10 Things I’m Doing THIS Time Around w/My Running + Our Anniversary + The Best Mango Salsa Recipe.

The top three posts last week were…

*Living in Denial, My Hip Drop Problem & Many Tangents.

*Dancing During a Race + Focus of the Workout + Our Day.

*Skye’s First Words (Video) + Friday Favorites!


Sleeping in Sunday morning was the best thing ever. We stayed at the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City and hung out down there for a bit before we drove back to get our girls. Then we went to church with Andrew’s family and after headed back to their house for the afternoon.

PSThis dressis pretty much my favorite dress ever.

PSmy mom sent me this picture of her because my sis-in-law saw it yesterday and said that my mom and I look alike. I think we do too!

我MG 5533

My in-laws always have amazing spreads for us. Andrew added chips to his sandwich, pretty smart idea.

我MG 5534

Later on my family had a big party. Two of my brothers are in town so we all got together at a park and had some more sandwiches! Does anyone else feel like summer is way busier than the school year?

我MG 5561

Oh and this tomato, cucumber and avocado salad that my brother-in-law made was awesome.

我MG 5555

我MG 5558

And then it started pouring rain randomly.

我MG 5569

We left the park and some of my family came over to watch the Dodgers/Angels game!

我MG 5570

PSAndrew made the best mango salsa the other day. You have to try it. It’s super easy too:

3 mangos diced

1/2 purple onion diced

2 large roma tomatoes

1/4 cup cilantro

4 Jalapeños (deseeded if you want, but we like some heat so we keep the seeds)

Fresh lime juice – around 1/4 cup – I just do it to taste

Salt to taste

Mix it all in a bowl and chill before serving.

我MG 5152


Hope is not a strategy.

我need a strategy to get myself to this next race feeling strong and healthy! We can’t just hope to hit our personal distance/time records or hope to stay healthy and strong. We have to be proactive and do the work. I have a few things that I wanted to share that I’m doing this time around with my training. You know what they say… the 10th time is the charm (aka this fall will be my 10th marathon:).

1. Recruit those glutes. Activating my glutes BEFORE I go out to run. Normal Janae = put on running clothes and get out the door as quickly as possible… and maybe do some strength work afterwards. This time around= get up a few minutes earlier to get my clamshells and lunges in along with some strength after the run too!

我MG 4928

One of the Brooks Beasts showed me this to help get my glutes alive before a run. With the resistance loop around your legs, go into a semi-squat and move one knee outwards at a time… your going to feel this in your glutes big time.

我can honestly say, I notice a difference in my runs when I do these things. I feel my glutes working much more compared to when I don’t do it.

2. To go along with the above point—> Focusing on my biggest weaknesses. AKA myhip drop problem. I see Dr. Bennett soon to get this all figured out. I’ve been in denial of this major problem for years but it has quickly moved to the top of my goal list for the remainder of 2018.

3. Continue to do a bit of yoga at night. I love that Andrew joins me in this but I think it is helping me (even if it is just 5-10 minutes).

4. COMPLETELY trust the process. Trust my coach. Trust the workouts. Trust my body returning back after having Skye. Sure it is scary to think that I’m going to be running 26.2 miles again but the process always gets me to that finish line. Let go of the worry about future weeks/miles ahead and stay in the mile you are in… it feels good for me to do this.

我MG 2713

5. I learned this thought fromthis podcastand I loved it–> “I’m going to be a sub 3 marathoner so what does a sub 3 marathoner do?” I like the idea of telling yourself that you are going to be something. No ifs ands or buts. I also like the idea of using that to help you get out on the days that you don’t feel super great or make the choices that are necessary to go after your potential!

6. Writing things down. Whether that be my goals or the things I’m learning with this training cycle, I’m taking it to my journal and pen to write down the important stuff. I’m sure there is some quote about how important writing our goals down is so just think about that right now:) Writing this stuff down.

我MG 5040

7. A little less ‘Night Guy’ for me…. “Late at night and you are watching tv and I stay up late cause I’m night guy… getting up after 5 hours of sleep and that is morning guy’s problem. That’s not my problem, I’m night guy. There is nothing morning guy can do to get back at morning guy.” It is so nice to have a few hours at night without kids needing us so we’ve been staying up late BUT I am working on finding a balance because sleep is everything.

8. Over the last few weeks, I’ve really brought down my sugar intake. Do I think it is healthy for me to cut out sugar completely? Nope. I love a good treat and eating them with my family is kind of the best. BUT focusing on filling my meals/snacks with as much nutrients as possible is going to get me recovering better than ever and feeling my best for these tough workouts.

9. Focusing on recovery! I am thinking of starting to take in someBCAAsafter my hard runs to help aid in recovery. And even if this doesn’t actually help me in recovery that much, the placebo effect is my favorite and that always does work for me;)

我MG 4279

我nteresting stuff:

Screen Shot 2018 07 03 at 7 48 18 PM

10. I think this nifty tool is really making a difference to help me stay injury free this time around. When I was debating whether or not to get it (because it is pricey), one of you told me that it is cheaper than going in for a sports massage regularly and that is what convinced me to buy it. This thing is unreal. 1st it is SO much easier for me to use compared to my foam roller. It’s convenient to take everywhere and I don’t have to get on the ground to use it. 2nd it is so much more effective for me. It gets the really hard places to roll out and it also hits the much deeper muscles. It feels like I’m getting a deep tissue massage.

我MG 3677

There ya have it, a few things that I’m loving this training cycle!


Anything you have started doing over the last few months to help your running out?

Have any goals for this week?

Share with me your favorite sandwich combination?

-If asandwichhas turkey and cranberry sauce, I am a very happy woman.

Question from Andrew> Would you rather be stuck in traffic for four hours or drive straight (not in traffic) for 5 hours?

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我use BCAA’s and love them! I take Burn Bootcamp 6 days a week and have noticed a difference with using BCAA’s and my recovery time. I am getting ready to have surgery but then after I recover I am training for the Disney Princess Enchanted weekend in February 2019. I’m going to scale back my bootcamp classes and increase my running obviously but ever since I started reading your blog a few years ago I know its important to not just go run but make sure my muscles and core strength are strong as well.

PS: Totally random but I made your moms lasagna last Friday and you are right its AMAZING!! My husband and I loved it and will be making it again!


Brianne!! I am so so happy that you made the lasagna. It really is the best… keep on making it! BURN BOOTCAMP IS SO HARD. I went once and I almost died. I hope your surgery goes really well… please keep me updated on everything and your recovery. You are an example to me to get my core strength and muscles stronger. Good to hear about the BCAA’s! Thanks girl and have a wonderful Monday!


That picture of your mom is gorgeous! Y’all definitely look alike!

我f a sandwich has chicken, avocado, and provolone, I’m a fan. I LOVE sandwiches, and that’s definitely one of my favorite combos.

Goal for this week: GET MORE SLEEP. I did a really good job of that this weekend, so let’s hope I can keep it up! And to answer Andrew’s question, I think I would rather drive straight for five hours. Being stuck in traffic is the worst.


YES… keep it up Natalie! I believe in you! Oh and that sandwich sounds so good:) I am right there with you… drive straight! Thank you, my mom is so beautiful!


Definitely drive straight for 5! :)


That is totally my answer to Amanda! I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


Your mom is a babe!

Are you a Seinfeld fan? If he ever does stand up near you you guys have to go! I wasn’t sure I’d like him and I LOVED it! His act had a lot of humor about marriage and family and was so funny and not really crude at all!

That mango salsa looks so good, Idk why I haven’t tried making my own yet


我LOVE SEINFELD!! I have watched so many episodes with my dad. That is so good to hear about going to his shows now… seriously, I have to go. Thanks Sara and make the salsa asap!


我’d rather drive with no traffic for 5 hours! Especially when kids are involved.

This running cycle I’m working mostly on trusting the process. I’ve never done a full on training plan before so there have been several times when I’ll be running the workout and think “there’s no way this is going to help me make that goal” but it will if I trust it. Time to get out of my own head.

我love a sandwich that just has a billion things on it. The more flavor the better


Hahah yes, kids should have been part of the question too;) Oh I love what you are working on. Trust that process, I know you will get this. You are so strong Jenny. I hope you have a beautiful Monday!


Definitely bookmarking that mango salsa recipe! I’m super weird in the sense that I don’t like mango, but love mango salsa! :)

You totally look like your mom in that pic — seriously, spitting image!!


LAURA!!! It makes me so happy whenever I hear from you:) We have been friends for so long now! Make the salsa and just send any of your non-salsa mangos over to me;) Thanks girl and I hope your Monday is fabulous!


Aw, you made my day!! YES! It has been so long since we both have connected online!! Will be sending lots of mangos your way! hahaha.


No big running goals this week………next week officially kicks off my training for my half marathon at the end of September so this week I will take nice easy runs. This training cycle I am actually following a plan………….before I only worried about long runs and mileage, and that got me across the finish line healthy and with decent times, but this time I want to see if I can get a bit faster. I have been at the same pace for years, so this will be interesting. HOWEVER, if I feel any sort of pain or injury (other than shin splints or runner’s knee) I will go back to my running for distance and not time method.

我love avocado, pineapple, and turkey on sandwiches…………..yum!

And I would definitely rather drive for 5 hours………….I hate traffic jams!


Enjoy those nice and easy runs this week before the plan starts! What plan are you going to follow? I think that is a great idea about pain/injury as you try out this new thing. I need that sandwich now. Thanks Loribeth, have an amazing Monday!


我am using a Kara Goucher plan for a faster marathon….just one i found online!


我just found one online by Kara Goucher for a faster 1/2 marathon. We’ll see if I can set a PR!


Both the avocado salad and the mango salsa look delicious! I’m also a big believer in writing down my goals. I’m a huge planner nerd, so I write out my goals in there every month to keep me on track.


我think you need both Lisa! Oh I love that you write out your goals every month. I need a new planner asap! I hope your day is a great one! PS I LOVED your currently… post. So good!


Thank you so much!


我take BCAAs after a long run and I love them! I have watermelon flavored ones that taste delicious! When I run, I usually settle into an easy pace and just go. My pace was always the same no matter what distance I was racing. I’ve decided that I really want to push myself to get faster, so I’ve been going to a treadmill fitness class. It’s like a speed workout with a coach right there motivating you. The studio uses Woodway treadmills too which are awesome! I definitely noticed that I am running faster both in and outside of class. And I love the feeling of really pushing myself! It’s totally worth it.

我宁愿开车没有交通!B的交通oston is awful and your day can go from a 10 to a -100 really quickly if you get stuck in traffic!


Oh watermelon flavored ones… that sounds great. I LOVE that you have been going to a treadmill fitness class and I want to come with you:) Woodway too… okay, this class sounds awesome. So cool that it has been helping you so much. I hope that you aren’t in any traffic anytime soon. Have a beautiful day Katrina!


Gah, I’ve been wanting that roller forever!! One of my girlfriends has it and she LOVES it. Maybe I need to start saving…

Thank you for sharing the glute activation stuff! I’ve been trying to do moves to activate mine before my runs, too.

我HATE traffic, so I’d much rather drive than be stuck sitting somewhere. I can’t even just sit still, so I definitely would rather be moving.


Keep me updated on how your glute activation stuff goes! I think you need the roller, I can’t believe I went this long without it. I hope you don’t hit any traffic for a very long time. Have a great day Chelsea!


我have been trying to do boot camp with weights to avoid injury. My IT band has been sore, so I’m taking today off. Three people have run by my house this morning and my running envy is starting.

我also now want a sandwich with chips, salt and vinegar chips to be exact. Lol Skyes little head bands are adorable and I’m super impressed she keeps them on. My kids ripped them off.


我开始每天泡沫滚* *,有时multiple times a day, to try to keep my calves happy and plantar fasciitis at bay. I’ve noticed that it’s helped keep my muscles way happier, and I’m recovering better from long runs than I have before. I’m also trying to do strength 2x/week – though sometimes I swap a challenging yoga class for more targeted strength work – and I’m hoping keeping that consistent will help me make it to the marathon finish line (or let’s face it, even the starting line!).

This week my goal is to get to bed earlier. Sleep is the one thing I haven’t been prioritizing during marathon training so far, and I’m starting to feel it.

My favorite sandwich right now is turkey with guac, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, cheese, and green pepper! I’m not a huge green pepper fan most of the time, but it tastes so fresh and crunchy in a sandwich.


This training cycle I’m trying to be much better about foam rolling, trigger point massage, and core work. Core work is going the least successfully of the three.

A question about the Roll Recovery – it looks great for legs but can it get to butt and hip muscles?

For Andrew’s question – hands down, drive for 5 hours. Being stuck in traffic makes me want to bang my head against the window/wheel and/or get out and walk home. And I probably have less patience with it than the kids.


Way to go on getting those three things in! Why is core work so hard? Great q… I still use my foam roller for some parts of my glute but you can get some parts still and a good part of your hip but it is definitely most effective for your legs… especially that it Band!


我喜欢你专注于你能控制的事情。我believe we waste energy focusing on things we can’t control (I.e. weather, how other racers will perform, etc.). Focusing on our training, recovery, nutrition and working on our weaknesses (it’s easy to stick to what we are good at because it makes us feel good about ourselves) are amazing and realistic goals. I am sure they will make a short and long term difference! Great post!


我just have to say that your posts keep me going Jenae – you inspire me! You and your mom totally look alike – beautiful! On a sidenote I much rather drive for five hours then be stuck in traffic for four. I do this all the time on a much smaller scale I end up taking another route that is longer but Lowes instead of sitting there crawling in traffic. I just have to say that your posts keep me going Jenae – you inspire me! You and your mom totally look alike – beautiful! On a sidenote I much rather drive for five hours then be stuck in traffic for four. I do this all the time on a much smaller scale I end up taking another route that is longer but flows instead of sitting there crawling in traffic. You just got to keep moving- weather in life, in a car, or on a run!


Patti!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Keep me updated on how you are doing! Yep, I’m like you… I want to be moving!


Turkey, cranberry sauce, and bacon on a sandwich…………i turned my nose up to it for years. i tried it once when it was the least offensive thing on the menu at a client lunch. it is the best combination ever!
Right now, driving for five hours would be better because the U2 channel is on for the next month and they are my favorite band and they are playing all sorts of live music and B-sides that i don’t have and don’t know how to get.
my first goal of the week was to get a doctor appointment for my swollen knee……surprisingly, i got an appointment for this afternoon. i was so happy i almost cried on the phone. i have registered for three races this fall and really don’t want to DNS any of them.

我’m glad you enjoyed your anniversary. it looks like you and Andrew have pretty awesome families. i wish i lived closer to mine so that we could have those kinds of get togethers more often.

have a good monday!


Accepting that running cannot totally be my turn off brain anymore. I have to concentrate on form while running, or I end up with something. I also stop when something is not quite right where before it was always gut through it. It has allowed me to run quality miles, without having to rest this and that and never get into a running rhythm.

Andrew: 5 hours straight no question!


Thank you for the info on the BCAA’s! I’ve never heard of them but will definitely take a look into them!

我’d rather drive straight for 5 hours – sitting in traffic stresses me out, I like to be moving. Sometimes I’ll take the longer route home to avoid traffic!

Favorite sandwich combo – I love adding sliced salami to my ham and cheese sandwich! Salami isn’t super healthy BUT adding a slice or two adds so much more flavor to my sami!


Love it! Please keep us posted on the hip drop – I struggle with the same problem and am always looking for new ways to improve.

Thanks!! :)


我totally will! On Wednesday I go to my chiro so I’ll share all of his advice! Maybe I’ll even have him make a video ha! Have a great day and let’s get this figured out together!


Skye eating watermelon is the cutest ever!

我would definitely rather drive straight for 5 hours than be stuck in traffic. If I was with someone when stuck in traffic I would probably get out and walk haha.

Goals= respect the taper (I have a race this weekend…do need to get some runs in but not so much as to ruin the race haha). I have been a lot better about foam rolling, stretching, etc the past few months.

Favourite sandwich combo – anything with avocado in it..and also reuben sandwiches..

Have a great week!


You and your mom definitely look alike – beautiful ladies!! However, I have to say… your mom and your sister.. totally twins :) And your sister, another beautiful lady! The whole darn family is just gorg!! Both inside and out ~ because even your online friends can tell your wonderful insides from reading your blog, watching videos and your social media!
Happy # 2 Anniversary and have a wonderful day Janae!


Well, you are just the nicest human ever. Thank you SO much Sarah! I agree, my mom and sis look a ton alike. Have a wonderful day and please keep in touch!


Janae thank you so much for the glute tips!! I especially like the idea of waking them up before a run. I’ve had piriformis issues for four years now and nothing has helped. But now when I do glute exercises before a run, I notice a dramatic improvement! :)


Hey Amber! YES… I am so glad the glute exercises before a run are helping so much (piriformis issues.. that sounds terrible)! I am working on an entire huge post all about this so it should be up next week! Have a beautiful day!


As long as I’m moving I don’t care how long it takes. Drive straight for 5 hours any day. I hate traffic.


Skye eating that watermelon has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!
我have added strength training and HIIT type classes into my routine and really feel a difference. I have so much running endurance…in steady state. But when I added high intensity drills like plyometrics, burpees, mountain climbers, I found it gave me much more cardio strength. And I do a high intensity barre-type workout a few times a week to make sure I target my glutes, abs, and thighs.

Andrews question is a no-brainer for me! 5 hours straight ANY DAY! Heck…I’d rather drive 12 hours than sit in traffic!



A sandwich with lots of toppings! Turkey or chicken as the meat.
Drive – no traffic please!!!
Have you seen or used those training journals by Lauren Fleshman? I was thinking about purchasing one for my next training cycle. I’m wanting to run a marathon in December and it’s been 7 years since I’ve done one so I’m a bit nervous but excited. I’m wanting to do more serious training and i thought a cool journal like that would be a good tool to have.


YES YES YES… for some reason I have never used her training journals but I really need to ASAP! I am SO excited for you to start marathon training again. I think the journal will be super motivating, do it!


Mary – Totally get Lauren’s training journal!!! LOVE!


Strength training was a big one for me. Getting into the habit of doing it has helped me be a more consistent runner and keep me from having paces all over the place if that makes sense. Also getting the R8 has done WONDERS for my legs!
This week’s goal is to stay moving. Taking a break from running for a few days but going to do some yoga and arm workouts in the mean time. Want to avoid just plopping down on the couch and not doing anything.
我don’t eat sandwiches often but if I make them at home, I usually do simple ham and cheese with Doritos in the sandwich!
As far as the traffic question, I would rather just drive for five hours. Sitting in traffic gets really hot and annoying quickly. At least with driving the scenery changes!


Main goal this week to get up and do my running in the morning and my quiet time right after!! Its a struggle but I love starting the morning with both of those things!!
我love that salsa that Andrew made, I made one VERY similar and sent you a picture!!
我LOVE a good cold cuts but there is nothing better than a good grilled cheese but I love to doctor it up!! Apples & brie then grilled!
噢那我宁愿开车穿过be stuck in traffic!


我wound up ordering myself a Roll Recovery R8 after you and I “talked” about it in your blog comments recently. It’s amazing! It is awfully painful, but it is doing wonders for how I feel. Thanks for turning me on to this wonderful torture device :) in all honesty, it is one MILLION times easier than foam rolling.


Drive straight for 5!

My goal is to do at least 1 strength training workout, and 1 tempo run, and then I hope on Saturday to break my 10k PR, which shouldn’t be that hard to do, since I just started running them!

PS我am trying to activate my glutes when I run, but it feels SO weird! I think I will try to do clamshells myself before a run and see if that makes a difference!


Love that dress so much I want to buy one! Question: I have never purchased anything from Roolee and am wondering: does that dress run true to size or is it smaller than normal or bigger than normal? I am sorry to ask, but like you, I’m pretty tall (almost 5’10). I have broad-ish shoulders but am otherwise relatively thin and it’s always a struggle to find things that will fit my shoulders without being totally massive on my waist. Any size recommendations?! THANKS SO MUCH you’re the dress queen :D


按摩、瑜伽、和使用曲棍球球滚out has been really helpful! also doing all the PT exercises to make my ankles strong!

i have a 5K tomorrow evening, i am hoping to beat my PR but it will depend on the weather and on me…!

favorite sandwich combination? i would say lobster roll! :) okay something i can make at home? i guess some sort of melt grilled cheese and ham is a favorite, putting in some lettuce, red onion slices and tomatoes is quite nice too.

definitely would rather drive straight for 5 hours! heck even driving straight for 11 hours (i’ve done this!). i have been in traffic for 3 hours and it is way way way worse.

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