesday!

Another 3.2 miles for the day = 8.2 miles! The farthest I have gone in quite some time. 8.2 miles is my current long run and instead of normal race training where the long run would be increasing each week, I’m sure I’ll be decreasing each week down to 0 miles once I have this baby and then for 6 weeks after that.

PS I saw this and I had to laugh;) Luckily, I’ll be in (sleep deprived) newborn heaven so grunpy won’t be a big problem in two months but I definitely have had times in life where this was so true:

B1110e4b97e25342feef882d51c1ed2a funny running quotes running funnies

Do you ever split up your long runs? I remember back when I was a teacher there were a few weeks where I had to split up the long run. There were some weeks where I just didn’t have a 3 hour block of time to do my long run (Saturday mornings I taught spin and Sundays were my day off). So, I would get in 12 miles before school and 4-8 miles after school and have that be my long run for the week. While I don’t think it is going to be great for your race training to do this all of the time, I don’t see a huge problem (at least for me personally… my fastest marathons yet included a week or two of splitting up the long run during that training cycle) doing this every now and then!

Splitting up the long run isn’t quite as effective (mentally or physically) as doing your long run all at once but if time/coming back from an injury/someone that often gets injured, weather make it so that splitting up a long run is your only option one week, go for it. Try not to do it often when training for a big race but sometimes life comes up and you gotta do what you gotta do.

IMG 8128

This articleexplains a few benefits of splitting up a long run… FORM and finishing up your long run after work/life/a few hours away mentally and physically is TOUGH and that can help prepare you for those final miles of your race!

Screen Shot 2017 10 09 at 10 16 21 AM

This articletalks about why you REALLY need those long runs to be done all at once in order to rock your marathon (or whatever race you are training for):

Screen Shot 2017 10 09 at 10 30 20 AM

Long story short: Get in those long runs all at once but if you have to split it up, go for it. PS if the reasoning for splitting up your long run is to sleep in longer or finish up your favorite tv show… JUST GET OUT AND RUN and do it all at once;)


A few of you have been asking about what watch I am using—> It is theSuunto Spartan Trainer (with wrist heart rate)! So far I love it and I promise I’ll have a detailed review up soon once I get to know the watch a bit better. This is a big change for me, I’ve used a Garmin for almost 10 years now so I really want to learn everything I can about this one!

Something I love is that it asks you how you feel after a run and yesterday I entered ‘excellent’… runs after a rest day always feel the best for me.

IMG 8139 2

Lunch included a tuna wrap (yep, still loving tuna fish but sticking to once a week like my dr recommended) and a smoothie!

IMG 8143

While talking to you lovely people over the internet my trusty heater is now blasting heat on me at all times:)

IMG 8141

Brooke worked hard on some cards for my parents.

IMG 8149

And then it was time for my 30 week appointment! Things are still going great with this little girl and her growth!

IMG 8165

Brooke LOVES going to the doctors with us because they have suckers there.

IMG 8158

From the doctor’s office we made it over to my niece’s volleyball tournament!

IMG 8167

我妹妹有两个拇指吸盘!布鲁克不是thumb sucker (and wanted NOTHING to do with a binky… even though I tried so hard for her to love it) and Andrew told me Knox was the same way… I wonder if our baby is going to!

IMG 8170

The volleyball playing kept going after the game too.

IMG 8177

And then my brother-in-law took us out to dinner to celebrate my nieces tournament!

IMG 8180

We went to Brasas Mexican Grill (in Provo by the old Movies 8) and we will be back. I had the most amazing burrito with peppers, potatoes, pico, cheese and chicken and I’m already wanting another one.

IMG 8181

And then this was dessert. While I was planted in front of the tv. My kind of night!

IMG 8182


What about you and your long runs… ever had to split them up? How do you think that works for you and your training?

Thumb suckers… were you when you were young or if you have kids, did any of them suck their thumbs?

When was the last time you were gRUNpy?

What sport(s) did you enjoy/play growing up?

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Grunpy is the exact feeling I’ve been dealing with the past few days… my inner ankle, like right next to my Achilles, hurts when I try to run or do a lot of walking. I don’t know if it’s something I just need to rest and roll and ice or if something else is going on. I think it might have to do with overpronation? Do you know anything about what might be causing it?

I’ve never split up a long run for training, but (when I’m not injured) I often have days where I get some miles in in the morning and some more in the evening. Sometimes that’s just what busy schedule dictates.


NOOOOO to your inner ankle feeling lame Grant! I am hoping that a few days off is the trick to fixing it! What shoes are you running in?


I found a deal on a model of Champions that feel very similar to the shoes I normally wear (Adidas Boosts) and they felt fine for a couple weeks but then this started happening… so I’m not sure if they’re part of the problem but they could be. I’m nervous about buying a new pair of shoes already just to find they don’t help :/


Hmmm the correlation between switching shoes and this pain popping up seems to be pretty close to me. I would go get analyzed at a running shoe store to figure out what type of shoe would be best for your foot/stride/achilles/ankle etc. I’m so sorry about this Grant!


You’re not wrong… more than once, neglecting to replace my shoes in time has led to shin splints or tendinitis for me. I’m going to try to go to a running store later today and see what some other shoes feel like.


Janae… I’m officially a Brooks owner now. I’ve never owned a pair before but I found a pair of Adrenalines that make my feet and ankles feel much better! I’m going to wear them everywhere for a few days and hopefully be able to try running again very soon!


I have to say that I get gRUNpy whenever I miss a run or workout. Life has just been hectic his week so it’s been 4 days since my last Crossfit workout — I can barely stand it!

I loved all things hockey and swimming!


Oh I hope that life slows down a bit and you can get in a workout soon Susie! Hockey… that is awesome!


I’ve never had to split up my long runs but that’s probably because I’ve never had to train for a full marathon – and I am a-ok with that! 15 miles is the longest I’ve ever had to do and I get my long runs done on Saturdays so it wasn’t an issue.
我上周是gRUNpy无法运行etween being sick and my stupid knee – but I FINALLY got to run yesterday! Had to wear my knee brace and run a little slower than I have been, but I got 5 miles in and it felt glorious! I am sore today but that’s okay, it’s worth it.
I have absolutely terrible hand-eye coordination, so I never did much in regards to sports, although I do like volleyball. I’ve pretty much always stuck to biking or running!


I think I sucked my thumb for a while. Me and my sister wanted nothing to do with pacifiers. My biggest issue is I still bite my nails. Trying to remember to paint my nails to try to keep me from biting them. Also when I read how Brooke likes the doctor’s office because of the lollipops, it reminded me I got a lollipop from my dermatologist office this morning. The receptionist had just restocked them so I couldn’t resist haha.


HAHA those lollipops are probably great for doctor’s business… it keeps us coming back;) Brooke bites her nails sometimes too! I hope you are having an amazing day Alicia!


I feel like I’m not grumpy on rest days but if I’m injured I’m much more grumpy. With rest days, I know if I don’t take them I’ll be injured…or honestly I’m just exhausted.

I swam way before I ran…but I also played soccer and I sat and picked flowers the whole time…


我从来没有分手长远但我可以看到myself needing to split it up in the future if life gets in the way. Always good to be flexible! That burrito looks so good and now I”m more excited to have tacos for dinner. I didn’t suck my thumb but I did bite my nails for years! If I’m super stressed I’ll find myself doing it again (gross I know). Getting the gross tasting nail polish really does help for thumb suckers and nail biters.


After experimenting for years I feel like my weekly long run is a major factor in keeping my cystic fibrosis lungs healthy. Something happens around 90 minutes (not sure what!) And from there on my airways are unclogging and I feel like the oxygen is travelling better to my muscles. I am a strong believer in the power of the long run haha And grunpy is a true phenomenon. Glad it has a name now ;-)


Can’t wait to read your review of your new watch! I’m using a garmin too but that new one looks way more stylish.
I’ve never split a long run – I figure I can’t split the race I shouldn’t do it with long runs! I did run two-a-days for a while, but that was back in high school/college and those were prescribed workouts…I had crazy coaches!
I get gRUNpy when I’m injured and can’t run and somehow end up seeing people running EVERYWHERE!
Growing up I always played soccer and of course crosscountry and track.


I’m with you—I think it’s fine to split up the long run every once in a while, but I don’t think it helps training to do it consistently. But sometimes you have to in order to get all of the miles in.

I played pretty much every sport growing up. I loved soccer and basketball, but I also played softball and volleyball. I even wanted to play football, but I was told I couldn’t. I did play in neighborhood pick-up games with my older brother and his friends, though! :)


I played soccer and tennis growing up! I’m jealous that you have to use a heater. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some cold weather here in Charlotte… it was in the 80s over the weekend :(


I did tennis growing up too:) I hope it starts cooling down for you guys soon!! It was 35 degrees this morning!?!? Have a great day Sam!


I’ve never split up a long run but i could see why it would make sense of you’re short on time. I love how that burrito looks, i haven’t had one in too long! ?


gRUNpy was me last night!!

My oldest loved her binkie and when we started weaning her off of it I would hide it at nap time. She found it and hid it from me (at 18 months old) and I had no idea and was so pleased she was going down so easy. One day she forgot to hide it again after she woke up and I caught her playing with it. Too smart. So I just threw it away instead. Number two was a binkie girl too but she wasn’t as attached. Little boy refused anything like that. He finally took a bottle at 6 months but never took anything.


YAYYY for 8.2 miles!! You look so cute in that treadmill pic!
I’ve never run a marathon, so I don’t have to do many training runs over 2 hours. I love the idea of two runs a day, but don’t get to do that very often.
I get gRUNpy when I’ve had a bad day and I know the cure is a run. The hard part is being patient until it’s time to run. It’s also what makes me get up extra early on the weekend to run. I know if I skip my run, it will ruin the whole day HA!
I was not very sporty as a child, so track and cross country were my sports. I get a little smile on my face when I drive by the trail I ran every day in junior high for cross country training. I had no idea how lucky I was back then to get to run every day!
Looking forward to your review on the Suunto! I’ve been admiring it in your photos :)


I have never split up a long run but I feel like it is bound to happen at some point and makes sense when due to things like schedule, weather, etc.
I was a thumb sucker when I was a kid but grew out of it fast!
Haha gRUNpy. I was grunpy not so long ago when my knee was acting up bad. My knee is starting to act up again so after my half at the end of October I have to take some time off and I will be grunpy again :(.
Oh gosh I played so many sports growing up and loved all of them except soccer…not a fan of soccer.


i use a garmin too and i’m very curious to read your review of this new watch! would love to learn about the online interface and whether it syncs w/ strava!


YES YES YES… I will answer all of those questions! I hope your day is a great one Nicole!


This is not an answer to any of your questions but is it too late to guess baby girl’s name?? I am guessing anyway. ? I’m going with Olivia or Amelia.


It’s not too late Ashley!!! I love those names… we might have to use them if we have another girl someday! I hope you are having a beautiful day!


That’s the sweetest way someone has ever told me that I’m wrong. ? Thanks! You too!!


— I rarely split up my long runs when training for a specific race but often split them during “just life” running cycles. No one in my life right now is up for my preferred 10-12 mile Saturday run so I usually do a run early with my friends (road or path), come home and figure out kid stuff, then do a second run with my husband (often this allows for a gorgeous trail run since the sun is bright and I’m not alone).
— I didn’t suck my thumb (I am a recovering nail biter – the #1 reason I wear nail polish is to fite the bite). None of boys were thumb suckers, either. The first two wouldn’t touch a pacifier either but the third one blessed me with 15 months of binky bliss.


我记得不得不分手一个稍长的duri运行ng my marathon training…it was a 12 mile run but after 6 I felt drained. I was hitting good times but it felt so hard. I stopped after 6 to talk to my cross country coaches that were helping me with my training. I took about a 20 minute break and was able to run the other 6 miles. Just needed that mental break and some encouragement to keep going.
I played volleyball for 10 years growing up, served as a grad assistant for a year, and now I’m in my second year of coaching. I love seeing your volleyball posts! I also ran cross country for 10 years and track for 7. I also coach track and it’s such a blessing to give back to the sports I was blessed to be part of!


I loved playing soccer when I was in HS. Still love to watch it.

I don’t have kids but I know my mom never let me suck my thumb. She said that kids end up needing brackets because of that.

I’ve never split my long runs. I think they’re painful enough to cut them in half and then finish them in less than 24 hours. However, I do think is better to split the run instead of not doing it at all.


Do you know the Bacon Pancake song? Your post has now put it in my head, thanks a lot ;).


OH MY GOODNESS… I have never heard this hahah! Now I’m going to have to play this for the kids (they will LOVE IT and probably sing it every morning now:) Thanks Rebecca and I hope you are having a great day!


Grumpy right now. Injured and of August took three weeks off came back slowly for two weeks and re injured myself.


Dawn, I am SO so sorry about your current injury. Please keep me updated with how you are doing and I hope it gets better asap!


I always feel weird if I have to split up a run…like it doesnt count or something. Silliest ever, since they are still miles :)

No thumb sucking over here.

I played basketball and volleyball in high school and wanted nothing to do with running until college….and then have not really played ball sports since high school. Funny how things change!!


Haha, I can definitely relate to being grunpy! And I sucked my thumb until way too late in life. My parents were a dentist and hygienist too so I’m sure they were mortified. When I was 8, my dad finally started paying me a quarter every day I didn’t suck my thumb. Bribery comes in handy sometimes. I will say my teeth still turned out OK :)

PS – I have those same slippers, they are the best!


I hope you love your Suunto as much as I love mine! I have had the Ambit2 for 4+ years and it has been great. I’ve spent a lot of time customizing screens. There is also an app generator that I use to set up intervals (http://www.ambitintervals.com/#!/howto). It has to be done on the desktop, but once they’re set, they work really great with minimal thinking on the road!

I was not a thumb sucker, but I was a biter. I’m the youngest of 4 and my mom bragged that none of kids bit, then I started biting! We even have an old movie of me biting my brother. I was kind of a stinker!

I played a lot of neighborhood softball, but nothing organized as a kid. I also loved gymnastics. The last time I tried a cartwheel I was 48 and my body said, “No way!” I pulled a hamstring and ended up gRUNpy!


I was a basketball player in junior high. I loved it! I haven’t played in years though. I should find a court at a park and give it a try again before the snow arrives.

I tried gymnastics as a kid but I didn’t like it because one of the teachers always commented on my body. Now as an adult I can’t believe she did that. No wonder I hated going every week!


I’ve been struggling with more migraines lately so I’ve been grunpy a lot! Last night was especially so since it was almost time to leave for the gym.


Ha ha! gRUNpy! Can totally relate to that.
I had to split a long training run once when I was battling plantar fasciitis–it helped to get the miles without a solid 3-hour block. It didn’t seem to affect my training negatively.l

My first baby wanted nothing but nursing–constantly, even while sleeping! Her younger sister found her thumb at 6 weeks, and she slept much better since she could soothe herself. Breaking the habit was hard, though. Their little brother didn’t use a binky or thumb, but somehow we made it through!

I was on swim team in the summers as a kid, but now I’m not crazy about swimming.


“gRUNpy” – love it! This is so me when I have been injured in the past. Makes me grateful for every healthy day!


This is random but I’ll be heading through your area next week on my way to Moab. I’ll have my 3 year old with me and we will be looking for a delicious lunch and something fun to do – any recommendations?


AHHH Moab is amazing! So you will be in Utah County area? And when will you be here? If I were you I would go to Cafe Rio, go look (and walk around) Bridal Veil Falls, BYU campus is beautiful, we LOVE Cornbelly’s (it is open for the rest of the month) and everything else at Thanksgiving Point! Go get some cookies at Swig or visit Provo Bakery for some treats! Let me know what you think!


What kind of belly band are you using? I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with my first and really struggling with the idea of getting less and less active plus the idea of getting bigger and bigger.
I am still running long long runs of 13-18 miles at a time with no discomfort but want to continue for as long as possible.
Any help with this would be a great thing!


Congrats on your pregnancy and way to go with your running! That is awesome! Here is the one I love so much:


I hope it works for you too! Keep me updated!


gRUNpy… sounds like a relative of hANGRY, which I am all too familiar with. :D

That burrito looks fantastic. I’m from AZ and can appreciate a good ol’ burrito!


haha i love that Grunpy word. that is totally what happened to me last wk. (life prevented running gasp)

What about you and your long runs… ever had to split them up? How do you think that works for you and your training?
i haven’t done that yet. i think it would work. i’m more in the stage where i need to get more miles in.

Thumb suckers… were you when you were young or if you have kids, did any of them suck their thumbs?
nope i wasn’t, and no my daughter wasn’t!

When was the last time you were gRUNpy?
last Thursday. and Friday. and Saturday. i cannot believe it, but we went camping with another family and they were on the sedentary side so i made sure to hang out with them as much as i could.

What sport(s) did you enjoy/play growing up?
我打排球和篮球。但它不是really for me. as i got older i realized i liked board sports. it’s all about snow snow snow. XC skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, kitesurfing, wakeboarding. if i can get on a board i’m happy.


I have used a Suunto watch for years and love it. The website is great; I have the app on my phone. I like the gold around your watch face.


不捡起我的脚的问题当我运行was a major factor in why I actually stopped running at 34 weeks — I am TERRIFIED of tripping and falling! If I fell and hurt the baby somehow just because I HAD to get a run in, I would not be able to forgive myself. So, I’ll stick to walking until baby comes… and then for 6-8 weeks afterwards. No big deal. I figure I still get a workout, enjoy some time outside, but can keep myself upright much easier. Just be careful if you start doing hills again — I know the whole “keep your heart rate down” thing is outdated, but if you’re anything like me, you get winded just walking up the stairs :) Pregnancy changes us, that’s for sure!
That picture of you and Brooke holding hands at the movies is so sweet. She and Knox seem like really amazing kids!

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